Funny Softball Team Names for 2023 – Ideas for Slow Pitch, CoEd, Girls, Men, and Intramural Leagues

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Softball Team Names

When playing softball, a critical consideration is how serious you are about competing.

Are you on a team of cutthroat jocks that go all out, all the time? Or are you a good time gang where trying too hard is considered uncool?

These softball team names will help you set the tone for your season. Are you more championship cups or solo cups?

Let’s find out.

Funny Softball Team Names for 2023

Everyone else in your league is going to try to have an intimidating softball team name. The real power move is to be the team with the funny softball team name.

Bunt for Red October

Lobsessive Compulsives

Check out our other slow pitch softball team names.

Hits Different

Catching Feels

This makes for a fantastic coed softball team name.

Crushin’ Hard


In all fairness, I used this softball name in our trivia team names article too.

Good Eye Mates

Top O’ The Order to Ya



Simple. Classic. Inelegant.

Running Scared

Sunday Funday

The No-Stars All-Stars

All of you are stars at not being stars.

OPS I Love You

The softball team name is wholesome but pro-data (OPS meaning). Please, someone, use this name.

Slow Pitch Softball Names

Ah, slow-pitch softball, where a 15-10 game counts as a nail-biting pitcher’s duel.

Snobs vs. Lobs

Or Slobs vs. Lobs, if that’s more apt for your particular crew.


High Arc Calling

This idea is also one of my favorite basketball team names.

No Spin All-Stars

Or there’s always The No Spin Zone if you still hold a candle for Bill O’Reily’s glory days.

Mens Softball Team Name Ideas for 2023

Chicks always get in the way of your elaborate fantasy of making the majors someday.

10 Men Out

Daddy Daycare

Bros Before Throws

I also like this as a funny baseball team name idea.

Brodown Throwdown

Foul Bald

Mantasy Baseball

What’s Your Mantasy, Mantasy Island, Mantasy and Guy-Fi – you get the idea.

Cool Softball Team Names?

Who says you can’t be cool playing in a men’s over-40 recreation slow pitch league? Pretty much everyone other than the guys in the league, that’s who.

Dripping Liners

Crooked Numbers




Interesting in hockey team names? This intimidating hockey team name would work for both sports.

Swing and a Prayer

Weird Hops

Witty CoEd Softball Team Names

CoEd softball, one of the only remaining sports where everyone acknowledges that men and women are different.

Swingin’ Singles


Mixed Company

Big Mood


Send Me

We Have Fungoes Here

Stealing First

Fast Pitch Softball Team Name Ideas

Fastpitch softball players can deliver it just as fast (or faster) than their overhand counterparts. They’re just way less likely to blow out an elbow while doing it.

Speed Demons



No Soft Ballers


Seed Spitters

Softball Team Names for Girls

For more generic ideas, check out our article dedicated entirely to team name ideas for women.

Swing and a Ms.

Good Girls Steal

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Ponytail Express

Powderpuff Girls


Regression to the Mean Girls

Maybe this is better for a fantasy baseball team name. I don’t know, I just know that I love it.

Softball Team Names Based on Puns

You might say that these funny softball names are a… home run? Or you might not, because that’s a pretty basic-ass softball pun.

Winner is Coming

If you want more Game of Thrones team names, we have a whole article’s worth.

In Stitches

Slide Into My DMs

Bats Amore

Bat Intentions

Bat Ideas, Bat Attitude, Bat to the Bone – you’ve got lots of bat options.

When it Hits

Hit Happens

This is one of many, many puns using that one word that starts with S- and ends in -hit. For example:

  • Hit or Get Off the Pot
  • Hit Posters
  • Holy Hit!
  • Hit’s Creek
  • Hit Out of Luck
  • Full of Hits
  • Hit a Brick
  • Hitstorm

This softball name could also make a good volleyball team name.

Softball Team Names for Adult Leagues

Softball is a great sport for folks who are past their athletic prime. It’s very comforting to know that you don’t have to give 110% anymore.

Fighting Hangovers

This would be a funny idea for a fraternity flag football team name.

Slow Rollers

Slug ‘n’ Chug


For a team of ex-jocks, this could be a very creative football team name.

Grizzled Vets

Dirty Softball Team Names for 2023

No, these probably aren’t the best softball team names for your work league. Sometimes team names for sports are NSFW.

Thirsty Pitches

Sack Tappers

Off Constantly

This is a classic, inappropriate softball team name. Because if anyone ever beats you, they have to say they…

Glad He Ate ‘Ers

Extra Sinnings

Backdoor Players

Youth Softball Team Names for Kids

Future Former All-Stars

Young Guns

Softball Team Name - Young Guns

Dirt Rubbers

The Bat Boys

Kids in America

Creative Softball Team Name Ideas

Your opponents have all softball season to figure out what the hell your team name means.

Hometown Teamnames

Pond Ducks

Homer Sapiens

Manufacturing Funs

Fun Differential

This creative softball name is like Manufacturing Fun, but for the Moneyball generation.

Very Bat Things

Army of Steamrollers

Here’s James Earl Jones to explain this softball reference:

Intramural Softball Team Names for 2023

These intramural softball team names will help you win friends and impress your classmates. Or at least they’ll make you and your dumb friends laugh. 


Hits Different

School Chumps

World War Gen Z

Temporary Immortals

With this intramural softball name, you’ll be remembered forever for the next 2-4 years! Oddly, this idea would be quite fitting for gamer team names.

Softball Team Names by Age Group

Dirty jokes and classic movie references are all well and good for all you old folks – fantastic even. Younger folks, though, might need something a little more wholesome.

Softball Team Names for 10u Leagues

10u softball leagues are for players who are nine or ten years old.

Team Tigertastic

The Bulldozers

Proud Penguins

The Lion Pride

Rhino Tough

Softball Team Names for 12u Leagues

12u softball leagues are for players who are eleven or twelve years old.

Future Champs


This could be a fantastic street racing team name idea if you drive one.

The Wolfpack


Cobra Venom

Softball Team Names for 14u Leagues

14u softball leagues are typically for kids who are aged thirteen to fourteen.

Screamin’ Eagles

The Fam

Tough Outs


Dirty Sox

Awesome Softball Team Names from Around the Web

To be honest, I remember almost nothing about my opponents except their softball team names. I remember when I do something (good or bad).

But everyone else is just a name on the schedule.

Base Invaders

Hit for Brains

3rd Base Bullies

Nine Inch Males

Cleats and Cleavage

Ball of Duty

Base Explorers

Beauty and the Cleats

I actually like this idea for a coed soccer team name.

Blurred Foul Lines

More Softball Team Name Ideas?

Do you have a funny idea for a softball team name? Leave your best ideas in the comments below. I’ll add the funniest ones to this list.

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