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Volleyball Team Name Ideas
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The beaches, gyms, backyards, and parks are starting to reverberate again with the slaps of hands against vinyl. Finally, people are calling got it again, throwing their hands up and yelling let it go.

It’s time to get the team back together, and the first thing you’re going to need is a fresh new name. Let us set you up with some funny volleyball team names for 2024.

The Best Volleyball Team Names

  1. Spike Proteins
  2. Gems
  3. Service Animals
  4. Attack Squadron
  5. Flatten the Serves
  6. Could You Net?
  7. Sets on the Beach
  8. Let’s GOOOO
  9. Sets and the City
  10. Ace in Spades
  11. Killer Instincts
  12. The Dig Lebowski
  13. Doctor Blocktopus
  14. Aces
  15. Points of Attack
  16. Kiss My Ace
  17. Dig Yikes
  18. Mintonettes
  19. Volleywood Squares
  20. Ace Freely

Volleyball Team Names From Readers

Spike Proteins

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Service Animals

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Volleyball Team Names for Your 2024 Squad

Some sports are just games that people play. Others are a way of life.

Volleyball is whatever it is that’s more serious than that.

Attack Squadron

Flatten the Serves

Is it too soon?

Could You Net?

We have more volleyball team names for kids down below.

Volleyball Team Name - Could You Net?

Sets on the Beach

Yes, this is the perfect beach volleyball team name.


Sets and the City

Ace in Spades

If you can’t tell yet, the pun-based volleyball team names will run deep in this article.

Killer Instincts

The Dig Lebowski

Jeff Bridges as “The Dude” is as cool as it gets. The Big Lebowski as a volleyball team name is epic.

Doctor Blocktopus

Sometimes the best volleyball team names are the ones that are the most obscure.


This volleyball team name is simple, classy, and confident. And it looks good on a trophy.

Points of Attack

This could also make a fantastic basketball team name for a group of shooting guards.

Kiss My Ace

We’ve got plenty more dirty volleyball team names down below.

Dig Yikes


Want to impress your friend and flex your volleyball history muscles? This is the one-word volleyball team name for you.

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Funny Volleyball Team Names

Why do policemen make the best volleyball players? They serve and protect.

Why couldn’t the volleyball player cross the road? Too many bumps.

What do you call the player in the middle of the volleyball court? Annette.

If you didn’t laugh at those jokes, you have no soul. If you did, you’ll love these hilarious volleyball team name ideas.

Volleywood Squares

Is Whoopie Goldberg too old to play the middle?

Ace Freely

Social Dinkers

In volleyball, a dink is when a player lightly taps the player over the net into an area with no defenders. Some call it a cheap shot, I call it an excelling basis for a funny volleyball team name.

Spiker Kings

Did you know Joe Exotic was the captain of his high school volleyball team? Yes, I totally made that up.

Volleyball Team Name Generator

Volleyball Team Names From Writers & The Community

One Word Volleyball Team Names

Why try for some clever finesse shot when a simple spike is right there?




I also like Yours!, IGO!, or All You!




Hitmen is an apt softball team name for men as well.


Much like a knuckleball in baseball, a floater is a volleyball serve that doesn’t spin. As such its path is erratic, making it difficult to return.

Obscure Team Name Ideas Using Volleyball Puns

Ok, lots of the names on this list are based entirely on volleyball puns. But these pun-based volleyball team names are some exceptionally groan-y groaners.

I’ve provided some cheat sheet notes in case you’re entirely lost.

Libero Arts

Liberal Arts + Libero = Libero Arts

Let’s Not

When a ball hits the net on a serve + general dismissiveness = Let’s Not

Aces and Hardware

Uncontested serves + championship trophies + a big box hardware chain = Aces and Hardware

All About that Ace

Uncontested serves + timeless works of musical genius = All About that Ace

Sherriff Stan’s Deputees

Famous volleyball venue the Stan Sherriff Center + the title for a lawman’s assistant = the most esoteric volleyball team name on this list.

