Patriots and Tom Brady Fantasy Football Team Names

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Patriots Fantasy Football Names

Not only are the Patriots one of the most successful franchises of all time, but they may hold the record for most quality fantasy team name starters as well. There are almost too many colorful characters and historical events to choose from for your Patriots fantasy football team name.

Deflategate, the Tuck Rule, Bill Belichick, and Bill Belichick’s hoodie are all worthy starting points. Heck, you could fill out an entire league with just funny Tom Brady fantasy football team names alone.

If you want some help titling your team, or if your just a Pats fan looking for a laugh, then Gillette me help. Here is a slew of new Patriots fantasy football team names (updated for 2020) for you to Bellichick out.

Funny Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names

1. Pats’ Amore

2. Vladimir Putin’s Super Bowl Ring

Talk about a power move.

3. Gillette Me Love You

4. Krafty Veterans

5. Undeflated Champs

6. You Patrioughta Be In Pictures

We’re looking at you, Cincinnati.

7. The Boston Area America Lovers

8. Guy Fawkesbrough

9. 21st Century Foxborough

Patriots Players Fantasy Football Team Names 

10. You Sanu-ze You Loose

11. The Man in the Dont’a Hightower

12. That’s Just, Like, Your Opinion, Edelman

For those of us that fall into that weird nexus of fantasy football players and Big Lebowski Fans.

13.Edel-Mentos: The Freshmaker

You could also go with The Playmaker, though then you risk people not knowing what the heck you’re talking about.

14. Slater’s Special Team

In honor of Mathew Slater, the least famous 7-time Pro Bowl player in history.

15. Van Noyce

16. Order in McCourty

17. McCourting Disaster

18. Ben Watson-Again, Off-Again Relationship

Ben Watson and the Pats together just feels right.

Bill Belichick Fantasy Football Team Names

19. Belichick, Please

20. You Can Belichick In But You Can Never Belichick Out

21. Ring My Belichick

22. Belichicken Tenders

Or, if you prefer, Belichicken Breasts, Belichicken Wings, Belichicken and Waffles, etc.

Tom Brady Fantasy Football Team Names

Maybe he’s no longer the fantasy stud that he once was, but he’s still the greatest of all time. 

23. Brady Shark

Win or lose, you’ll walk away from your matchups with the smug satisfaction that at least you got that song stuck in their head.

24. Copyright Tom Terrific

Final Score: The US Patent and Trademark Office: 1, Tom Brady’s lawyers: 0.

25. The Brady Bündchen

26. Bündchens of Fün

It’s just fün to say fün.

27. Luck be a Brady 

Stephon Gilmore Fantasy Football Team Names

Because let’s face it, the best fantasy player for the Pats this season was their defense.

28. Gilmore Than Words

29. Filled to the Gills

30. Stephon And On

31. Stephontasy Island

Rob Gronkowski Fantasy Football Team Names

Gronk retired because he wanted to spend more time with his Four Loko sponsorship.

32. Rob Gonekowski


34, We Love You Gronk, Please Come Home

35. Gronkowski 2020

More Old School Patriots Players Fantasy Football Team Names

36. Bledsoe What?

Drew Bledsoe: the Wally Pip of the NFL.

37. Red, White, and Bruschi

38. Russell Wilson’s Butler

Allow me to take that ball for you, sir.

39. Yes M’loy

40. You’ll Be Hearing From My Lawyer Milloy 

41. A Formal Petition for Antonio Brown to Go Into the HoF as a Patriot

Vulgar Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names 

We’ve got an entire article dedicated to dirty fantasy football names if you want more ideas.

42. Tom BraDEEZ NUTS

43. Deflated Balls

44. Vince Wilfork Yourself

45. Tuck You

46. I Love Having Rex but I’d Rather Get Burkhead

Shout out to Academy Award winners Three 6 Mafia.

If you’re looking for other running back team names, check out these Saquon Barkley fantasy team names.

47. Robert Kraft’s Massage Therapist

48. Aaron Hernandez’ Taxi Service

49. Julian Edelman’s Tinder Date

Even Super Bowl champs aren’t immune to resorting to Tinder. Or regretting it.

Classic Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names

I’d never claim to be the first one to come up with these names, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still funny.

50. The Brady Bunch

51. Brady Gaga – My Favorite Tom Brady Team Name

Brady collaborates with Lady Gaga to create a jersey comprised entirely of dead squirrels.

Tom Brady Fantasy Team Name - Brady Gaga

52. The Real Slim Brady

53. Hit Me Brady One More Time

54. Belichick Yourself

55. Krafty Like a Fox

56. PSI Love You

57. Sony Delight

58. Ladies and Edelman

59. Donta’s Inferno

60. The Big Gronkowski

Or you can try the Little Gronkowski Urban Achievers if you want to go even deeper down the Dude-hole.

61. Brady Yoda

If you’re a Warsie, check out these Star Wars fantasy football names.


If you like fantasy names based on NFL teams, check out my Eagles fantasy football names. If you have other ideas for Patriots or Brady team names, tell me about them in the comments below.

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