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Updated on August 3rd, 2022 by Brad Perniciaro
Best Fantasy Football Rate my Team Tools

If the truth is what you seek, you need the impartial analysis provided by an accurate team grading tool.

Whether you’re looking for a draft analyzer to grade your latest draft, or seeking a rate my fantasy football team tool to determine your strengths and weaknesses mid-season, I’ve got you covered. Today I break down six popular roster analysis tools, what makes them valuable, and how you can leverage them to improve your roster and win more championships.

FantasyPros Draft AnalyzerPre-Season Draft Analyzer
Best Fantasy Football Draft Analyzer
5 star draft analysis tool
FantasyPros League AnalyzerIn-Season Team Rating Tool
Best Fantasy Football Team Analyzer
5 Star Team Rating Tool
Fantasy Diehards Draft GraderFree Draft Grader
Best Fantasy Football Draft Grader
4.5 Star Fantasy Football Grading Service
RotoTrade Team AnalyzerFree Team Rating Tool
Best Free Fantasy Football Rate my Team Tool
4 Star Rate my Team Fantasy Football Tool

The Best Fantasy Draft Analyzer Tools

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of my favorite fantasy draft grader tools for 2023. As I experimented with each of these grade my draft tools in detail (with the results shown below), I used these draft results from Fantasy Football Calculator (I’m Team 9).

FantasyPros Draft Analyzer
(click to try for free)
5 Star Team Rating Tool
Football Diehards Draft Grader
4.5 Star Fantasy Draft Grader
FootballGuys Rate My Team Tool
4 Star Draft Grading Software

FantasyPros 2023 Draft Analyzer Tool

The Best Fantasy Football Draft Analyzer

FantasyPros is a well-known name in the fantasy football industry. Their wide range of tools (and vigorously-vetted fantasy experts) make them a popular choice for owners looking to get objective team analysis.

The FantasyPros’ Draft Analyzer is a fantastic tool for examining how well you did in your draft (or mock draft). But I think this is one of the best apps for fantasy football because it presents an action plan for how your team can improve.

FantasyPros uses their consensus projections (aggregates of many different experts’ rankings) to evaluate your players and offer VORP scores for your entire roster.

Overview of the FantasyPros Draft Analyzer

This draft analyzer works with the results of both mock drafts and real drafts. It assigns a fantasy football draft grade based on your full roster, starters, and bench warmers.

To leverage this rate my team tool for real drafts, you’ll need to use the Draft Assistant, a component of the Draft Wizard suite of fantasy football draft tools.

This draft analyzer tool breaks down your roster in five tabbed reports:

  1. Projected standings
  2. Draft analysis (available with Premium upgrade)
  3. Team analysis (available with Premium upgrade)
  4. Final Draft Board
  5. Team Rosters

Projected Standings rank your fantasy team

Projected Standings predicts how your drafted team will rank compared to the other teams in your league. The playoffs definitely seem like a possibility in 2023!

Rate my Team Projected Standings

Draft Analysis rates your draft’s best selections

The Draft Analysis tab reveals who made the most valuable selections during the draft. It identifies steals, highlights instances where an owner may have reached on a pick, and even adjusts the algorithm based on current ADP statistics compiled by the best fantasy football sites.

The Draft Analysis tab is the most insightful component of this tool, but you’ll need to upgrade to Premium to access this data.

FantasyPros is currently offering a 60% discount on their yearly Premium plans. That’s less than $8 a month for their best plan (MVP), which even incorporates daily fantasy tools (and a reliable DFS lineup optimizer).

Below you can see that the tool highlighted my best steals. It turns out I got some great value with these picks:

  • Allen Robinson in the 5th
  • Jonathan Taylor in the 7th
  • Marvin Jones in the 9th
  • Hayden Hurst in the 15th
Rank my Draft Selections

The FantasyPros Draft Analyzer considers a player a steal if you drafted them at least two rounds after their projected ADP.

Team Analysis grades your fantasy team by position

The Team Analysis report reveals where you stand vs. your league competition on a position-by-position basis. It ranks your fantasy roster by position, assigning an overall ranking to each position and declaring your strongest and weakest position.

Finally, a grid ranks every player picked in the draft by position. The draft rater algorithm highlights your selections to convey your positions of strength.

