Funny Soccer Team Name Ideas – Youth, Indoor, Intramural Names & More

Soccer Team Names

You can immediately make any of these soccer team names cooler by adding FC on the end. It shows you know the nomenclature, plus as any fan of modern music will tell you, random initials are cool.

We’ve got funny soccer team names, names based on former players, and even a couple NSFW  soccer names. And FC works with literally all of them, except for Football Club FC, because that would just be redundant.

Soccer Names for 2021

It’s crazy that soccer players don’t get more respect as athletes, especially given how much more they run. They run double what basketball players do and five times as much as football players (the running ones, even).

And baseball players? Um… let’s not even do that math.

Football Club FC



Kickin’ It

Can We Kick It?

Yes we can.

Pitched Battle

Soccumentary Now!

Goal Medals

Don’t Cross Me

Trap Beats

You can also do Trap Music. Either way, it’s a pretty cool soccer team name.

Kicked Around

Taking Offense

Don’t take a fence if it isn’t yours.

Bodak Yellow Cardis

Card Times

There are tons of hard/card soccer puns that are out there. For example:

  • Card to Handle
  • Card to Believe
  • Card to Beat
  • Card Knocks
  • Card Target
  • The Cardy Boys

Fun Soccer Team Names

Let other teams be The Killers or The Tough Guys or Soccer Is War. You know that even though you have a funny soccer team name, you’re no joke on the field.

Fever Pitch

Alive and Kicking

Ghoul Keepers

Go for the Goal

Acting Defensive

Highly Offensive

Soccer Team Names for Boys

Don’t get your boys into football, get them into football.

Male Forwarding

Zona Misters

Now this is some inside futból.

Bill Header

Ball Footers


No, you don’t have to be a guy to like James Bond, but it sure helps.

Boy’s Club

You can also try Boy’s FC if you want to increase the degree of difficulty one notch.

Coed Soccer Team Names

The friends that kick together, stick together.

Cleatus and Brandine

Either you know that this is a Simpsons reference, or you know it’s not the team name for you.

Pleased to Cleat You

Twenty-Two Left Feet

There’s nothing more coed than feet.

Squad Goals

Squad Goalies also works for me.

Socc Hop

Soccer Team Names for Girls

I assume you can come up with girls’ soccer team names like Unicorns or Pretty Pink Princesses on your own. Just ask your team what they’re into, problem solved.

These are slightly more clever girls’ soccer team names. And, if we’re being honest, some might be more women’s soccer team names.

She’s a Keeper

Gal-Star Team

Full disclosure, this name is also in our master list of girls’ team names.

Victorious Secret

Darling Kicky

Net’s Do It

Net’s fall in love.

Creative Soccer Team Names Based on Famous Players

Bend it Like Beckham is a twenty-year-old kids movie. You can do better – or at least weirder.

We’re All Gonna Get Peléd!

Pelé of the Land

Peléstation Games

Maradona Messed Up Now

Messi Eaters

Messi Buns

Landon Before Time

Ronaldo McDonaldo


Neymark of the Beast

Suarez Sashimi


Intramural Soccer Team Names

All victories are fleeting. But the memory of that hottie in your chem class telling you good game on Sunday will live forever.

Class Club

Use Your Head

Header of the Class

The Diving Team

Kickin’ Tunes

Clever Soccer Team Names

Your league is generally smart enough to handle a clever soccer team name. This is soccer after all, not lacrosse.

Brand Danubians

Bear Trap

Maybe not for everyone, but there are a few teams that this might be a little too perfect for.


If you want more Lord of the Rings team names, check out our gigantic Best Team Names article.

Throw-In Bows

Rabbit in a Hat Trick

Indoor Soccer Team Names

No rainouts. no divots to trip in, and AC running harder than you are – what’s not to love about indoor soccer? Other than the unforgiving brutality of the turf itself, of course.

Turf Guys

Pitch Perfect

Or Perfect Pitch. Whichever sounds better to your discerning ear.


Dome Team Advantage

AC Turn-on

In case you were wondering, that’s an AC Milan + air conditioning reference. The adult soccer team names are coming later.

Youth Soccer Team Names

Soccer is a wonderful game for teaching kids the importance of teamwork, cardio, and really selling your flops.

Tiger Sharks

Tigers: tough. Sharks: tough. Therefore, Tiger Sharks: double tough.

Tween Titans

The Just Us Friends

Ben 11

The A+ Team

Spongebob Soccershorts

Funny Soccer Team Names for Adult leagues

I wouldn’t say that all of these soccer team names are NSFW. I also wouldn’t be eager to show any of them to my HR reps. Just sayin’.

Dirty Punts

Son of a Pitch

Pitch Cream

Kicky Icky Icky

Desperate to Score

Maradona’s Nose of God

Offsides Jokers

This team name is safe for work. But it tells your opponents that everything they hear on the pitch may not be.

Soccer Team Names from Around the Web

I don’t mean to sound either harsh, arrogant, or unpatriotic, but here goes. Every other soccer team names article on the internet is worse than the Pre-90’s US National teams.

These are the best soccer names I could find in thin talent pool. Your Bruce Murrays and Hugo Perezes, if you will.

Sir Kicks a Lot



Kicking Down the Cobblestones

Feelin’ groovy.

Get Your Kicks

Two Left Feet

Look Ma, No Hands

Net Rippers

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