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Football Team Name Ideas

When it comes to winning, good football team names aren’t the most important thing – that would probably be good players. But they are still important.

Football team names are like uniforms, in that they help establish a team identity. They can create a sense of unity, set a tone for your season, or intimidate your opponents.

Also like uniforms, the refs won’t let you on the field without one.

Football Names for 2022

If you use any of the football team names on this list, please let us know!

The only thanks I ever need is seeing one of these team names on a trophy someday. Well, that and a share of any cash winnings would also be nice.

Absolute Unit

Because your team is so cohesive, not because of your impressive dadbods. Speaking of which…

The Impressive Dadbods

I Like Hike

Jabba the Hut Hut Hike

Throwing it Out There

Turf Guys

Big Flex

Interception Inception

Hard Tack

Point of Attackle


Ok, this one’s pretty stupid, I admit.


Dime Package

Bringing Running Back

The N.F.L.

If you write it NFL, then you’re talking about the league. If you use the periods like that, then it can mean whatever you want.

  • Nice Fellows League
  • New Friends League
  • No Fear League
  • Never Finish Last
  • No Fuckin’ Losers

Backyard Football Team Names

Backyard Football team names are like the quarterback option. Sure, you have freedom of choice, but you just don’t have that many choices.

Invincible Armadillos

Ornery Hornets

Junior Tackling Dummies

Humongous Melonheads

Head! Pants! Now!

Wooly Wombats

Pretty Ponies

Atomic Rockets

Ok, this version of the Atomic adjective makes sense. These versions are more like something you’d find on a B Movie poster after the phrase Revenge of the

  • Atomic Monsters
  • Atomic Hornets
  • Atomic Orcas
  • Atomic Wombats
  • Atomic Frogs

Powder Puff Football Team Names

It’s always struck me as unfair that powder puff girls practice so hard, but play only one game per year. Heck, even the drama kids get to do a full weekend run.

In our article on good girl team names, we try to even things up.

Powderbuff Football

Powerpuff Football

XX’s and O’s

Femme Footballs

This idea is a fantastic soccer team name for girls.

Exes and Oh’s

This one comes with its own kickass entrance music.

Alpha Females

Onside Chick

Gal-Star Team

Girls on Fire

I should not that some of these names came from our fantasy football team names for girls article. If these ones don’t do it for your squad, then there are way more options there.

Offensive Football Team Names

No one in the league office really cares what your team name is. As long as you’re even a little subtle then you shouldn’t have to worry about getting rejected.

Big Sack

Slot Receivers

Long Snappers

Dirty Punts


If anyone asks, you just say it’s about your team’s tough D.

Desperate to Score

Offsides Jokes

Ovarietime Period

Originally I had this one in the powderpuff team names section. Then I thought about how sensitive some parents can get and moved it down here.

Creative Football Team Names

Some say that true creativity comes from an artist’s connection to the muses. Others say that it comes from staying up until three am watching way too many episodes of NFL Films.

To each their own.


Ball of Duty

Offensive Content

Getting Defensive

Blitz Complicated

That’s just one of the many Blitz puns out there.

  • Blitz a Wonderful Life
  • Blitz Alive
  • Blitz a Funny Story
  • Blitz Nothing
  • Blitz Coming!

Intramural Football Team Names

Far be it from me to encourage delinquency amongst America’s youth, but here goes. There’s far too little gambling on intramural sports.

I’m not talking about wagering big money or anything, more like feats of humiliation and stupidity. If you want to make intramural sports fun, get some literal skin in the game.


I learned this phrase from old Archie comics and I have no idea if it’s still a thing.

College Krampus



The A+ Team

Funny Football Team Names

I do not remember the boring names of the good intramural football teams that I lost to. I do remember the good football team names, even if their team was terrible.

So in the end, which is more important: to be a good team, or to have a good team name? I think you know where we stand here at Cheat Sheet War Room.

Bye Week

A classic tricky football team name, right up there with Off Constantly.

OK Boomers

Catching Fields

The Blind Sides

This football team name idea doubles as an intimidating hockey team name.

The Good Guys

Any Given Sundae


Clever Football Team Names

Because no matter what people say, clever and football are not mutually elusive. I mean mutually exculpatory. Mutually explosive?

Whatever. It means you can be smart and do football.


If you’re a Simpsons fan, you can hear it in your head.

Team Name


Hustle Culture

Low-Key All-Stars

Chaotic Neutral Zone

That’s a pretty fun Dungeons and Dragons-themed football team name. Y’know, just in case there’s a football team out there that plays D&D together in the off-season.

Hey, it could happen.

Youth Football Team Names

If kids could name their own team, they’d be something like the Psycho Tiger Garbage Men. If adults got the wish, their kids would be on the Polite Valedictorians.

These youth football team names try to strike a balance somewhere in the middle.

Generation Z-Right

Young Guns

The Swarm

The Wolfpack

The Brave

Ben 11

Like the show Ben 10, but one more.

Football Team Names from Around the Web

Here are some good football team names I found just lying around the internet gathering dust. It really would be a shame if we let them go to waste.

Rectile Dysfunction

Champ Kind’s Kind Champs


Out of Our League


The Champions

League Me Alone

Big Mood

Alligator Army


Kickin’ It

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