Lacrosse Team Names for 2021

Lacrosse Team Names

Maybe you’re getting some bros together for a rec league season. Maybe you’re starting yet another professional lacrosse league.

Either way, we’ve got a huge list of lacrosse team names for you. Some are funny, some are cool, and others are just dumb lacrosse puns to make you chuckle.

Maybe you’ve already started one failed league and you’re finally ready to give it another try. Pro lacrosse has to work one of these times, right?

Lacrosse Team Names for 2021

Everyone likes to brag about how today’s lacrosse was played by Native Americans, but that’s not really fair.

They didn’t have baskets, they used sticks. Also they didn’t wear helmets, the balls were solid wood, and matches often went sun-up to sun-down.

These games are not the same.

Lacrosse Team Names
Also, people came to their games, so that’s different.

LAX Dat Ass

Shots Fired

Team Name

Hustle and Helmet Flow

I wish I had a mullet and a lacrosse team just so that we could use this name.

Fly Sticking

Baltimore Crabs

Full Tilt

Vaccinate your friends agsinst SBS.

Regional LAXent

This is fine on its own, but I like it better if you do [Your Area] LAXent.

LAX Rats

LAX Defense

In addition to being an abbreviation for lacrosse, LAX is also slang for relaxed – maybe a little too relaxed. Here are some more lax puns for you to choose from:

  • LAX Morals
  • LAX Security
  • LAX Standards

LAXidentally in Love

LAX Grinders

Drop the LAX

Give ‘em the LAX


Loose Sack

Saggy Sacks

Hanging Sack

Funny Lacrosse Team Names

The funniest team names you’ll ever come lacrosse. Get it?

Yes. You definitely get it, because it’s a very obvious joke.


Division Won

Or just D-Won if you really want to use the lingo.

LAX Me a Question

LAX Me Another



Or is it Pro-LAXers? Just LAXers? Let’s just say it’s your personal choice.

Top Cheddar

Pick your favorite dairy reference:

  • Top Swiss
  • Top Cheese
  • Premium Gouda

Cool Lacrosse Team Names

Let the other guys have the cutesy lacrosse team names. Who are they trying to impress, their girlfriends?

Rack Attack

Cage Rats

Cup Check

Boarding School

This is more of an indoor lacrosse team name, but that may be exactly what you need.

Game Sticks

Coconut Bucketse



Ball Bags

Witty Lacrosse Team Names

Ok, lacrosse and wit aren’t always thought of together, but that’s not fair. Is it a coincidence that schools with good med programs also tend to have good lacrosse programs?


That’s fear of missing out on a buy-one-get-one deal on face-off-get-off specialists.

Rolling Loosies

Goose Pit

LAX Lizards

This is a play on Lot Lizards, which is a term I’d rather not explain.

Cabbage Kings


Fishing for NARP

Practice Shaft

Goon Squad

Hat a Boy


Perfect rec league lacrosse team name.

Rectile Dysfunction

Hustle Culture

Full disclosure, I did swipe some of these names from our basketball team names article. In fairness to me though, they share a lot of the same terminology: shot, basket, net, score, etc.

Lacrosse Team Names from Around the Web

Weird thing about most of the other lacrosse team names articles: most of them don’t really have many lacrosse names. Frankly, it’s the greatest deke since Gary Gait bamboozled Penn in ’88.

Stix Together

Lax Life

Mesh Addicts


Chicks With Sticks


Basket Hounds

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