Hilarious Deshaun Watson Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

Updated on July 25th, 2022 by David Sharp
Deshaun Watson Fantasy Football Names

While writing these Deshaun Watson fantasy football team names, I read a lot about Deshaun Watson. Some of the things I read were recent, some were older.

Let’s just say the tone of the recent stuff was a little different. Fair warning: there will be jokes about that different stuff.

We’ll start with some tame team names for you beforetimes folks, and it’ll just get stickier from there.

Deshaun Watson Fantasy Team Names for 2023

These are Deshaun Watson fantasy names for people that love D4 from his Clemson days, his Georgia roots, or his early days in Houston.

On second thought, let’s all agree to go back to 2019 and stop reading the news entirely.

Turn Down for Watson

Watson the Other Side

The Run & Tugs

The WATS Team

Deshaun of the Dead

Deshaun Houston

Watsin a Name

Watson the Menu

A Battle of Wats

The Wats Riots

High Wat-age

WatsDunn is Dunn

If you want a legit feel-good story, check out this story about Deshaun Watson and Warrick Dunn. The former NFL great literally gave a house to the future NFL great’s family.

That is far more impressive than any touchdown run.


Upper Deshelon


This Deshaun Watson fantasy name comes from the fact that he’s super-slippery.

D-Dubbling Down

Rook to King

So Watson’s nickname is Rook? I hadn’t heard that before. But if the internet says it is, then it must be true.

The Rookery


Mad Deshant

The Prodigal Watson

Favorite Watson

Deshaun Clemson

Funny Deshaun Watson Fantasy Football Team Names

In one sense, drafting Deshaun Watson right now (as of this writing, in late May) could provide serious value. On the other hand, if you draft Watson, you’ll have to contemplate the ickier side of human nature.

On the other other hand, it would make for some pretty funny team names for Deshaun Watson. Also sorry for saying hand so many times.

Dehand Whackson

Sorry, just one more hand mention.

Massaging My Roster

Wat? Son of a…

That was me, reading the headlines about Deshaun.

Deshaun Gotsome

Watson Second

Who’s on First? What’s on Second? I Don’t Know if Deshaun Watson is going to jail.

Big D Watson

I’ve got a few problems with this Deshaun Watson fantasy name. But if it sparks joy, go for it.

WatsOn, Watt’s Off

Deshaun is still in Houston and J.J. is gone. And also, because of Karate Kid.

WatsOn, Whacks Off

Here’s another Deshaun Watson team name idea based on the Karate Kid and some other shady stuff.

May D4 Be With You

Deshan Solo

If you’re looking for more funny Star Wars team names, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy, you beautiful, contradictory nerd.

Dechron Potson

To be clear, I’ve never heard that Deshaun Watson smokes pot. I have, however, seen indicators that some fantasy team owners out there do.

The DW Network

DeJon Whatson


DeSwan Waddleson

Now this Deshaun Watson team name is just wholesome silliness.

The Delicious Desh


Deshaun Watson Fantasy Names from Around the Web

If any of these team names seem offsides, then I point you to the Internet meme pool. But I guarantee that everything on this list will seem pretty tame by comparison.

Deshaun in 60 Seconds

Elementary, Watson

You can also try Elementary, my Dear Watson, but I worry about character limits.

Deshaun With the Wind

Watson Your Mind

Deshaun Baby Gone


Darkest Before Deshaun

1.21 GigaWatsons

Wat’s Your Problem


Some of the things Deshaun Watson does are seemingly like magic.

DW Duck

DaShow Watson

DaShine Watson

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More Ideas for a Deshaun Watson Team Names

Do you have a funny idea for a Deshaun Watson fantasy football name? If so, tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the best team name ideas to this article.

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