The Most Intimidating Volleyball Names for 2024

The intimidation starts when your opponent sees your volleyball team’s name on their schedule.

Smack Down

Train or Complain

Speed Kills

This idea could work as an intimidating flag football name.

Perfect Match

Kills to Pay the Bills

Intramural Volleyball Names for 2024

Is there any greater satisfaction than slamming a volleyball down on that jerk from your organic chem class? Probably, but it’s still pretty darn fun.

Set Theory


Net Surfers

Those interested in cool hockey team names could use this gem.

See You in Court

Can You Dig It?

Key Bumps

I can’t think of a more fitting intramural volleyball name based on my college days.

Did I say that out loud?

Dirty Volleyball Team Name Ideas

Balls. Bumping. Penetrating. Hammering.

Honestly, it might be harder to make not-dirty volleyball team names. If inappropriate team names are your thing, welcome to paradise.

Ball Slappers

Digger is Better

Deep Penetrators

This also makes a fitting NSFW soccer team name.

Bumping Uglies

Sports team name ideas are a dirty business sometimes.

Bumping and Grinding

This might make a good stock car racing team name, maybe for a racing league in another universe.

Free Ballers


Game, Set, Match is the happiest ending.

Sets Drive

The sharper-eared amongst you may notice that sets sounds somewhat similar to sex. And there are lots of phrases that we use that feature that particular word:

  • Sets Life
  • Sets Education
  • Sets Offenders
  • Sets Addiction
  • Sets Appeal
  • Sets Bombs
  • Sets Criminals
  • Sets Cult
  • Casual Sets
  • Dirty Sets
  • Sets, Lies, and Videotape
  • Sets Maniac
  • Sets Panther
  • Sets Workers

Beach Volleyball Team Names for Summer 2024

Beach volleyball is a perfect distillation of the sport. Warm sand, two-on-two, diving without fear of injury, and everybody looks fantastic.

What’s not to love?

Setting Suns

If you happen to be an all-dude team, Setting Sons could be the ideal beach volleyball team name.

Sets and Marriage

This volleyball name idea is for a husband and wife beach team duo.

Two if by Sea

Win By Two

Son of a Beach

Cool Club Volleyball Team Name Ideas

Club volleyball leagues reside somewhere between kids’ leagues and intramural leagues. So it follows that these club volleyball team names fall between our mild kids volleyball team names and somewhat inappropriate intramural volleyball names.

The Big Digs

Sets and Love

No Picnic

Order on the Court

Irish Setters

Obviously, this club volleyball team name works best if at least some of your team is of Irish descent (or at least really pale).

Coed Volleyball Team Names for 2024

All-dude volleyball teams are just a little too intense. Most all-lady teams are too.

I guess volleyball players are just intense competitors. So why not well mix it up?

Neutral Points

Set It and Get It

Dominant Middles

You Got Served

If you’re looking for intimidating tennis team names, this would also fit the bill.

Block Party

Volleyball Team Names for Girls

It’s very similar to a marriage or a sisterhood. I don’t have a sister, but I consider her a sister. We genuinely care about each other and we balance our lives on and off the court.

Misty May-Treanor, on her relationship with teammate Kerri Walsh

Women Who Kill

Ladies of the Court

Spandex Ballet

Butter Hands

Aunt Flo and Big Mo

Net Chix and Kill

We have a different article where we list girl team names for even more sports and situations.

Good Volleyball Team Names for Kids

Volleyball is great for teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, and cold-blooded killer instinct.

New Kids on the Block

Air Apparents

How I Set Your Mother

Don’t Set In Our Way


Notable Volleyball Team Names From Around the Web

How many more times can I make setting it up references? One more, as it turns out.

Other authors set these names up. I’m just here to slam them down.

Spiked Punch

I’d Hit That

This could also make a funny NSFW baseball team name.

Set It and Forget It

Karch Enemies

Can you believe I almost wrote this entire article without making a Karch Kiraly reference?

Have Some Volleyball Team Name Suggestions?

Have a funny idea for a volleyball team name? Tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the best ideas to this list.

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