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Lacrosse Team Names
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Maybe you’re getting some bros together for a rec league season. Perhaps you’re starting yet another professional lacrosse league.

Either way, we’ve got a huge list of lacrosse team names for you. Some are funny, some are cool, and others are just dumb lacrosse puns to make you chuckle.

The Best Lacrosse Team Names

  1. Practice Shaft
  2. Fly Sticking
  3. Basket Hounds
  4. LAX Dat Ass
  5. Shots Fired
  6. Hustle and Helmet Flow
  7. Baltimore Crabs
  8. Full Tilt
  9. Regional LAXent
  10. LAX Rats
  11. LAX Defense
  12. LAXidentally in Love
  13. LAX Grinders
  14. Drop the LAX
  15. Give ‘em the LAX
  16. LAX On, LAX Off
  17. Loose Sack
  18. Saggy Sacks
  19. Hanging Sack
  20. Ex-Lettermen

Lacrosse Team Names From Readers

Practice Shaft

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Fly Sticking

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Basket Hounds

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The Best Lacrosse Team Names for 2024

Everyone likes to brag that today’s lacrosse was also played by Native Americans. But that’s not entirely true.

Native Americans didn’t have baskets. They used sticks. Also, they didn’t wear helmets, the balls were solid wood, and matches often went from sun-up to sun-down.

These games are not the same.

Native Americans Played Lacrosse
Also, people came to their games, so that’s different.

LAX Dat Ass

Shots Fired

Hustle and Helmet Flow

I wish I had a mullet and a lacrosse team, just so that we could use this name.

Baltimore Crabs

Full Tilt

Remember to vaccinate your friends against SBS.

Regional LAXent

This lacrosse team name works great on its own. But I like it better if you do [Your Area] LAXent.

LAX Rats

LAX Defense

In addition to being an abbreviation for lacrosse, LAX is also slang for relaxed (maybe a little too relaxed). Here are some more lacrosse team names based on lax puns.

  • LAX Morals
  • LAX Security
  • LAX Standards

LAXidentally in Love

LAX Grinders

Drop the LAX

Give ‘em the LAX


Loose Sack

Saggy Sacks

Hanging Sack

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Funny Lacrosse Team Name Ideas

The funniest team names you’ll ever come lacrosse. Get it?

Yes. You definitely get it because it’s a very obvious joke.


Division Won

You could go with D-Won if you really want to be down with the lingo.

LAX Me a Question

Bucket Head Bashers

Lacrosse isn’t the only team with “buckets” for helmets. This idea is also applicable as a witty hockey team name.

LAX Me Another



Or is it Pro-LAXers? Just LAXers? Let’s just say it’s your personal choice.

Top Cheddar

For this lacrosse team name, you can pick your favorite dairy reference:

  • Top Swiss
  • Top Cheese
  • Premium Gouda

Lacrosse Team Name Generator

Lacrosse Team Names From Writers & The Community

Witty Lacrosse Names for 2024

Lacrosse and wit don’t seem to go hand-in-hand, but they do. Is it a coincidence that schools with good med programs also tend to have good lacrosse programs?


This abbreviation stands for: fear of missing out on a buy-one-get-one deal on face-off-get-off specialists.

Rolling Loosies

Goose Pit

LAX Lizards

This lacrosse name is a play on Lot Lizards, which is a term I’d rather not explain.

Cabbage Kings



I like this for an intramural soccer team name idea as well.

Fishing for NARP

Goon Squad

Hat a Boy


This is the perfect rec league lacrosse team name.

Rectile Dysfunction

Hustle Culture

Full disclosure: I borrowed some of these lacrosse team names from our basketball team name ideas. In fairness to me, they share a lot of the same terminology: shot, basket, net, score, etc.

Cool Lacrosse Team Name Ideas

Let the other guys have the cutesy lacrosse team names. Who are they trying to impress, their girlfriends?

Rack Attack

I also love this idea as a female tag team name.

Cage Rats

Cup Check

NASCAR fans should consider this idea for a funny racing team name.

Boarding School

This is more of an indoor lacrosse team name. But that might be precisely what you need.

Game Sticks

Net Profit

Seekers of tennis team names could use this idea.

Coconut Buckets



Ball Bags

Lacrosse Team Names from Around the Web

The weird thing about most other “lacrosse team names” articles is that most of them don’t actually have any lacrosse names. Frankly, it’s the greatest deke since Gary Gait bamboozled Penn in ’88.

Stix Together

Lax Life

Mesh Addicts

Granted, some funny sports team names are in bad taste.


Chicks With Sticks

This is a hilarious idea for a women’s golf team name.


More Lacrosse Team Name Ideas?

Do you have original ideas for lacrosse team names? Tell me about them in the comments below. We’ll integrate the good ones into this article.

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