Dalvin Cook Fantasy Football Names for 2023

Updated on September 4th, 2023 by David Sharp
Dalvin Cook Fantasy Football Names

Dalvin Cook has done nothing in his career but consistently 1-up himself. He’s already got multiple top-ten fantasy finishes, and who knows what his actual ceiling is?

The hype for Cook coming into this season is enormous, and you can’t blame fans for being pumped. In that vein, here is my all-new, original list of Dalvin Cook fantasy team names to help you and your first-rounder get cookin’ in 2023.

Dalvin Cook Fantasy Team Names for 2023

Cook didn’t play football his freshman year of high school because he was discouraged by the dominance of their current starting running back. That sounds crazy until you learn that player was future Pro-Bowler Devonta Freeman.

Then it kind of makes sense.

Dalvengence is Mine

This Dalvin Cook team name is great if you’re still bitter about your fantasy performance last season. Or, if you’re like me, the last decade.

Cookin’ With Gas

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Sunday Cook Out

Dalv-In Movies

Who in their right mind would have thought that drive-in movies would become a thing again?

Don’t Cook Back in Anger

Any Oasis fans out there? Anybody?

Very Dalvinteresting

Cookin’ Cousins

I was tempted to make a Kirk Cousins joke with this Dalvin Cook fantasy name. But Cousins has actually been pretty solid for the Vikings.

Does Cousins benefit more from Cook’s presence or vice versa?

If you’re a fan of the Purple People Eaters, check out our article dedicated entirely to Vikings fantasy football team names.

Pour DalVino

Cook, Line, and Sinker

Dalvin Board

You can alter this Dalvin Cook fantasy name with any of these variants:

  • Dalvin the Deep End
  • Deep Dalv
  • Dalving Deep
  • High Dalv
  • Scuba Dalvin
  • Dalvin to the Wreck

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Funny Dalvin Cook Fantasy Names

Yes, you can expect more cooking puns. Hey, I didn’t name the guy. I’m just working with what I’ve got.

Cook’s in the Kitchen

This Dalvin Cook fantasy football team name makes sense because the kitchen is also another name for the end zone. Or is it the red zone?

Regardless, it’s the ideal place for any running back to be.

Cook Out Below

Dalvin Cook Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

Dalvin Cook Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

DalVIN Number

Is VIN Number redundant like ATM? Who knows?

Add that to the list of things that I could Google, but choose not to.


Too Many Cooks

Too Many Cooks is a hilarious sketch, sure. If we’re talking fantasy, you could never have too many 1,500 yard/10 TD players.


Kiss the Cook

I Go to Cook Skoal

You call it a culinary arts college. I call it Cook Skoal.

Dalvin Me Crazy

By Hook or by Cook

I suppose you could also go By Cook or by Crook, especially if certain other NFL players are on your team.

Living Dals

Dalvinto the Nether

This Dalvin Cook team name is for all of my fellow Metallica fans that also play fantasy sports.


Dalvfense Wins Championships

There are obviously a bunch of different football puns that you could make by substituting Dalvfense:

  • Dalvfensive Interference
  • Dalvfensive Holding
  • West Coast Dalvfense
  • Dalfensive Weapon
  • Dalvfensive Coordinator

Edgy Dalvin Cook Fantasy Football Team Names

Perhaps you’ve noticed the name Cook is somewhat similar to a word for a certain part of the male anatomy. If you haven’t noticed then maybe you’ll want to skip this section.

And if these names amuse you, please check out our master list of crude fantasy football team name ideas.

Suck My Cook

Or, alternately, Cook Suckers.

Cooky Bastards

Monster Cooks

Huge Cooks, Gigantic Cooks – you get the idea.


See above.


Cooky Bastards

When the Cook Crows

Cook the Hammer

I know these last two Dalvin Cook fantasy name ideas aren’t particularly dirty. But it is essentially the same pun.

Dalvin Cook Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

Cookin' With Cook

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Let The Cook Cook

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Dalvin Cook Fantasy Names from Around the Internet

For the Vikings, Cook has been very impressive. But at Florida State, Cook broke Warrick Dunn’s single-season and career rushing yards records. That’s pretty impressive.

Now, let’s see him break Warrick Dunn’s record for giving away houses – now that would be something.

What’s Cooking?

Dalvin and Hobbes

Dalvin Cook Fantasy Name - Dalvin & Hobbes

The Cookie Monster

Captain Cook

Is this Dalvin Cook fantasy football team name is a reference to the Peter Pan villain or to the British explorer killed in Hawaii in 1779?

Only you can know for sure.

33 & Me

Dalvin and the Chipmunks

Cook ‘Em Dan-O!

Dalivinized Steel

Cookin’ the Competition

D.C. Comics

Let’s face it, Dalvin Cook is kind of a superhero.

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More Ideas for Dalvin Cook Fantasy Football Team Names?

Do you have an original idea for a Dalvin Cook fantasy team name? If so, tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll add the good ones to our list.

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