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Girls Fantasy Football Team Names
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Let’s be honest, folks. Most of the women’s fantasy football team name lists on the web are terrible. They can be patronizing, condescending, or just plain gross.

As an antidote, here’s a selection of new girl’s fantasy football team names that are classy, funny, silly, and smart. And then at the very end, there are also some that are just plain gross.

The Best Female Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Malibu Split Ends
  2. Victorious Secret
  3. Mean Girls
  4. Brady Gaga
  5. Friday Night Tights
  6. XX’s and O’s
  7. Power Puff Football
  8. Alpha Females
  9. Her-icanes
  10. Suckasaurus
  11. Fail Mary
  12. Ladies and Edelman
  13. Miss Landry
  14. Ovarietime Period
  15. Onside Chick
  16. Femme Footballs
  17. Leading Ladies
  18. Trophy Wives
  19. Lady’s Knights
  20. Los Angeles Ma’ams

Female Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

Malibu Split Ends

Submitted by Bill Costanzo
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Victorious Secret

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Mean Girls

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Brady Gaga

0 Votes
Max 3 votes.

Friday Night Tights

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Funny Girly Fantasy Football Team Names

Remember, it’s a long season. Pick a name you’ll still like in December.

XX’s and O’s

Power Puff Football

Powderpuff is for high schoolers.

Alpha Females



I actually didn’t make this up.

Fail Mary

Ladies and Edelman

Miss Landry

Ovarietime Period

If you’re looking for a more generic list of team name ideas for girls, check out our article dedicated entirely to girl group name ideas.

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Definitively Women Fantasy Football Team Names

For when you’re looking for the sparkly pink jersey of team names.

Onside Chick

Femme Footballs

Leading Ladies

Trophy Wives

Lady’s Knights

Girl Fantasy Football Names Based on NFL Teams

Women are some of the craziest, most devoted NFL fans that there are and their numbers are on the rise.

Los Angeles Ma’ams


Denver Momlet

Mile High Heels

Detroit Lionesses

Jacksonville Cougars

Baltimore Rave Aunts

Snac Packers

Pink Panthers

Female Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

Female Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

Fantasy Football Names for Moms

Being a mom is like being the manager of the fantasy team that is your family, except you’re not allowed to put any of your players on the waiver wire. 

Chicago Mama Bears

Patrick Momhomes

Kyler Mommy

Mom Brady

My Mommy Dolphins

Baby Chark

Sing it: D.J. Chark Doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo

Pregnant Fantasy Football Names

Google tells me the ladies of fantasy football are searching for this, so I’m going to take their word for it.

Your baby is the second most important thing you’ll have to name.

1st and 9 Months


Goalline Push

Maternity Heave

Natural Berth

Natural Birth + Playoff Berth = Natural Berth

Want a Girly Fantasy Football Team Name & Enjoy Shopping?

Because Sundays are about clapping your hands while wearing your brands.

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Cover-2

Sephora and Out

Georgio Amari

Dolce and Garoppolo

Bloodbath and Beyond

I’m also a fan of the classic Bed, Bath, and Your Mom

Funny Girl Fantasy Football Team Names Based on Music

Here’s a formula you can use to make your own team name: (Your go-to karaoke song/artist) + (your favorite team/player/coach) = your new team name. It’s that simple.

Chucking Kahn

Girl on Fire


Mariah Carries

No Scrubs

In an auction draft, I like to go stars and scrubs. I guess TLC wants a more balanced roster.

LizzO.J.’s Juice

Because Lizzo sang Juice. And OJ Simpson was called the Juice… This is either the best or the worst name on this list and I can’t decide which.

Following OJ on Twitter lately? Check out our new list of OJ Simpson fantasy football team names.

Female Fantasy Football Team Names for TV Lovers

The best fantasy team names are ones that reference the thing you and your league-mates have in common, be it a work thing, a group or hobby, or even just your favorite show. 

Sacks and the City

The McD Project

With Josh Allen’s development and the addition of Stephon Diggs, I’d say Coach McD’s project is going very well indeed.

If you landed the top fantasy QB in 2021, check out our list of Josh Allen fantasy team names.

The Carry Diaries

The ill-fated prequel to Sacks in the City.

Project Running Back

I bet Tim Gunn would be a fantastic NFL head coach. He’d make it work.

The Godwin Wife

This is in reference to Chris, though you could also go with The Goodwin wife in reference to Marquise. That said, unless you’re Marquise Goodwin’s mom then I’m hoping for your team’s sake that it’s Chris.

Drop Dead DiVante Parker

Kick In the Box

Can just be an exclamation of frustration, but I prefer to think it’s an SNL reference.

Chick Flick Fantasy Football Team Names for Girl Owners

Nothing like getting the girls together, putting on your PJs, making some popcorn, and really settling into a nice night of fantasy drafting.

Sandra Bullies

Emma’s Stone Cold Locks

Runaway Brides

First and 10 Things I Hate About You

Nicholas Sparks’ The Playbook

Starring Ryan Gosling as a football coach that tries to win Rachel McAdams’ love by designing the perfect play for her. 

The Devil Wears Prescott

A Run to Remember

She’s the Man

Jack’s French Girls

Girly Fantasy Football Names for you Drinkers

Men drink like they have to prove to the world they like gross tastes. Women have the courage to drink drinks that actually taste good. 

Strawberry Sackery


Raheem Mimostert

Matt Patri-Calada

11 Sangria Men

Fantasy Football Team Names for Naughty Girls

Respectable readers, turn around here.

Long Snappers

Apple Bottom Turnovers

Trick Punt

Trench Wenches

Breast Friends

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