Basketball Team Names – Funny Ideas for Girls, Kids, and Rec Leagues

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Basketball Team Names

Unless you’re a professional basketball team, your name is just as crucial as your game, (if not more so). No one cares about your rec league stats, and you’ll never impress a woman with your 2K team’s record.

A great basketball team name lives forever in the hearts and minds of teammates and opponents alike. It can be a slogan that unites your players or simply a dumb basketball pun that makes you chuckle.

So here’s hoping these original basketball team name ideas for 2024 will cement your legacy as the team to beat.

Funny Basketball Team Names for 2024

I used to be addicted to basketball. I rebounded.

What do you call a basketball player that’s lost their sight? The ref.

Unfortunately, I can’t promise that these funny basketball team names will be any better than those jokes.

Spaced Jammers

The Better-Than-LeBrons

This funny basketball team name falls under the category of humor known as whimsical hubris.

Dame Time

This name idea is a fitting basketball team name for girls.

Courting Disaster

This is a good self-deprecating basketball team name for squads accustomed to posting their L’s.

Shots Fired

Perennial Losers

Sometimes the funniest sports team names are self-deprecating.

Power Tuple

Power Tuple is an ideal basketball team name for 3 on 3 games.

Hoops… I Did It Again

Bonus: this funny basketball name makes for the perfect team song. Double bonus: and the perfect uniform?

He Had Game

Grade A Talent

This is my favorite intramural basketball team name from my college days.

Winded Warriors

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Girls Basketball Team Names

Just because you’re on a womens’ team doesn’t mean you have to have a girly basketball team name. It does, however, mean you have the freedom to (and so you should have some options).

Girl’s Generation

She Got Game

I know, I already had the self-deprecating version of this earlier. But the confidence plays better in this girl’s basketball team name.

For the ladies, we have an entire article where we brainstorm tons of creative names for girl squads and clubs.

The Dimes

Womenace II Society

This could also make an intimidating team name for girls softball.

Basketball Team Name Generator

Basketball Team Names From Writers & The Community

Good Basketball Names for Building Camaraderie

Obviously, what makes a truly good basketball name is subjective. But much of it has to do with your team’s identity. If your squad has championship aspirations, go with something you’ll be proud to see on a trophy.

And if you’re more, shall we say, realistic about your chances? Well, then you can embrace the freedom and go with something deeply idiotic.

12th Men

This good basketball team name would be perfect for a team composed entirely of Jack Haleys.

Air Buddies


Cup or Sh’up

You can also spell out Shut Up if you’re worried that the rest of the basketball league isn’t at your level (lingo-wise).



It’s not surprising that someone realized men’s haircuts + sports + hot stylists = money. What is surprising is that it took so long.

3-on-3 B-Ball Team Name Ideas

There are three reasons that 3-on-3 basketball is my game:

  • My conditioning is not great
  • I’m very slow
  • There are only two other people that I like hanging out with

The Triforce

The Triumverate

The Offensive Triangle

Three Wheelin

Superfluous Tripples

Three Jointers

Is this the perfect three-on-three basketball team name for potheads? Yes. Yes, it is.

Cool Basketball Team Names for 2024

What is cool?

Is it confidence? Is it not caring what others think? Is it making sure you have tight unis and the right accessories?

No. Being cool is about one thing: having the best team name.

Also, some sweet entrance music helps enormously.

Postgame Brewtine

Net Neutrality

A cool basketball team name, but a funnier hockey team name idea.

Postgame Coorsdown

As any basketball pro will tell you, what you do post-game is just as important as the pregame. Unless you guys pregame too, which is also cool.

Undrafted Free Agents

Technically not a lie.


White Men That Can’t Jump

Go with this basketball team name, unless that’s giving your opponents too much of a pre-game scouting report. In that case, throw them off and name your team White Men that Can Jump.

The Best Intramural Basketball Team Names

You’ve only got a few years to establish a legacy at your alma mater. Pick an intramural basketball name that is memorable.

Division Won Athletics

Flop Till You Drop

This also makes a funny soccer team name.

School U

Semester a Board

Sylabustin’ Out

I also like Sylabusted or Sylabusting Ass – if your intramural board will let you get away with it.

If you’re into other intramural sports as well, check out my article on volleyball team names.

Awesome Basketball Team Name Ideas

Self-deprecation is for people with less-awesome selves. Even if your team is terrible, no one can take away your awesome basketball team name.

Lone Wolf Pack



Alpha Males

This basketball team name would also work for a tag team wrestling name.

Ninja Assassin Death Squad

You want awesome? That’s pretty gosh darn awesome, Jack.

Youth Basketball Names for Kids & Teenagers

Basketball is great for teaching kids teamwork, creativity, and character. Plus, it gives you two hours to grab a beer and watch a real basketball game at the nearest bar.

Generational Talents


Young Bucks

Phoenix Sons

First Teamers

This kids basketball team name would be appropriate if they’re the best team in their league. Or, because it may literally be their first team. Like, ever.

Fun Basketball Names for Casual Leagues

Not every basketball league is full of serious ballers. For casual leagues, a light-hearted, fun name might be more appropriate.

Speed Merchants

Or, if you’re in the market for something a little edgier, Speed Freaks. Anyone seeking team names for racing could also use this gem.

Hustle Culture


Anyone seeking flag football tag names could also use this idea.


Cheetahs Always Prosper

Take Your Pick

Picks are common in many sports, which means this would also work for a witty lacrosse team name.

Covid Basketball Team Name Ideas

Nothing says social distancing like ten players slinging bodily fluids all over each other. If real-life basketball is a bit too risky for you right now, maybe you’d prefer our fantasy basketball and league names article.

Fast Break Outbreak

Contact [Tracing] Foul

Moving Screeners


Creative & Clever Basketball Team Names

It’s ok if your basketball group name doesn’t make sense to your opponents- right away. They have all season to figure it out.

The Core Four and Tony

But switch out Tony for the name of whichever teammate has the best sense of humor.

The Walking Winded

This idea isn’t a bad name for a golf scramble team name.

Win Ded Redemption

This clever basketball team name is a slam-dunk:

  • A self-deprecating basketball pun
  • A video game reference
  • Ultimately, the hope of triumph.

Too bad most people in your league won’t get any of that.

Rebound and Gagged

Basketball Dairies

Net Worth

This may also work for a tennis team name idea.

The Passing Lane

Basketball Joneses

Inappropriate and Dirty Basketball Team Names

If your basketball league allows it, sometimes it’s fun to go the NSFW route.

Knocking the Bottom Out

I’m sure no one will catch this dirty basketball name.


Dropping Buckets

You got Stuffed

Rec B-Ball Team Name Ideas

Rec league basketball is beautiful because it can transform relationships: Jimmy From Accounting becomes Jimmy, My Buddy from Basketball. Of course, it can also transform him into Jimmy Who Blew Out His ACL, so be careful out there.


Here’s the Urban Dictionary explanation for this recreation basketball name, just in case you’re less familiar with troll-speak.



I might join a rec league this season so I can use this name for my team.

Kek Leaguers

TBH I’m not sure what kek even means. I just know it’s a thing. It’s either the Korean LOL, a WoW thing, a Pepe the Frog thing, or an ancient god of primordial darkness.

And hey, maybe one of those is your bag.

Rectile Dysfunction

You could even try Rectile Function as a Rec team name, if you’re an optimist.

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Hoops There It Is

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