Fantasy Basketball Team Names and League Names for 2024

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Fantasy Basketball Team Names
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Your classic fantasy basketball strategies:

  • Pick one category to punt, like rebounds or free throw percentage.
  • Always try to trade 2-for-1 for the better player.
  • Steal your opponents’ log-in info and subtly switch their lineup. This strategy weakens their team and subtly drives them mad. You’re welcome.

Maybe I should buck strategy and stick to writing fantasy basketball team names? Well, here are some silly, serious, historical, and hysterical fantasy basketball names for the 2024 season.

The Best Fantasy Basketball Team Names

  1. Kerr Your Enthusiasm
  2. Magical Thinking
  3. Winning Is Harden
  4. Haliburton
  5. Winning Embiid
  6. EnRaptored
  7. Jrue Religeon
  8. You Got Serbed
  9. Making Booker
  10. The Beal World
  11. Spicy Curry
  12. Bronny Bunch
  13. The Chic LeFreak
  14. Lowry Expectations
  15. The Fantastic De’Aaron Fox
  16. No I in Quarenteam
  17. I Feel Vax-Seen
  18. AsymptoMagic
  19. Smells Like Quarentine Spirit
  20. AsymptoMavericks

Fantasy Basketball Team Names From Readers

Kerr Your Enthusiasm

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Magical Thinking

Submitted by Sean
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Winning Is Harden

Submitted by Hannah
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Best Fantasy Basketball Team Names for 2024

The best fantasy basketball names still make you smile, even when you’re losing the weeks 2-7.

Winning Embiid


Jrue Religeon

You Got Serbed

This fantasy basketball team name idea works for Nicola Jokić, Bogdan Bogdanović, or if you are Serbian.

Making Booker

The Beal World

Spicy Curry

Bronny Bunch

Here’s the story. Of a King named James. Who just backed up three very lovely rings.

The Chic LeFreak

I love any fantasy basketball team name that comes with a theme song.

Lowry Expectations

The Fantastic De’Aaron Fox

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Covid Fantasy Basketball Team Name Ideas

Some people would say that fantasy basketball team names which make jokes about a pandemic are insensitive. Those people should skip ahead a section.

No I in Quarenteam

I Feel Vax-Seen


Smells Like Quarentine Spirit

This is what AI told me this logo should look like.


Winning is Contagious

Masking for a Friend

Bubble Boys

Bubble Trouble

Danuel Left the House

Naughty, naughty, Danuel.

Harden Munity

Or Hard Enmunity – you get the idea. Also, here are a handful of other herd immunity names:

  • Herr Ommunity
  • Hayward Immunity
  • Hield Immunity
  • Herd Anunoby
  • Vert Immunity

If you prefer the kind of basketball where you actually have to run up and down a court, you’ll love my list of basketball team name ideas.

Fantasy Basketball Team Name Generator

Fantasy Basketball Team Names From Writers & The Community

Offensive Fantasy Basketball Names

If you took my advice and skipped the Covid team names section, maybe just skip one more. If not, you’ll love these fantasy basketball names.

And if dirty names are your thing, you must check out our monster list of naughty fantasy football team names.



Or if you feel like really going for it, Doncnozzel.


There are plenty of variations of this fantasy basketball team name:

  • Shaitheads
  • Shaitbags
  • Shaitstains
  • Shaithole
  • Shaitgibbons

Sexy Nuns Give Me Christian Wood

Mother Tucker

Jazz Cigarettes

Denver Nugs

Greek in the Sheets

Who Gives a Buck

There are plenty of options for this fantasy basketball name as well:

  • Go Buck Yourself
  • Buck Off
  • Bucking Nuts
  • Buck Like Freak
  • Freaky Bucker
  • Buck You, Buckface

Classic Fantasy Basketball Team Names

Classic players, classic teams, or just plain classy, these team name ideas for fantasy basketball are for those looking for an element of nostalgia.

Suit and Trae

Man About Towns

Big Fundamental Questions

Mergers and Shaquisitions

Slacker Mamba

Moloa Mentality

This team name for fantasy basketball will almost certainly require a Google. But trust me, it’s basically perfect.


No pun. No joke. Just KOBE.

Kentucky Colonels

I particularly enjoy using defunct teams as fantasy b-ball team names. Here are a few more favorites:

  • Dallas Chaparrals
  • Asbury Park Boardwalkers
  • Atlantic City Seagulls
  • Berwick Carbuilders
  • Des Moines Dragons
  • Virginia Squires

Hilarious Ideas for Fantasy Basketball Names

You don’t want to be that guy in your league that takes fantasy basketball too seriously. We’ll never be an NBA GM, so why not just have fun?

Dame Shooty Dench

The chances of anyone using this fantasy basketball team name idea are low. But it certainly makes me giggle.

Doncic Juancic

Russell Eastcreek

You might also enjoy Russell Northstream or Russell Southriver.

Collins All Cars

Donovan Down By the River

Flint Michigan Tropics

Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Name - Flint Tropics

Beal You Can Be

Da Goberts

Ayton Manning

Obi Toppin Wan Kenobi

Chief Wiggins

Wiggins a Box

Cool Fantasy Basketball Names for 2024

These cool fantasy basketball team name ideas are as smooth as a Steph Curry step-back.

Greeky-Deaky Baby

Joker’s Wild

Trae Cool

Durantula Colony

D’Angelo’s Voodoo

In Process

Based on this fantasy basketball name, you can also do Still Processing. It’s for all the Philadelphia 76ers fans that are waiting for that one big win.