It’s evident that I have some work to do at wide receiver. But at least I have the top quarterback and tight end in all of football!

Team Analyzer Rating by Position

Premium Draft Analyzer Expands Configurations

The basic version of this fantasy draft analyzer is free and provides general, one-size-fits-all analysis. The premium version has all the bells, whistles, and advanced options you’d expect from the best rate my fantasy draft tool.

For instance, with the paid analyzer, you can adjust stat categories and scoring systems to match your league configuration precisely. You need to consider these advanced features if you’re serious about taking your team to the next level.

FootballDiehards Free Draft Grader

Free Draft Grader

The Football Diehards draft rater tool doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of the FantasyPros Draft Analyzer. But it’s a useful analyzer and is entirely free.

And unlike the free tool from FootballGuys, the Diehards assign an actual grade to every draft pick. If you’re seeking a draft rating, isn’t that ultimately what you want to see?

Configuring the draft grader

To get started, select your league scoring system, number of managers, and roster configuration. Then, enter each player on your team.

After fixing a couple of spelling mistakes, I was able to get my roster loaded.

Draft Grader Roster

Grading my Fantasy Draft

The Football Diehards assign a pure letter grade to each fantasy position. The fantasy draft grades I received mostly aligned with the output of other analyzers (I’m killing it at QB/TE, but probably need some help at RB/WR).

Final Draft Grades - Football Diehards

If you haven’t named your fantasy team yet, we’ve identified some tools to help inspire you. Pick a fantasy football name generator from our list and get those creative juices flowing.

Fantasy Bye Week Analysis

One unique feature of the Diehards team grader is that they evaluate your positional strength when one of your players is on a bye week. So while I’m set at quarterback when Mahomes or Cousins are on byes, there’s trouble coming in week ten if I don’t make a move at tight end.

Grading Draft Pick Bye Weeks

A fast, reliable draft grader with room to grow

The free draft grader from the Football Diehards is a simple but useful tool for those looking for quick feedback. The bye week analysis is a unique angle, and I’m hoping to see more improvements to this tool in the future.

FootballGuys’ Fantasy Football Draft Analyzer

FootballGuys Fantasy Football Draft Analysis Tool

FootballGuys markets their fantasy team grader as a ‘Rate my Team’ tool. But last year, a disclaimer on the page said they only update the analyzer during the pre-season. To remain consistent with how I’m categorizing these grading tools, I am classifying this one a draft analyzer.

This draft analysis tool is highly-customizable and adaptable to any league size, roster size, or scoring system. I like this rater because the report it generates is the most in-depth fantasy draft evaluation of every analyzer I examined. 

Breaking down the FBG draft analyzer

One of the major perks of the FootballGuys’ draft evaluation tool is that it’s free. You simply plug in the players from your draft and initialize the analyzer with your league’s roster settings.

Although configuring this draft analyzer takes some time, you’re able to get exhaustive analysis explicitly tailored to your league. The increased configuration time is a fair trade-off, in my opinion.

But it also makes the automatic import functionality of the FantasyPros Draft Analyzer that much more impressive.

Rate my Fantasy Draft Inputs - FootballGuys

You fantasy basketballers will be happy to know I wrote another article dedicated entirely to basketball analyzers where I reveal the most effective NBA fantasy draft analyzer for 2023.

Once you finish configuring your draft results and league rules, it immediately generates a detailed draft analysis for your review (here is my report). You can switch toggle the report to customize your draft analysis according to input from several staff experts.

The draft analysis report breaks down like this:

  • Draft Overview
  • Positional Analysis
  • Schedule & Match-ups
  • Potential Free Agents
  • Player Projections
  • Relevant Player News

My thoughts on the FBG Draft Analyzer

For those looking for a thorough analysis of your draft, you can’t go wrong with this tool. The generated report is a long read, but definitely worth your time.

Although FootballGuys claims that they’ll email your detailed draft report, I never actually received anything in my inbox (yes, I checked my SPAM folder).

While I do love this draft analyzer, I am sorta bummed that it doesn’t provide any specific fantasy draft grade (overall or position-based). The data is fantastic and actionable, but there really should be some type of draft rating.

The Best Rate My Fantasy Football Team Tools

Once you understand the features of an excellent team grading tool, it’s time to find the best fantasy football team analyzer. I’ve already weeded-out inferior graders, leaving these tools as my top team analyzers of 2023.

