Cool, Clever, & Funny Fantasy Football League Names for 2021

Updated on March 25th, 2021 by David Sharp
Fantasy Football League Names

The name that you choose for your fantasy football league sets the tone for the entire season. Sure, you can always call it something like Mike’s Pals or the classic ESPN League #4567, but that’s lame.

The best fantasy football league names give league owners a place to start when coming up with their team names. They can give an impression of your general comedic sensibilities, and even indicate if you’re willing to get a little dirty.

Here is an excellent place to start (and maybe finish) your search for the perfect fantasy football league name.

Funny League Names Names for 2021

The truth is funny league names are significantly better than tough-guy names. But if you were really that tough, you wouldn’t be playing fantasy football, would you?

Let’s kick off the 2021 season with some unique and funny fantasy football league names.

The League of Extraordinary Douchebags

Fancy Football League

A Confederacy of Dunces

The Perennial Cellar Dwellers

The Human League

The Trump Cabinet

This is a good league name for those with high turnover rates.

League of Legends

Coed Naked Fantasy Football

Nerd Football League (NFL)

Armchair Football League (AFL)

United States Fantasy League (USFL)

Perfect for those leagues that are nostalgic for the first failed spring football league. But good luck, XFL 2.0!

Fellowship of the Super Bowl Ring

League of Nations

Or how about a league of just guys named Nathan called the League of Nathans?

Television Show Fantasy League Names

The best fantasy league names are based on common traits of the owners, something that binds the league members. If you’re all couch potatoes, these league names might be applicable.

The Best Friends Gang

Letterkenny Ag Hall Board

The Council of Elders

Patty’s Pub Fantasy Football Gang

The League On FX

Who’s thinking reunion movie?

The Galactic Senate

For more far-out names, check out our list of Star Wars inspired team names.

Dunder-Mifflin Office League


Cheers Tavern Football Pool

The Cheers gang would have played old-school roto, with the rankings posted weekly on a corkboard in the bar.

The Others

Hopefully, your season ends better than Lost did.

Pawnee City Council

Schitt’s Creek City Council

Power Rangers

It’s Morphin’ Time!

The One League With the Friends-Themed Team Names

The Masters of Coin

If you like this league name, check out our list of 75+ Game of Thrones fantasy football names.

Comic Book Fantasy Football League Names

Once, the jocks and the nerds were bitter rivals. But now, through the magic of fantasy, perhaps they can be friends.

The Avengers

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Justice League

Or Justice Society, Justice Society of America, etc.

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

Though Xavier’s School for Ordinary Adults may be more accurate.

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Legion of Doom

Agents of Shield

The Crime Syndicate of America

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Or League of Pretty Ordinary Gentlemen, if that’s more accurate.

The Hellfire Club

The Serpent Society

You could do comic book and/or snake-themed team names. Bonus points for the owner that can put together a combo comic book, snake, and football-themed name. 

Music-Themed Fantasy Football League Names

Rock out with your jock out.

The Wu-Tang Clan

Or you can do the Fu-Tang Clan if you don’t mind getting really punny with it.

The Travelling Wilburys

Mötley Crüe

I prefer the spelling with an umlaut. But if you want to do the basic Motley Crew spelling, then I guess that’s ok too.

Side note: is it weird that you spell umlaut without an umlaut?

The Rhythm Nation

The Polyphonic League

Movie-Themed Fantasy Football League Names

Looking for a cool fantasy football league name based on your favorite movie? Here are some good league names based on some badass films.

Fight Club

Or Project Mayhem depending on where you are in your evolution.

The Jedi Council

Gridiron Gang

How is it that The Rock hasn’t aged since 2006?

Fantasy Quidditch League

Mark my words people: we’re not that far off from our first professional Quiddich league. How far off can fantasy Quiddich be?

Fantasy Football League Names for 8–Man Leagues

You must be a deep player to win a shallow league. These are some funny fantasy league names for especially small leagues.

Great Eight

Eight Men Out

Or if it’s right for the sensibility of your league: Eight Men Out of Fucks to Give.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Now you just have to pick who has/gets to be Snow White.

Fantasy Football League Names for 10-Man Leagues

Here are some good fantasy football league names for leagues with only ten teams.

1st and Ten Team League

Intensity in Ten Cities

This league name is perfect when owners are scattered to the winds.

In10tional Grounding

10acious D/ST

X-Treme Fantasy League (XFL)

I assume that football guys get roman numeral jokes because of the Super Bowl.

Fantasy Football League Names for 12-Man Leagues

For when you want to prove to the world that you know every team’s running backs depth chart.

Dirty Dozen

Big 12

Pack 12

Twelve Angry Men

Or Twelve Pretty Chill Men, depending on the vibe of your guys.

The Best Fantasy Football League Names From Around the Web

I didn’t write these, but they’re some great fantasy football league names floating around the Internet.

Freaks and Zekes

Weekend Warriors

The Usual Suspects

A League of Our Own

I KNOW IT’S A BASEBALL MOVIE, LAY OFF. Also, check out our list of fantasy baseball team names.

Playing For Keepers

This league name is best if you’re, y’know, in a keeper league.

Hall of Blamers

Regular Old Football League (ROFL)

And every time you pick someone up from the waiver wire, you have to say ROFLMAO got ’em.

The Madden Curse

No Crying in Fantasy Football

Make Fantasy Great Again

If this one inspires you, then our comprehensive list of Donald Trump fantasy football team names.

More Ideas for Clever Fantasy League Names?

If your league has a cool, funny, or clever league name, tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the good league names to my list.

And check out my list of other clever group name ideas.

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