Josh Allen Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

Updated on September 12th, 2023 by David Sharp
Josh Allen Fantasy Football Team Names

When Josh Allen entered the league in 2018, some legendary quarterbacks were still putting up big numbers. Brady, Brees, and Rodgers were the fantasy go-to’s (not to mention Ryan, Rivers, and Roethlisberger).

How the landscape has changed – and fast.

Those guys are now retired (or near retirement), and Allen has taken their reigns. Here are our best Josh Allen fantasy team names to honor the reigning king of fantasy QBs.

All hail!

Josh Allen Fantasy Team Names for 2023

Sure, you could argue that Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes are the NFL’s top QB. Justin Herbert is coming up while Rodgers and Brady are still playing great.

But the numbers don’t lie. Josh Allen led the league in fantasy points in both 2020 and 2021.

He’s durable, reliable, and just plain amazing. Don’t overthink it, just draft him (then name your fantasy team after him).

Allen Work and No Play

Allen Ant Farm

Allen are you ok? Are you ok Allen?

Allen Nation

This Josh Allen fantasy name is a play on Alien Nation, Alienation, or just because many folks love Josh Allen.

The Buffalone Gunman

Allen or Nothing

Josh of Allen Trades

Joshome Sauce

The Allen Lifeforms


Allen Hell Broke Loose

Allen Aboard


No, this is not a Billy Joel reference (unless you really want it to be). It is a reference to the super-hip Buffalo neighborhood.

Allend Me a Single, Terry

Hey, it’s a 2-for-1! It’s pretty dumb, and a little complicated, but it made me chuckle so it’s on the list.

Resident Allen

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The Best Josh Allen Fantasy Name Ideas

Why are these Josh Allen team names the best? Because we said so!

The Be-Allen-End-Allen

Allen Things to Allen People

Allen Things Being Equal

Allen vs. Predator

For Allentents and Purposes

Allen Hands on Deck

I’m Allen Ears

Allen Hat and No Cattle

After Allen Is Said and Done

Josh Allen Fantasy Football Name Generator

Josh Allen Fantasy Football Names From Writers & The Community

Funny Josh Allen Fantasy Football Team Names

Josh Allen was born in Firebaugh, California, just outside of Fresno. This officially makes Josh Allen the best non-produce export from the Central Valley since Slim Pickens.

Allen Uprising

Allen Xenomorphs

This Josh Allen fantasy football name will work if you’re an Alien franchise fan. If you want similar ideas:

  • Allen: Awakening
  • Allen: Covenant
  • Allen: Origin
  • Allen: Resurrection

Monsters vs. Allen

Bills Mafia Don

Be sure to check out our master list of Buffalo Bills fantasy team names.



JA Power and Associates

Josh Toss M’Gosh

Allenter the Wu-Tang

Here are some other Enter pun ideas:

  • Allenter Sandman
  • Allenter at Your Own Risk
  • Allenter the Gungeon
  • Allenter the Fist
  • Allenter the Ninja
  • Allenter the Dragon

Josh Allen Fantasy Football Names From Readers

Josh the boss

We’re Going Allen

Submitted by: Finley Brockel

Winter Soldiers

Submitted by: Alex Hurtado

Josh Allen Fantasy Names from Around the Web

Josh Allen is a unique football player. But his name is anything but. He’s got two first names, and they’re both boring.

Here are some more Josh Allen fantasy names from other writers who are simply trying their best.

Josh Almighty!

Allen the Family

For Josh Sakes

Going Allen

You Have to be Joshing Me

We’re Allen this Together

The Winter Soldier

The King of the North

Allen Wrench

The Josh Tree

It’s Allen the Hips

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