Funny Golf Names for Tournaments, Scrambles, Mini-Golf, and More

Golf Team Names

The purpose of a caddie is to assist golfers with their club selection, approach, and general life philosophy. I’m like that, except with golf team names.

Ultimately, you’re the person that’ll have to choose the name that’s right for you and your team. But I can show you some options, tell you what I might do, and hopefully give you a chuckle or two along the way.

And you don’t even have to tip me afterward.

Golf Team Names for 2021

Golf: a good walk spoiled by the need to come up with a good golf team name. Don’t worry here are some options you can peruse from the sanctity of the cart.

Green Monsters

Clubhouse Rock

The Legend of Sandbagger Vance

Pin it to Win it

Pusher Men

Designated Drivers

Hole in Won


Fairway to Heaven

Beach Babies

Bunker Buddies

Bunker Blasters

Banana Ballers

Matter of Course

Fab Foursome

Mulligan & Again & Again

I don’t know why, but I like it better with the ampersands.

Funny Golf Team Names

There are two main genres of golf comedy:

1) making fun of how bad you are at golf
2) making fun of how good you are at lying about golf

Feeling Yipsy

Golden Ferrets

Marker the Beast


Bare Liars

Closed Face Sand Wedges

Club Sand Wedges also works, especially if you’re playing in a club tournament. Plus I just like club sandwiches.

Modern Cart

Chunky Dunkers

Snobs vs. Lobs

Shanks a Lot

There are plenty of other thanks/shanks puns out there, including:

  • Shanks for Nothing
  • Shanks for the Memories
  • Shank You Very Much
  • Shank Your Mother for Me

Caddyshack Golf Team Names

One of the perks of choosing a Caddyshack team name is that it’s one of the few reference points that every golfer shares. So you got that goin’ for you, which is nice.

Tremendous Slouches


Cinderella Story

Spackler’s Bluegrass

Be the Ball

Real Human Beings

Murray > Aykroyd

In all ways, really, but especially when it comes to Caddyshack.

The Worst Looking Hat I Ever Saw

Looks good on you though.

Low Grade Dog Food

Right into the Lumberyard

Flying WASPs

Clever Golf Team Names

These aren’t the kind of golf team names that draw guffaws from rubes. These are the kind of names that draw appreciative chuckles from the martini-sippers at the 19th hole.

Monster Mashies

Frankly, I think Mashie Niblick is pretty good on its own.

Hackidentally in Love

The FairWay to My Heart

Divot a Chance

Worm Burners

Waggle Swagger

Frog Hair Toupee

Blame it On the Grain

Can a Milli-Vanilli reference count as clever? TBD.

DirtyGolf Team Names

What do you expect from a sport that lets you pee right on the course?


Or you can spell it Fourgasm. Both ways will getcha there.

Putt Stuff

Dirty Birdies

Handsy Swingers

Ball Washers

Marked Balls

I can’t help but feel like I’m leaving plenty of ball references on the table. Something tells me you’ll be able to fill in the gaps if you really want to.

Casual Watersports

Happy Gilmore Golf Team Names

The second-greatest golf comedy out there. Well, unless you count Dorf on Golf, that is.

The Price is Wrong

Get in the Hole!

Tap Tap Taparoo

Shanty People

It’s All in the Hips

McGavin’s Shooters

Landscaping Duty

All Good Things

Somebody’s Closer

The Golden Jackets

Doing the Bull Dance

Feeling the flow. Workin’ it.

Creative Golf Team Names

Your golf team name only has to make sense to the players in your foursome. Well, three out of four at least.

The Stimpsons

Tempo Karate

Ten-Finger Death Punch

Biarritz Crackers

Shamble Opportunity

Three Strokes of the Condor

Sandbagging Bandits

Preferred Lies

Rage Finders

Charity Golf Team Names

Ah, charity golf: the chance to feel like a hero for doing that thing you’d probably be doing anyway.

Playing for Creeps

Donated Crime

Mulligans for Everyone

Don’t Chari-Tease Me

Giving Blisters

You have to give ‘til it hurts.

Tournament Golf Team Names

Shotgun Hack

The Cart of War

Calcutta Beef

Liar-to-Liar Victory

Very Skinteresting

Sunday Drivers

Local Rulers


Maybe this one belongs in the dirty golf names category.

Scramble Golf Team Names

True story: I’ve played in one golf tournament, a best ball scramble. All I remember is that my ball was never the best ball.

Have I mentioned I’m not much of a golfer?

Best Balds


Scramble Legs

Scrambulous Thunderbirds


Mini-Golf Golf Team Names

Y’know, way more people play mini-golf than regular golf, which makes me think we’ve got the names backwards. Mini-golf should just be called golf and golf should be called maxi-golf.

Putter Nonsense

Short Rounds

Social Clubbers

Sunday Funnies

Windmill Communication

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