OJ Simpson Fantasy Football Team Names

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OJ Simpson Fantasy Football Team Names
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Fair warning: some of the team name ideas on this list are pretty dark. I hope that’s not surprising. After all, you’re the one who’s looking for OJ Simpson fantasy football team names online.

Use your discretion if these offensive fantasy football names are too inappropriate for your work league. On the other hand, if you’re in a league with a bunch of degenerates like me, then maybe a dark but funny OJ team name is precisely what the lawyer ordered.

The Best OJ Simpson Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Slow White Broncos
  2. Orinthologists
  3. Loose Juice
  4. OJ’s Dream Team
  5. Nordberg!
  6. OJ’s Twitter
  7. LizzOJ’s Juice
  8. OJ is Innocent
  9. Cochran It In
  10. Marcia Clark’s Helmet Hair
  11. Buffalo Billion Dollar Defense Team
  12. Special Teams/Defense Attorney
  13. The League vs. OJ Simpson
  14. OJ Makes a Kardashian For the Goal Line
  15. The Juice’s Gloves
  16. Kato Cousins
  17. Judge Ito Smith
  18. OJ’s Killer Team
  19. Unnecessary Roughness, #32, Away Team
  20. OJ Beats the Browns

OJ Simpson Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

Slow White Broncos

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You know, like the old joke: what’s the difference between OJ Simpson and John Elway? One drives a slow, white bronco while the other is a slow, white Bronco.


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Max 3 votes.

Loose Juice

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OJ Simpson Fantasy Football Team Names

Lost in all the murder hoopla was an inspiring story of true friendship. A.J. Cowlings drove his buddy OJ around for hours with the entire LAPD in pursuit.

Who in your life would do that for you?

OJ’s Dream Team


Remember when OJ was on the LAPD? That feels weird now.

OJ’s Twitter

OJ’s Twitter account is a wild but cringy ride. Not Bronco chase level of wild ride, but still.

LizzOJ’s Juice

In all fairness, this one comes from our article on fantasy football team names for girls.

Funny OJ Trial Team Names

A great novelist once said:

“There are no second acts in American lives.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

I think it’s safe to say that O.J. Simson proved this wrong with one magnificent shit-show of a second act.

OJ is Innocent

Cochran It In

Marcia Clark’s Helmet Hair

What do Marcia Clark, a shark, and your fantasy roster have in common?

They all need to keep moving forward or they’ll die.

Buffalo Billion Dollar Defense Team

Special Teams/Defense Attorney

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The League vs. OJ Simpson

OJ Makes a Kardashian For the Goal Line

It’s the OJ trial that first made the Kardashian name famous. So technically, OJ is guilty of two major crimes.

The Juice’s Gloves

Kato Cousins

Kirk Cousins is the Kato Kaelin of the NFL. They’re both random white dudes that happen to know some NFL players.

Judge Ito Smith

Ito didn’t have a great 2019. But this OJ team name was too obvious to ignore.

OJ Simpson Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

OJ Simpson Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

Dark OJ Simpson Fantasy Football Names

There are those out there that say maybe he didn’t do it – he was found not guilty, after all. Ok, sure, but then he was found guilty, and then he wrote a book called If I Did It.

So yeah, he did it.

OJ’s Killer Team

Unnecessary Roughness, #32, Away Team

OJ Beats the Browns

Simpson of Sam

OJ’s Backstabbers

I mean, it’s a little too perfect.

Best OJ Simpson Team Names From Around the Web

Let’s call this section If I Wrote It.

Ray, Rae, & OJ


OJ’s Dream Girl

If I Won It

OJ Cuts Left

Team Name Ideas for Other NFL Running Backs

We understand that some of you may be too old to remember the “Trial of the Century”. So if you’re looking for team names based on modern running backs, check out this list:

More OJ Simpson Team Name Ideas

Do you have more team name ideas for Orenthal? Do you have any tips on where to find the real killer?

If so, please me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the best OJ team name ideas to this list. And I’ll send the best murder leads over to OJ so he can look for the real killer.

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