Since these team rater algorithms crunch in-season data, I am basing my analysis on tests I ran during last season. Yes, my team finished horribly, but I did have the most points scored against my squad (not that it would have mattered).

FantasyPros League Analyzer Tool for Fantasy Teams FantasyPros League Analyzer
5 Star Fantasy Football Team Rater
FantasySP Team Analyzer Tool Fantasy SP Team Analyzer
4.5 Star Fantasy Football Team Analysis Software
RotoTrade Team Analyzer
4 Star Fantasy Team & Draft Grading Tool

FantasyPros’ League Analyzer – Fantasy Football Draft Grades for Your Entire League

Fantasy Football Team Analyzer and League Analysis Tool

The FantasyPros League Analyzer is like a fantasy football rater on steroids. That’s because it does all of the heavy lifting for you.

This roster analyzer is part of FantasyPros’ My Playbook suite of in-season software. It is a collection of tools that help you make those critical personnel decisions once the season starts.

The League Analyzer automatically syncs with your host, downloads your entire league’s information, and provides a thorough evaluation of every team in your league. I love this because once the season starts, I want my fantasy team rater to rank my team against my league opponents.

This level of integration is far superior to other tools that only analyze your team (and make you enter your roster manually) with no context from the rest of your league.

The player metrics provided by the League Analyzer are also light-years better than other team analyzers. We’re talking practical, actionable insights you can use to start upgrading your roster immediately.

FantasyPros also has tools to help with your weekly sit or start decisions. You can get advanced start sit advice for your entire team with the Start Sit Assistant, or use their free tool which provides limited but valuable advice.

Getting started with the League Analyzer

To use the League Analyzer, just navigate to the tool in your My Playbook dashboard. By default, the analyzer displays:

  • Projected standings throughout the season
  • Odds of making the playoffs (things don’t look good for me).
  • Each team’s change in rank over the last week
League Analyzer showing Projected Standings

Ranking my team against other owners

The Rankings tab contains power rankings and evaluates your roster by position, showing how each stacks up against the rest of your league. It also rates your roster of starting players, revealing how each position-group ranks compared to other teams.

League Analyzer showing Positional Rankings

For even more control over the grading algorithm, use the Pick Experts button to hand-pick those prognosticators whose opinion you value the most. You can filter based on historical accuracy, so you get team analysis from the most legit fantasy football experts.

League Analyzer showing Expert Picks

How to get the League Analyzer

FantasyPros in-season package, My Playbook, includes the League Analyzer and many more tools to manage your team. If you want an entire suite of league tools, not just an analyzer, check out their affordable plan options.

FantasySP Fantasy Assistant

Fantasy Assistant Team Analysis Tool

Fantasy SP’s Fantasy Assistant is a suite of tools similar to the My Playbook offered by FantasyPros (I review them in detail here). Unlike their free fantasy football team grader, this package from FantasySP is more a dashboard that gives you insight into your team in the context of your specific league.

Although the Fantasy Assistant is a paid team evaluator, they offer a free trial that lasts for a full week. So if you’re simply looking for a draft analysis tool (it works quite well before the season), sign-up for the deal to get your analysis then cancel your membership.

Analyzing your team with the Fantasy Assistant

Once you access the Fantasy Assistant dashboard, you’ll have access to a range of tools that can help you evaluate your roster. The Projections section reveals how your position groupings stack up against the rest of your league for a particular week.

If your competition is superior at a position of need for your team, maybe a trade is in order? I evaluated the best fantasy football trade calculators in another article. Check it out for ideas on how to identify and close lucrative trade opportunities.

Below you can see that this roster analysis tool expects my running backs to score 34 points this week (good for 2nd in the league)! It projects I will score 107 points total, and if I played every team in my league this week, I’d finish 6-5.

Team Analysis with Player Projections

Want to know how your team will perform for the remainder of the season? There’s a tab for that too.

Based on these projections, it looks like I need to upgrade both my wide receivers and DST.

Team Analysis and Seasonal Projections

You can also quickly identify your best and worst players. While you’re probably already aware of your studs and drop candidates, it never hurts to get some validation.

