Funny Racing Team Names – NASCAR & Driver Team Name Ideas for 2022

Fantasy NASCAR Racing Team Names

NASCAR fans have a lot to root for. You can have a favorite driver, a favorite team, a favorite manufacturer – heck, even a favorite sponsor. I’m a GEICO man, m’self.

Most of these don’t apply fantasy-wise, but they’re still good fodder for fantasy NASCAR team names. And yes, we’ve got some Talladega Nights NASCAR fantasy names as well.

Gentlemen, start your engines.

NASCAR Team Names for 2022

There’s an old saying in NASCAR circles: what goes around comes around.

Shake and Bake

Here Comes the Zoom

Legion of Zoom

Blew Bayou

Left Turns Only

Keselowski Bums

Or Penske Bums if that’s more your speed.

The Keselowski Run

The Millenium Falcon did the Keselowski run in less than 12 parsecs.

Going, Going, Logano

Logano With the Wind

Dog the Lebonte Hunter

Atta Boyer

Hamlin on Rye

Hamlin and Swiss, Honey Baked Hamlin – there are a lot of ham puns you could make here.


By Hamlin-Manuel Miranda.

You Can’t a Ford It

Penske Lodge

The Penske Is Mightier

Funny Fantasy NASCAR Team Names

NASCAR fans have to have a sense of humor, given all the jokes people make about it. But remember: people used to joke about baseball fans too, back when that was a sport Americans cared about.

Sit on My Pole

You Gibbs Me Fever


Checkered Past

Flaggressive Behavior

Wacky Racers

Days of Blunder

Daze of Thunder

All for Naughton



Haste Management

Paint Trader Joe’s

In all fairness, I did crib some of these names from our more general racing team names list.

Covid Fantasy NASCAR Team Names

NASCAR has to be one of the safest sports to play in the Covid era. Each driver gets their own personal bubble, facemask, and helmet, which seems a little like overkill.

Quarenteam Penske

Don’t Mask, Don’t Tell

Mask Me Another

Vaxx Me Another


Political Fantasy Racing Team Names

Nobody’s changing any minds with their political fantasy NASCAR team name, so you might as well just have some fun.

Let’s Go Brandon Team of Qualifiers


FJB Racing

Trump Car



NASCAR Turns Left

Kyle Busch Fantasy Team Names

Kyle Busch isn’t just one of the most successful NASCAR drivers of the last decade. He’s also got one of the best starters for fantasy NASCAR team names in the game.

Busch League

Trimming Busch

Two in the Busch

Busch Comes to Shove

No Busch

See? You don’t even have to like him to use his name – that’s how good it is.

Martin Truex Jr Fantasy Team Names

It seems weird that there are so many juniors in NASCAR, but it makes sense when you think about it. There’s genes involved, sure, but also most kids’ dads don’t have a race car in their garage to practice on.

Truanasaurus Ex

All My Truexes Live in Texas

My Aim is Truex

You Can’t Handle the Truex


Kyle Larson Fantasy Team Names

They say that Kyle Larson attended his first race when he was only one week old. So if you were wondering if you were too old to start your racing career, the answer is yes.

Grand Larsony

Larson of a Gun

Larson of the South

Not to burst any bubbles here, but Larson is actually from Northern California wine country.

Larson of a Bitch

We Hear You, Kyle

Hey, here’s a tip for all you smarties out there. If you think your microphone isn’t working, try a simple check, check instead of jumping straight to the racial slurs.

NASCAR Team Names from Around the Web

This is just like when Joe Gibbs Racing swiped Matt Kenseth from Roush Fenway so many years ago. I saw the best names in the game and took them for myself, dark side be damned.

Hey, You, Get Off McLeod

A Bowyer’s Life

Fall Out Bowyer

Bubba Fete

A Little on the High Side

Almirola Spliff

Almirola by Morning


I wish he was just a little bit better, because the Aric Almirola fantasy team names are golden.

You’re Dillion Me, Smalls

Baby Got Track

Denny DeVito

Bump ‘n’ Run

Tight In, Loose Out

We’re talking about turning, right?

War and Preece

Stewart Your Engines

Labonte Hunters

Busch Makes My Dick Trickle

Apologies if you thought we were going to get out of here without a Dick Trickle reference. I wish I were above that too, but here we are.

Good luck this season.

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