Baseball Team Names – Funny Ideas for Traveling and Backyard Teams

Updated on January 16th, 2022 by Brad Perniciaro
Baseball Team Names

From Rumble Ponies to AquaSox, weird baseball team names are baked into the great big casserole that is baseball.

Football teams have to be tough and intimidating, but baseball isn’t like that. There are funny baseball team names, team names based on local landmarks, and names based on silly baseball puns.

The Amarillo Sod Poodles. If that’s the name of an actual professional team, imagine what you and your goon squad can get away with.

Baseball Names for 2022

Given baseball’s looong history, you’d think all the good baseball team names had been used long ago. But you’d be wrong.

Teams have mostly just been getting all the boring, silly, and weird baseball team names out of the way. IMHO we’re just starting to get into the best baseball team name ideas out there.

Diamond Hands


Because you all hit a lot of balls back up the middle. Also because your baseball career is just about to come back – any day now.

Low-Key All-Stars


No Cap Baseball

It’s just a saying, you can still wear caps if you want.

The Wheelhouse

True Outcomes

I also like The Nine True Outcomes, but I am both a stats and a words nerd.

Still Slaps Hitters


If you’re looking for soccer team names, this one would definitely fit the bill.

Majorly Based Ball

TBH I don’t fully understand how to use based correctly. TBH I’m just now getting a handle on TBH.

Out of Our League

Big Flex

Or, if that’s a little too aggro, Weird Flex works too.

Oppos Attract


Opponents. Dragons. Outfits. Whatever.

Funny Baseball Team Names

Look, I always try my best to be funny in these article. But I have to live knowing I’ll never be as funny as my 1989 VHS of Super Duper Baseball Bloopers.

Bye Week

Is this a dirty trick? Yes. Will it ever work? Probably not.

We Goes Where Fungos


Spill it.



If that’s too simple for your tastes, there are actually a surprising number of good barrel puns out there.

  • Barrels of Fun
  • Barrels of Monkeys
  • Roll Out the Barrels
  • Barreling Down
  • Whine Barrel

Traveling Baseball Team Names

You’re not a real baseball player until you’ve taken a too-long bus ride to a city that hates you.

Street Team

The Magic Bus

This can be either a reference to The Who or The Magic School Bus – or both.

Road Dogs

Feel free to misspell Dogs in whatever way seems coolest. Dawgs, Dogz, Dawgz, Doggos, Degs, whatever does it for ya.

Asphalt Eaters

Radar Glove

I’ve said it before, but I love any team name that comes with a theme song.

Dirty Baseball Team Names

Being a filthy perv is a baseball tradition as long as bobbleheads, cream pies, and foot-long hot dogs.


One-Tool Players

Pickle Ticklers

6-9 Double Play

Ok, so you don’t see a lot of shortstop-to-right fielder double plays, but it could happen. I haven’t quite figured out how, but it could happen.

90 Foot Fetish

Poppin’ Pills

Dirty Bunts

RBI’d for Her Pleasure


Team Name

It doesn’t take an accredited doctor of punology to come up with this hit pun. Any PhDs out there might appreciate this non-exhaustive list though:

  • Hit-for-Brains
  • Feeling Hitty
  • Hit Talkers
  • Hitposters
  • Hit a Brick
  • Hitfunk

Backyard Baseball Team Names

Ah, Backyard Baseball – a true classic of the genre. You can’t fully customize the Backyard Baseball team names, but here are some of our favorite combos.

Little Monsters

Humongous Hornets

Junior Wombats

Now that’s just cute.

Junior Giants

Now that’s just ironic.

Green Giants


Mighty Melonheads

White Socks or Red Socks

Obviously, you’ve heard of these teams. But did you know that if you put these names in, you get access to special team features?

Blue Bombers

Red Rockets

Clever Baseball Team Names Based on TV and Movies

According to the most contemporary data, metrics, and analytic tools available, it’s objectively clear that baseball has the best movies.

Who Are These Fucking Guys?



I also like The Goingyardigans, which is a little cockier – though it is still a reference to a kids’ show.

Inglorious Batters

Champ Kind’s Kind Champs

See the previous Anchorman clip for reference.

Youth Baseball Team Names

Baseball is a wonderful game for teaching kids teamwork, perseverance, and the true value of nefarious skullduggery.

The Champions

I only include this because it was my 3-year-old’s answer suggestion for a good baseball team name.

Bat Attitude


Good Eye Mates

The Good Guys

Catchy Baseball Team Names

These names for baseball teams are mostly just fun to say.

Dinger Bringers

Dead Red Redemption

Just Batty

Swinging into Action

Those brainstorming catchy tennis team names may also like this idea.


Dirt Devils

Weird Baseball Team Names

You might say that these team names are off the beaten basepath? Actually, now that you mention it…

Off the Beaten Basepath

Kiss-Kiss Bang-Bang Play

Diamond Thieves

U Down With OBP



Cool Baseball Team Names

Because sometimes you don’t want to look at the same silly pun all season long.



I can’t explain it, but I like the all caps here. It just feels right.

Big Mood



Or Golden Glovemen if you want to get fancy with it.

Unique Baseball Team Names

You might not understand these unique baseball team names, but that might be exactly why someone else is picking it.

Big League Chewpacbras

Free Basers



Rally Hat Tricks

In baseball, a hat trick is when a batter strikes out three times in a row. This might make a cool hockey team name since hat tricks in hockey are a good thing.

Glown Ups

It’s a Vibe

Old School Baseball Team Names

They say that baseball is a young man’s game, and that may be true on the MLB level. In reality, there are way, way more middle-aged dudes playing rec league ball out there.

40-40-Something Club

BTW this can also be adjusted to match whatever decade fits your team’s demographics best.

Musial Suspects

OK Boomers

This is a modern baseball team name for old-school baseball players.

Let’s Get it On Base

Brooklyn Tip-Tops

I have a weird fascination with naming teams after now-defunct organizations.

Baseball Team Names from Around the Web

That’s it, I’m gassed. Let’s bring in some arms from the bullpen to close this thing out.


Aces of Bases

Aces of Diamonds

Diamond Cutters


Ball of Duty


All About that Base

No Base Like Home

League Me Alone

BasebAll or Nothing

Ok, so to be honest the other author I nicked these last few from is me. It’s actually from our Fantasy Baseball Team Names article, which also has a bunch of potential options for you.

More Baseball Team Name Ideas?

If you have ideas for more baseball team names, tell me about them in the comments below. I’ll add the funny ones to this list.

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