The Best Fantasy Football Advice Sites – Paid and Free Fantasy Football Help in 2021

Updated on January 5th, 2021 by Brad Perniciaro
Best Fantasy Football Advice Sites

Picking the right fantasy football advice site is almost as hard as deciding which players to start each week. The explosion of fantasy's popularity has led to a corresponding expansion of fantasy football advice sites, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

In this article, I examine the best fantasy sites for football advice and evaluate their features to help you decide whether they're worthy of your time and money.  Specifically, I analyze the sites that provide superior help for your draft, waiver-wire pickups, and lineup optimizations.

What Makes a Great Fantasy Football Advice Site

There are dozens of fantasy football advice sites on the web, with new websites emerging every year. Finding the best website for your unique needs can be the difference between winning the championship or being left out of the playoffs entirely.

But how do you know which advice site is right for you? Let's analyze the factors that indicate a reliable, reputable advice site.

A proven record of accurate fantasy team advice and projections

Fantasy Football Accuracy Award

Some fantasy sites have been operating successfully for years, while others have only recently tried to capitalize on the recent fantasy boom. The best advice sites are typically established in the industry and have a proven track record of providing valuable fantasy help.

Sites like FantasyPros track expert rankings and award yearly badges based on accuracy.  They're a great place to start if you're looking for proven fantasy football experts.

Organizations like the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association can help you identify legitimate sites that provide valuable fantasy help. The FSGA gives out annual awards to the best fantasy football sites in the industry.

Some of the annual FSTA awards include:

  • Best Daily Fantasy Sports Game
  • Best Draft Room
  • Best App – Games
  • Best App – Content/News
  • Best Fantasy Merchandise
  • Best Data Provider

Finding an advice site that has been recognized by the industry is a great way to ensure you'll get top-notch help for your money.

Content channels that align with your consumption habits

Fantasy Football Content Channels

Are you a visual learner? Do you prefer spreadsheets or dynamic video content? Do you have a long commute that you need to fill with audio fantasy advice?

Along these lines, it's essential to find an advice site that provides the type of content that works with your specific needs.  If you catch up on the latest fantasy football news while jogging, paying for a site with the best interactive tools doesn't make a lot of sense.

Think about the ways you consume fantasy content and favor sites that excel in those channels.

Reasonable cost and flexible subscription plans

Just as everyone has their learning style, every fantasy owner also has their finances to consider. There's no reason to overextend yourself for the sake of fantasy football, especially when there are so many high-quality, affordable fantasy subscriptions available.

If you play casually in the office fantasy league, it may not make sense for you to pay for fantasy advice. On the other hand, if you play in cash fantasy football leagues (or private leagues where bragging rights are essential), investing in a reputable fantasy site can easily be worth the investment.

A distinguished reputation in online communities 

Fantasy Football Communities

There are plenty of social websites and online forums that specialize in fantasy football. Players that have purchased plans from advice sites have no problem discussing their experiences.  Reading their opinions can be quite illuminating.

Fantasy football forums from Rotoworld and FFToday are great places to learn about experiences from other fantasy enthusiasts.  

The Best Paid Fantasy Football Advice Sites

If you're in one or more serious fantasy football leagues, owners are more likely to seek expert assistance. If you don't want to bring a knife to a gunfight, find an advice site that can help you compete on an even playing field.

Here are the best paid fantasy football sites that offer unique, high-quality, and actionable advice at a price that won't break the bank.

Based on my experience using them for the entire 2018 season, FantasyPros is the best paid fantasy football advice site.  If you're serious about winning a fantasy football championship and looking to invest in premium fantasy football help from the top fantasy experts in the business, FantasyPros is the site for you.

FantasyPros is also considered the best fantasy projection site because they track and rank leading analysts from the most popular blogs across the web.  They're one of the top fantasy football advice sites for draft help.  

And of all the fantasy football subscription sites, they provide the best value for your dollar.

Fantasy Pros Logo

FantasyPros provides valuable fantasy football advice for practically every facet of the fantasy game. Their premium service includes waiver-wire assistance, fantasy football start sit advice, a research plug-in, and a draft assistant.  Each of those features offers actionable help for your specific league and roster needs.

Whether you need fantasy advice before, during, or after your fantasy football draft, FantasyPros has you covered.  And they have affordable and flexible subscription plans for every budget.

Fantasy Alarm Offers Paid Fantasy Football Help

Fantasy Alarm is known for its premiere Draft Guide and flexible Cheat Sheets.   They're also known for their Fantasy Alarm Show on SiriusXM. This daily show drops fantasy knowledge wrapped in a funny, easily digestible package.

