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Hockey Team Names
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It’s impressive how far hockey has come, literally. It wasn’t that long ago that hockey was the province of the provinces, Scandanavia, and some other select, super-cold cities.

Now, southern cities like Tampa Bay are winning Stanley Cups. Youth enrollment’s up, even in deserts like Phoenix or LA.

With this influx of players, we will need some all-new hockey team names. So let’s go top shelf with our best twisted wristers.


The Best Hockey Team Names

  1. Mighty Drunks
  2. Thin Ice
  3. Net Sticks And Chill
  4. Ferda
  5. Twisted Wristers
  6. Lucky Puckers
  7. Hits Different
  8. The Thicc Blue Line
  9. Checkers and Chips
  10. Tin Knights
  11. Later, Skater
  12. H. E. Double Hockey Sticks
  13. Icing the Win
  14. RedLine Energy
  15. Bring Your Eh Game
  16. Nothing but Net
  17. Charlestown Chiefs
  18. The Hanson Brothers
  19. Dog River Riverdogs
  20. Mystery Eskimos

Hockey Team Names From Readers

Mighty Drunks

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Thin Ice

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Net Sticks And Chill

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Hockey Team Names for 2024

Did you hear about the hockey player that retired and became an accountant? He got an off-ice job.

See, it’s funny because it’s an office job that’s off the ice.

Well anyway, here’s more of that type of sophisticated, intellectual humor. It’s our best hockey team names for 2024.


Twisted Wristers

I know I used both of these phrases in the intro. But they make pretty good hockey team names too.

Lucky Puckers

Hits Different

The Thicc Blue Line

Checkers and Chips

Tin Knights

For this hockey team name, you could also go with Bronze Knights, Lead Knights, or any metal less precious than gold.

Later, Skater

H. E. Double Hockey Sticks

Icing the Win

This hockey team name can be adjusted with any synonym for victory: Icing the Championship, Icing the Chip, etc.

RedLine Energy

Bring Your Eh Game

Nothing but Net

This hockey team name also moonlights as a legit basketball team name.

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Funny Hockey Team Names from Movies and TV

Hockey die-hards, here’s a thinker: which fictional hockey player was the best enforcer?

Doug Glatt from Goon or Shoresy from Letterkenny? The Bash Brothers from The Mighty Ducks or the Hanson Brothers from Slap Shot?

Fight it out amongst yourselves!

Charlestown Chiefs

The Hanson Brothers

This funny hockey team name idea works on its own. But it’s also the base starter for a number of industry-specific ideas:

  • Hanson Bros. Mortuary – We’ll lay you out cold.
  • Hanson Bros. Dentistry – Service with a smile.
  • Hanson Bros. Plastic Surgery – We’ll rearrange your face.

Dog River Riverdogs

Mystery Eskimos

Walla Walla Wombats

Blades of Glory

Ok, Blades of Glory is not technically a hockey movie. Still, it’s got skating, competition, and head trauma. That’s pretty close!

Springfield Ice-O-Topes

Kwik-E-Mart Gougers

Letterkenny Shamrocks

Mighty Pigs

Kerry County Eagles

Letterkenny Irish

Hockey Team Name Generator

Hockey Team Names From Writers & The Community

Beer League Hockey Team Names

Your team may not be the best hockey players, but maybe you’re the best drinkers. So get the other team drunk, then see how the best hockey drunks perform.

Oh, and please don’t hurt yourselves.

Drunk and Looking to Score

Cold Ones

Miller Lightning

Alter this Beer League hockey name by going with Bud Lightning, Coors Lightning, or your boys’ favorite brew of choice.

Sluggin’ Mugs

This seemingly stupid hockey team name is a sophisticated three-way hockey pun.

  • You’re drinking beers
  • You’re a bunch of goons that like to punch
  • You’re actively punching faces

This is known as a hockey team name hat trick.

Cool Hockey Team Name Ideas

Here are some cool ice hockey team names, no pun intended. Actually, never mind – quite a few hockey puns were intended.

Hockey Schtick

Epic Enforcers

Hockey enforcers are known for disrupting the peace. This could also be a cool wrestling name, but enforcers are wrestling are there to preserve the peace.


Florida Everblades

Obviously, this one works best as a Florida hockey team name. But you don’t need to be in Florida to use it.

Icing the Blues

Ice Force

Breakout Blitzkrieg

This hockey name would also work if you’re researching racing team names. A breakout in racing (also known as a Bustout) is when a drag racer runs quicker than their dial-in time.

Hockey Stick Names

Are these names for your hockey team based on stick brands, or names for your hockey stick based on their brands? They’re whatever you want them to be, cowboy.

Beasts of the Easton


Flip Your Twig

The TPS Report

Bauer Power

Kohonly Fans


Creative Hockey Team Names Based on Players

Hockey combines the creativity and artistry of basketball with the ferocity and power of football (not to mention the coldness of sled racing and the not-being-able-to-stopness of a hydroplaning Humvee).

No Regretskys

Beasts of the Baseline

Baseline is more of a field hockey term, but that’s close enough. Maybe this is a better tennis team name?

Moves Like Jagr

Drop Anchors!

No hockey team wants to drag along an anchor.

Lemieux and I

Sid’s Kids

Puck Norris

Ok, he’s not technically a hockey player. But are you going to tell Chuck Norris he doesn’t belong?

Dirty Hockey Team Names

I hope I’m not revealing any locker room secrets, but hockey players have a raunchy sense of humor. I know, I know – deeply shocking stuff.

Slick Sticks

Don Cherry Poppin’ Daddies

Big Test Icicles


Puck U

This hockey team name is probably the classiest of the puck/word-that-rhymes-with-puck hockey puns. But it isn’t the only one.

Here are some of the rest:

  • Puck Yourself
  • Puck Off
  • Mother Puckers
  • Pucking Puckers

Clever Hockey Team Names for Adult Leagues

There are those that would say you’re too old to be playing hockey. And sometimes those are your knees and your back.

Mid Ice Crisis


Cease and Assist

This hockey team name could double as a clever volleyball team name.

Rusty Blades

Cashed Checkers

Foul Mouths

This makes for a funny softball team name too.

Puck Daddies

Skateful Dead

Goal Diggers

A clever hockey team name idea, but also a cool soccer team name.


Plow Kings

Floor Hockey Team Name Ideas

Roller hockey has all of the hockey action but without the insanity of keeping water in a permanently frozen state in apparent defiance of the will of nature.

Wheelie Cool

Stick Figures

Rubber Puckies



Weird Hockey Team Names

Sometimes it’s the third line that scores the winning goal.

The Goons

Toothless Wonders

Cool sports names give awesome visuals.

Rough Riders

Rough is an apt term for a hockey team, but this could also be a funny golf team name as well.

Pins and Needles

In hockey, you can pin the puck against the boards to stop play. This team name is also a clever bowling team name.

Two Buck Puck

Queens of the Ice Age

Goalie Mouths

This hockey team name idea might make more sense as a funny lacrosse team name. In lacrosse, goal mouth refers to an area in the crease where the attackman cannot land if they are doing a dive.

More Hockey Team Names from Around the Web

Let’s credit the internet with an assist.


The Mighty Pucks

The Big Chill

Bye Week

Rink Rats

Ice Ice Baby

Ugly Pucklings

Ice Breakers


Ice Holes

Healthy Scratches

The Enforcers

Eskimo Brothers

Back That Pass Up

Hatrick Swayze

Hockey Balboa

Have an Original Hockey Team Name?

If you have an original hockey team name idea, tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the funniest hockey names to this list.

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