Racing Team Names – Funny Name Ideas for Street, Crew, & Drag Racing

Racing Team Names

All race teams, whether they’re driving stock cars, rally cars, or even virtual vehicles, have one thing in common. They all need a sweet team name.

Racing team names can be calling cards, advertisements, warnings, or inspirations. They’re also the only thing your opponents will remember about you unless you come in first – or you wreck them.

People tend to remember that, for some reason.

Car Racing Team Names for 2021

Look through our list of racing names and try to find one that matches your team’s personality. Or, if your racing team is anything like my last one, the personality you wish they had.

Here Comes the Zoom

Legion of Zoom

Hot Laps


Tree Trimmers

Christmas tree is racing slang for the starting light.


Checkered Past

Checkered Flaggression

Flaggressive Driving

The Cannonball Joggers

Race Face

Grand Pricks

Armco Army

The Fast and the Friendly

Rushin’ Mafia

Just because this is my favorite rushing/Russian pun doesn’t mean it’s yours. Here are some other options to consider tovarisch.

  • Rushin’ Dolls – perfect ladies racing team name
  • Rushing Roulette
  • Rushing Empire
  • Rushin’ Standard

Funny Car Racing Team Names Based on TV and Movies

Of course the good guy wins the race in the end, but that’s not important. It’s about all the friends made along the way and all the enemies left in a cloud of dust.

Wacky Racers

Dastardly Dicks

You know, like the bad guy from Wacky Racers.

The Ant Hill Mob

Herbie the Hate Bug

Lightning M’Team

Days of Blunder

Daze of Thunder

The Mock Five

Senna Tattoos

All for Naughton

Drag Racing Team Names

If you came here looking for names related to the RuPaul show, welcome. You’re in the wrong place, but welcome.

Count Dragula

Bubble Bumpers

Well Chute

Flopper Flippers

Methanol Addicts

Street Racing Team Names

The thing about street racing team names is you can’t really tell anyone about it. But also it should also look cool on your merch, in tags, and on social media.

In the Pinks

Throttle Hoppers


Team Nyoom

Crushed Cronuts

Cool Racing Team Names

Good auto racing team names won’t make your car any faster. They sure do look better on trophies though.


Zoom With a View


Haste Management

Paint Traders

Paint Trader Joe’s

Open Wheel Racing Team Names

Open-wheel is the top tier of auto racing, so you’ll need some top-tier auto racing team names.


Poppin’ Blisters


In the Box


Stock Car Racing Team Names

Since all stock cars are supposed to be the same you really have to distinguish yourself with your team name. I mean, I guess you could do it with your driving, but that’s much harder.


Chrome Horns

Groovy Cats

Shooting Marbles

Red Flags

Rally Racing Team Names

Dirty and proud of it.

Muddy Buddies

Boot N Rally

Rally Caps

Precious Jembas

Tulips Talking

Simulation Racing Team Names

The only reason people make fun of simulation racing is insecurity. They know they’d get their butt kicked virtually just as hard as they would in IRL racing.


Ready to Rumble

Rumble Boxers


Rig Time

There are quite a few Big-Rig puns that are out there, including:

  • Big Rigs
  • Rig Daddies
  • Rig Fun
  • Go Rig or Go Home
  • Go Rig and Go Home

Car Racing Names from Around the Web

These are the best racing team names that I could poach from other writers. Or, as it’s called in Supercar circles, Pulling a Lowndes.

Training Wheels

Go Kart or Go Home

Steervester Stallone

Drift Kings

Hot Wheels

Jurassic Kart

Horse Power

Speed Demons

Need for Speed

Catch Me if You Can

Sprocket Rockets

Steven Squeelberg


Kicking Asphalt

Roll Models

One Fast One Furious

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