Funniest Flag Football Team Names for 2021

Flag Football Team Names

You want a bold prediction? Before long, flag football will be more popular than regular football.

Ok, maybe that’s too bold. But it’s not unreasonable to think that flag football will steal some of the big boys’ market share.

It has all the drama of the contact game, but without the feeling that you’re watching a roided-out Squid Game. What I’m saying is we’re probably gonna be needing some more flag football team names.

Flag Football Names for 2021

Whether it’s a rec league, youth football, or the powderpuff game, we’ve got you covered on the flag football names. If you’re starting a pro flag football league, on the other hand, call us.

We’ll set you up with some custom flag football team names for your league. And they’ll be way better than the ones we give these yutzes for free (sorry, yutzes).

Catching Fields

Parents’ Embarrassments

Maybe winning a rec league championship will make up for the fact that you quit the varsity team junior year.

Alligator Army


That’s Gotta Hurt

Once you reach a certain age it doesn’t have to be tackle football in order for you to feel it in the morning.

Smashmouth All-Stars

Some Quit in ‘Em

In order to make it to the NFL, there has to be no quit in you. For everyone else, there’s some quit in them.

Giving 75%

This follows the same principle as the last one. For NFL players, you have to give 110%, for the rest of us, giving 75% is pretty solid.

Wounded Ducks

Dying Quails

People’s Champs

You might not be the champs in the standings, but you are the People’s Champs.

Returning Chumps

Passing Fancy

Running Wild

Not Gonna Lie, They Had Us In the First Half

Or just Had Us In the First Half if you’re in one of those lame leagues with character limits.

Funny Flag Football Team Names

These names are literally flag football-based flag football team names. Flag football team names about flag football – you’ll get it.

Flying Flags

Flags for Nothing

Flags for the Memories

Flags of our Fathers

I get it if that name is too heavy for you, what with the war stuff and all. You can also do something lighter like Flags of Our Daddies or simply Flag Football of Our Fathers.

Flags You Like It



Flags the World Turns


I don’t know what kind of flag football/anime fanboy crossover there is out there, but who knows. Maybe you weebs just found the perfect intersection in the Venn diagram of your interests.


Here are some other plays on the flag + aggressive combo:

  • Flaggressive Behavior
  • Flaggressive Dogs
  • Flaggressive Play
  • Displays of Flaggression

Badass Flag Football Team Names

Just because you’re not allowed to kick anyone’s ass anymore there’s no reason you can’t still be kick-ass.

Ass-Kickers Synonymous

Chicago Beers

Big Flex

The Cutters

Team Rolling Thunder

The Stampede

Ford Tough

The Drivetrain


Downhill Runners

For the pros, downhill runner is about their running style. For you guys, it’s about your lifestyle.

Creative Flag Football Team Names

Regardless of the score of the actual game, these will at least be wins in the team names column. And isn’t that the greater victory?

No, victory is the greater victory. But it’s not nothin’.

Ungifted and Talentless

And in First Place

The Ideal Team Has Never Been Assem-

Any Given Faraday

If you like this, check out this list of nerdy fantasy football team names.

First Downers

First Rounder with Cheese


Comeback Squids

It’s only a Squid Game fantasy football team name if you want it to be. That does open some uniform options for you though.

Girls Flag Football Team Names

Ok, so maybe I was a little aggressive about the whole flag football will pass regular football thing.

Mark this down for real. girl’s high school flag football will be a thing in America by the year 2030. And I’m not just talking powderpuff games.

Powderbuff Football






Queen Bees


A chantelle is a female partridge. I like it because it sounds like the name of a 60’s girl group.


A hembra is a female alpaca. If nothing else, it’s at least unique.

Kids Flag Football Team Names

Good kids’ flag football team names tend to involve animals, cool machines, or inspirational abstract concepts. Your mascot has to walk the line between encouraging kids to play hard but not way too hard.


Flying Tigers

Sure, there’s some history here, but mostly this name is based on the fact that kids like tigers and things that fly.

The Diggers

This name is based on the fact that kids love construction equipment, especially excavators.

Young Wizards


Youth Flag Football Team Names

Youth flag football team names can be a little tougher than kids team names, but not too much. You’re trying to raise athletes, not sociopaths.

Running Forward

The Swarm

The Wolfpack

Young Guns


The Brave

We Are Groot

For more superhero football team names, check out our big list of fantasy football team names.

Dirty Flag Football Team Names

Because if you’re already acting like a bunch of teenage dudes by playing football, you might as well go all the way. Heh. Go all the way.

Pull Me Off


First Round Draft Dicks

Deep Threat

Quick Twelfth Step

Ok, that one isn’t dirty, but it is an adult fantasy football team name.

Clever Flag Football Team Names

You may not get these team flag football team names, but the smart guy on your team will.

The London Silly Nannies

The Wrecking Crew

The New Power Generation

Hammer’s Running Men

Running Styles of the Poor and Fameless


The B-Team

The Scrubs

The Practice Squad

Taxi Squad

Gracious Losers

Kids Table

In fairness, I stole some of these self-deprecating team names from our list of team names for all occasions.

Flag Football Team Names from Around the Web

Ok, I hope I’m not shaking the foundations of your reality here, but here goes. More or less any regular football team name can also be a flag football team name.

Kiss My End Zone

Multiple Scoregasms

The Cut-Ups

Thirst Traps

Sunday Morning Quarterbacks


Inevitable Winners

Sun’s Out Guns Out

Beast Mode

Feast Mode

Wiest Mode

Turf Enerf

Field Generals

Second Effort

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