Analyzing Fantasy Football Team's Most Valuable Players
Analyzing Fantasy Football Team's Least Valuable Players

RotoTrade ‘Rate my Team’ Analyzer

Free Fantasy Football Team Analyzer

I like the Rate my Team analyzer from RotoTrade because it’s highly configurable, thorough, and free. This tool is updated regularly (even asking you how many games you’ve won so far), so it makes it a great option if you want to evaluate your roster frequently throughout the season.

My one big gripe is I have to enter my entire team manually. However, if you register for a free account, you can save your roster and run the analysis with one click going forward.

Using the RotoTrade ‘Rate my Team’ tool

To integrate your team with this team rating tool, start typing each player into the roster area, selecting the target player in the dropdown that appears. From there, configure the settings to match your league (as closely as possible) and click ‘Analyze my Team.’

Configuring the Free Fantasy Football Team Analysis Tool

The output from the team evaluator includes quite a few useful metrics:

  • Overall Team Score
  • Playoff Chances (%)
  • Final Record Prediction
  • Positional Grades
  • Depth Analysis Grade
  • Recommendations

Here is the analysis I received for my team:

Free Fantasy Football Team Analysis Report

I particularly like the animated gif they use to sum-up my team’s outlook:

Funny Reaction to Team Analysis

While I agree with most of this tool’s analysis. It did miss on a couple of things.

I received a C in my tight end analysis. And while Austin Hooper is no Zac Ertz, he was currently leading all TEs in scoring when I ran this test. I’m going to call that a miss.

I also received a D+ for my running back analysis. While my bench was atrocious, I could live with a starting duo of Mark Ingram (#4 overall) and Jordan Howard (#16). So I feel they may over-value bench players.

This rate my team tool is sufficient if you’re trying to pinch pennies. It’s my favorite free team analyzer.

Features of a Quality Team Analysis Tool

It’s football time, and you know what that means. Everyone is asking the same question: “How good is my fantasy football team?”

Just visit Reddit, forums, or your league message board, and you’ll see owners asking other enthusiasts to rate my draft or rate my team. This is where fantasy football draft grader tools come in handy.

When considering any rank my fantasy team tool, it’s essential to consider these factors:

  • The metrics on which they base their algorithms
  • The cost (if any) associated with using the tool
  • How actionable the statistical output is to your team

It’s also critical to choose the right type of team evaluator or draft rating tool for your league’s configuration.

Let’s take a closer look at the various types of team evaluation software and what makes them unique.

Draft Analyzers vs. Rate my Team Tools

The basic underlying principles behind draft analyzers and rate my team tools are the same. The primary difference is when you use them.

Draft analyzers are typically used (surprise, surprise) after your team’s draft. This fantasy-grading tool classification is put in an exclusive category because these tools base their analysis on pre-season projections, and their publishers rarely update them after the season begins.

Conversely, rate my team tools (sometimes called team analyzers) can usually be used at any time (before or after the season starts). However, usage ramps-up after the first week of games (when real stats become available) and get more accurate as the season progresses.

Superior input metrics will paint an accurate team outlook

Try to find a fantasy football tool that aligns with your league scoring system. The closer you can map the tool’s settings to your league configuration, the more accurate the analysis you’ll receive.

If you want to improve your team, it’s not enough to know if your team is good or bad. The best team analysis tools indicate how and why they came to their conclusion.

In this way, you can act on the analyzer’s output metrics and improve your chances of success.

Picking the team analyzer that works for your budget

Some fantasy sites let you use their team grader tools for a small fee. Others release their tools for free, but require that you register. Premium rate my team tools frequently require both registration and a subscription.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

If you’re playing in a free league, it may not make sense to pay for a team analyzer. But if you’re playing for a prize (or pride), the advanced features of a paid rate my team tool are well worth the nominal investment.

FantasyPros Draft AnalyzerPre-Season Draft Analyzer
Best Fantasy Football Draft Analyzer
5 star draft analysis tool
FantasyPros League AnalyzerIn-Season Team Rating Tool
Best Fantasy Football Team Analyzer
5 Star Team Rating Tool
Fantasy Diehards Draft GraderFree Draft Grader
Best Fantasy Football Draft Grader
4.5 Star Fantasy Football Grading Service
RotoTrade Team AnalyzerFree Team Rating Tool
Best Free Fantasy Football Rate my Team Tool
4 Star Rate my Team Fantasy Football Tool
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