Girl Group Name Ideas – Funny Squad, Club, and Team Names for 2024

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Team Names for Girls
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Ok ladies, the game’s about to start and so it’s time for a pep talk!

“That team might be the best. But you can’t be the best with a trash team name.”

“You’re better than that. The top girl group names start your squad off right.”

“You’ll be unified. Focused. Cute AF. Maybe a lil silly.”

“Now, let’s go out there and pick some girls’ squad names that match your interests and personalities!”

And break!

The Best Girl Group Names

  1. Holly Berries
  2. Scarlet Letters
  3. Drama Club
  4. Diva Defenders
  5. Sisterical Laughter
  6. The Dreamy Team
  7. The Three Amigas
  8. The Meme Team
  9. Bumble Baes
  10. The Future Ex-Girlfriends
  11. Tight Knitters
  12. The Gal-Star Team
  13. Babesolutely
  14. Ladyfriends
  15. Squadballs
  16. Main Characters
  17. Roller Bladies
  18. Bet Friends
  19. Bopposites Attract
  20. Lil Rascals

Girl Group Names From Readers

Holly Berries

Submitted by Beth
2 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Scarlet Letters

Submitted by Gretchen
1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Drama Club

1 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Diva Defenders

Submitted by Chris
0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

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Original Girl Group Names for 2024

Your girls’ team name is important because every team is a unique entity. It isn’t you, but it isn’t not you.

Your team is the brand-new thing that results from blending yourself with all the other-selves in the group. And that thing deserves a killer name.

Sisterical Laughter

The Dreamy Team

The Three Amigas

This is a good girl group name because it comes with a team salute.

The Meme Team

Bumble Baes

The Future Ex-Girlfriends

Tight Knitters

The girl group that crochets together, stays together.

The Gal-Star Team




Main Characters

There are no side characters in this ensemble cast.

Roller Bladies

Bet Friends

Bopposites Attract

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Cutesy Girl Group Names

Here are some cute girly team names for the squad that are more cozy than kick-ass, more wholesome than awesome.

That’s not to say that you aren’t those other things too. You just don’t have to be as aggro about it.

Lil Rascals

Peachy Queens

Awesome Blossoms

It’s not easy to meld girl group name ideas with legendary bar food.

Cozy Kittens

Whole Lotta Wholesome

Girl Group Name Generator

Girl Group Names From Writers & The Community

Funny Girl Group Names for Jokesters

People often underestimate funny girls. But in reality, they’re the low-key MVPs of life.

Comedy helps people make friends, eases anxiety, teaches lessons, and binds people together.

Oh yeah, and it makes people laugh, which is pretty great too.

Gouda Friends

The Uncalled Four

Squad Ghouls

Catch These Frands


Maybe your funny girl squad plays Among Us together. Or perhaps you just bonded over your mutual mistrust of everybody else.

Singing Group Names for Females

Maybe the thing that binds you and your girlfriends is the fact that you’re all fans of a particular star. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re all going to be stars?

Either way, here are some singing group names for females to help launch your future supergroup.

Swifty Thinking

True Beliebers

Destiny’s Stepchild

Backstreet Girls

Doja Kittens

Scarry Styles

Silly Eilish

Or an even sillier singing girl group name: Billie We-lish.

Girl Group Chat Names for 2024

To avoid unfortunate (and embarrassing) mishaps, assign meaningful names to your girl group chats. Without recognizable girl group chat names, a thread with your sisters looks a lot like one with your sisters and your parents.


This factoid is very important when complaining to your sisters about your parents. Don’t learn this one the hard way, ladies.

Meme Girls

Game of Phones

The Rolling Phones

The Rolling Phones - Girl Group Name

Donut Call List

Girl Talk

Girl Gang Name Ideas

You and your girl gang may sometimes disagree. You may argue. You may fight.

You might call each other heinous names, or plot revenge on one another for trespasses both real and imagined.

But if anyone else says anything disparaging about your sisters, then they better watch their back.

Sisters From Different Misters

Or Sistas From Different Mistas, depending on how much flava you like. Also apologies for saying flava.

Beast Fiends

Twisted Sisters

The Spicy Girls

The Lost Girls

To heck with The Lost Boys, Wendy and Tiger Lily are going out together for Lost Girls Night with this girl gang name.

Bad Girls Club Names for 2024

“Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere.”

Mae West

50 Shades of Slay

Ladies’ group names aren’t supposed to be tame all the time.

Pretty Little Liars

Starbucks Sluts

Do bad girl clubs really hang out at Starbucks?


The Bitches of Eastwick

Inspiring Mom Group Name Ideas

Mom teams can party just as hard as their kids (assuming they can score some coffee first).

Or a cocktail. Or two…

Soul Sisters

The Lady Bunch

Here’s a story, of some lovely ladies…

Mama Bears

The Rack Pack

This idea is the best of the best mom group names, in my humble opinion.

The Matriarchy

The Queen Bees

Is it odd to have more than one queen bee? Y’know what, let’s not overthink this…

Girls Football & Powder-Puff Team Names

With leagues like the WFA and the USWFL, women’s professional football is on the rise. So the smart move is to start buying the closest team’s merch now.

That way, when they blow up, you’ll be the one with the most legit fan cred. Or you’ll be the one that makes a killing on eBay.

Dolls With Balls

Powderpuff Girls

The Red Flags

Fly Girls

Victorious Secret

DatAss Cowgirls

This girl’s football team name is probably inappropriate for your high school Powder-puff league.

We have a full article dedicated entirely to football team name ideas. There you’ll find additional ideas for girl group names.

Girls Squad Names for Gamers

Gamer girls are one of the most perpetually underrated classes of women. Non-gamers think gaming is frivolous, and dude gamers can be sexist trolls.

But two things that don’t care what anyone else thinks:

  1. Your squad
  2. The final score.

Work Hard, Slay Hard



You could go with “Good Game, Gamer Girls” for this girls squad name acronym. I’d pronounce it like Gigi-Gigis, though you could also say it Four-Gee.

Birds of Prey

Or, if that’s not cool enough, Birds of Slay.

Charlie’s Devils

Hilarious & Girly Team Name Ideas

Just because we wear pink and our makeup is on point doesn’t mean we can’t still kick your schlubby butts!

Chick Clique

Girl Crushes

No Boys Allowed

Mary Slay Reps


Empowering Women’s Group Names

Being cocky jerks is way more charming from a team of fun ladies than a team of actual cocky jerks.

Slay All Day

Sistas Before Mistas

Lucille Ballers

The Matriarchy

Wonder Women

The Present is Female

Creative & Cool Girls Team Names

It’s good that you all have each other because none of you would fit in anywhere else.

For you creative types, you should definitely check out our article on trivia team name ideas. If you’re more cool than creative, our cool team names would be a better pick.

Taco Belles

Drama Club

We Who Shall Not Be Named


That’s the Unusual Friends Organization.

XY Marks the Spot

Funny Girl Team Names From Around the Web

I don’t claim to have the best girl club names on the Internet. Here are some of my favorites from around the web.

Victorious Secrets

Sweet Cleats

Run Like Girls

X Women

Gone Girls

The Watergirls

Pigskin Princesses

Hail Marys

More Creative Names for Women’s Groups?

Do you have some original girl group name ideas? If so, tell me about them in the comments below. I’ll add the best ones to this article.

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