Mad Max Fury Russ

Siakam the Dogs on Him

Doncic Forget About Me

Dr. Deandre

Texas Boogie

Clever Names for Fantasy Basketball Teams

Your opponents have all season to get your witty references. So, you might as well go deep and obscure with your fantasy basketball names in 2024.

Antetokounmpo Karate


This fantasy basketball name idea would work better if Shai Gilgeous-Alexander still played in LA.

Kawaii Leonard

Warriors, Come Out and Klay

Klaymond Curry


I also like VanVleet of Foot.

Texas Wall

Feelin Kyrie

If you had a Bob Marley poster on your wall in college, then you know what I’m talking about.

Fantasy Basketball Team Name - Feelin Kyrie

Bob used to talk to us during those all-nighters in college.

Praise Ja

See above re: Bob Marley posters.

Iron Lion Zion Williamson

This fantasy basketball team name is straight-up is a Bob Marley song.

Los Angeles Lakers Fantasy Basketball Names

Controversial take: I think LeBron’s bald spot is badass. He’s a dad, he’s been a leader since he was a tween, and he’s played more minutes than anyone in the league.

Going bald is just LeBron telling the world that he has responsibilities.

LeBrow Javis

I’d like to make another point about LeBaldspot. LeBron started losing his hair at about the same time that Anthony Davis came into the league.

Conclusion? AD’s unibrow is stealing LeBron’s Hair.

Bron to be Wild

Bron This Way

LA King’s

Oh, there’s a hockey team with that name too? I hadn’t heard.

LaLaBron Land

The Showtime Must Go Bron

Brow to the King

The Power of Brow

Brow Gasol

Kuz Missile

Kuz Liner

What up, Kuz?

The Kid’s Got Talen

I would also accept the spelling The Kid’s Got TalenHT.

Carushow Time

Welcome to the Carushow

The Bald Mambas

Find someone who loves you the way Laker Nation loves Alex Caruso.

Chicago Bulls Fantasy Basketball Team Names

The Chicago Bulls never won a championship before Michael Jordan, and they haven’t won one since. Call it the Reinsdorff curse, and the only way to lift it is to go back and finally pay Scottie Pippen.

Fruit of LaVine

Zach LaVine’s Silver Beans

If you’ve been to Chicago, you know what I’m talking about.

Chicago Bulls Fantasy Basketball Team Name Idea - Silver Beans

Coby Maybe

As in Call Me Maybe. Because maybe Coby White is going to be good, and maybe he isn’t.

Making Your Markkanen

Wendell Carter From Mars

Jordan Rules

If you’re interested in learning more about the Jordan Rules, check out the Whistleblower podcast. But don’t listen if you want your pristine image of David Stern to stay intact.


Ontology is the study of being. Jordontology is the study of being like Mike.

Mike Drop

Pippin Ain’t Easy

Luc-y Stars

Miami Heat Fantasy Basketball Name Ideas

The one constant linking the Heat’s first championship to their most recent finals appearance? Pat Riley, the first man to win a championship as a player, assistant coach, head coach, and executive.

The Big Bam Theory

Pebbles and Bam Adebayo

The Jimmy Butler Did It

Make a Big Face

A tiny, independent coffee company founded on the simple dream of a millionaire charging $20 for a grande latte. What a feel-good story!

Dragic Ass

Dragic Fire

This team name idea for fantasy basketball has the derivation: Fire-Breathing Dragics.

Life of Riley

Rile or Die

Every Man Haslemits

Haslem Forever

Udonis Haslem has to be the best teammate in history. He hasn’t played a meaningful minute in years, but the Heat just keep re-signing him.

Are you looking to upgrade your roster? An effective fantasy basketball draft analyzer can identify holes in your roster (and suggest upgrades) so you can maximize your scoring potential all season.

Boston Celtics Fantasy Basketball Names

It’s pretty impressive that the Celtics have kept up with the Lakers, championship-wise. After all, the Lakers have the lure of Los Angeles.

The Celtics, meanwhile, have to sell free agents on New England in the winter. Yikes!

Jayson the Slasher

Jason Voorhees was a slasher that killed with a machete. Jayson Tatum is a slasher with a killer first step.

Don’t Go Jayson Waterfalls

Go Directly to Jaylen

If you don’t like the direction of this fantasy basketball team name idea, you could go with the more optimistic take, Get out of Jaylen Free.

Jaylen Wennings

This fantasy basketball name is ridiculous, but it makes me chuckle.

Tacko Meat

Smart Waters

Marcus Smart is obviously a top 100 player. But I know that no one is rostering Tremont Waters outside of his own family.

Even still, some fantasy basketball names are just too perfect to pass up.

Kemba Karate

This fantasy team name idea uses the same basketball pun as the Antetokounmpo Karate team name earlier, but easier to spell.

Walker Hard

The Legend of Dewey Cox is as underrated as the legend of Kemba Walker.

Fantasy Basketball League Names for 2024

Fantasy basketball team names are important, but what good are they if you don’t have a legit league name? Here are our best fantasy basketball league name ideas for 2024.

Looking for help with your 2024 basketball league? Our article on the best fantasy basketball sites and league hosts reveals the top sites for hosting your league and getting help on building a championship team.

Junior Varsity Seniors

Hoop Troop

Division 1-I Basketball

This fantasy basketball league name is both a college basketball reference and a dick joke.

Benched Mob

High Court

This league name for fantasy basketball works whether you and your pals are lawyers or stoners.

Knights of the Roundball Table

Pick-Up Pals

True BeLeaguers

Need Booze Association

Here are some other name derivations on NBA that you could use for your fantasy basketball league:

  • Natural Bad Asses
  • Natty Bros Association
  • Nice Bongs Association
  • No Boys Allowed

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