Their premiere paid service is Playbook Pro, a mixture of metrics, tools, and analysis from industry experts.   They have both monthly and seasonal packages, and you can save 20% on any subscription by using the promo code: cheatwar.

Fantasy Footballers Logo

The Fantasy Footballers are known for their audio content, most notably their near-daily podcasts. This group of friends has developed a loyal (some might say rabid) following known as the #FootClan that devour every morsel of their fantasy advice.

They produce an immensely popular fantasy football draft kit that includes unique metrics that are hard to find elsewhere. Combined with their affordable DFS package, it's easy to see why they've developed such a strong following of fantasy football fans.2

Fantasy Football Nerd Logo

Fantasy Football Nerd doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some competitors, but they still have plenty to offer their users. The one factor that helps them stand out is how much value they provide.

Whereas most fantasy football advice sites charge handsome monthly fees for their services, Fantasy Football Nerd offers a full year of their services for $19.95.   If you're looking for year-round fantasy advice on a budget, the Nerd is in your corner.

The Best Sites for Fantasy Football Draft Advice

By far, the most common way people use fantasy football advice sites is to get help preparing for a fantasy football draft. All of the changes that happen during the offseason can be hard to process if you don't have some expert help.

The sites below offer fantasy football draft advice in the form of articles, videos, podcasts, forums, and more.  These are all established sites providing the best fantasy football analysis on the web.

Fantasy Footballers offer a data-rich Draft Kit

Fantasy Footballers is the best fantasy football advice site for draft assistance.  They produce a mountain of content in the form of videos and podcasts, but also sell one of the best draft preparation packages around (the Ultimate Draft Kit). 

Ultimate Draft Kit Logo

The Fantasy Footballers have the best fantasy football draft kit in the biz. In addition to the standard player rankings that you expect from a draft kit suite, it features video player reviews, keeper advice, stat visualizations, informed insights, and draft-centric fantasy tools that are unique in the industry.

Player consistency charts are one of their most useful draft kit features. These graphics help you determine players that are worth drafting versus those one-season wonders.

FantasyPros' Draft Wizard is versatile and battle-tested

Draft Wizard Logo

FantasyPros' Draft Wizard suite is the best fantasy football draft tool on the market.  This draft preparation package includes the aforementioned Draft Assistant that provides actionable, live fantasy football advice during your fantasy football draft.

The Draft Wizard also features one of the top draft simulators online, allowing for detailed mock draft customization. You can configure your team's draft position, league roster settings, then simulate both snake or auction-style drafts.

Fantasy Football Nerd is your draft day best Buddy

Fantasy Football Draft Buddy

Despite their reputation as a value site, Fantasy Football Nerd has a robust suite of premium draft preparation services. This suite includes the Draft Buddy, an interactive cheat sheet that uses their proprietary rankings instead of your host site's default list (which is never reliable in my experience).

Unlike FantasyPros' Draft Assistant that syncs with every draft pick, the Draft Buddy requires you to check off drafted players manually. They also offer draft pick suggestions and help you monitor bye weeks, but it does take additional effort to track.

The Best Fantasy Football Advice Sites for Lineup Help

No matter how well your fantasy draft plays out, you still have to manage your roster to compete for a championship. Sure, you may have one or two set-and-forget type players, but you can't take your eye off of bye weeks, injuries, and match-ups.

The sites detailed below provide both regular season and fantasy football playoffs advice.  Each site both free and paid services to ensure you make the most informed start and sit decisions each week.

Fantasy Pros offers lineup advice from the top experts

If you're looking for help making start and sit decisions in seasonal leagues, the best website for fantasy football lineup advice is FantasyPros.  Their algorithm for predicting player point output, an essential metric when you need to start the best possible lineup every week, is unmatched.

They continuously refresh expert projections into their lineup tools.  So even if you need last-minute fantasy football advice before rosters are locked, you'll have the most current information available.

FantasyPros has the Best Fantasy Football Lineup Advice

FantasyPros assimilates data from the best advice sites to offer top-quality lineup suggestions. Their Start/Sit Assistant even lets you automatically set your starting roster according to the advice of your favorite fantasy experts (completely hands-off).

FantasyPros also shows you the rankings of each expert based on their past successes (or failures) making predictions.  By ranking experts directly in their tools, they eliminate the guesswork of finding a fantasy expert with a proven track record of success.

Nerd has start/sit advice based on your team strengths

Fantasy Football Nerd

The  fantasy lineup help that Fantasy Football Nerd offers is somewhat basic, but it's still quite useful.  They provide free positional rankings and projections each week for anyone who signs-up.  Plus, they have a roster analyzer that makes lineup suggestions based on your imported team data.

In addition to suggesting the optimal lineup, the Lineup Analyzer provides thorough player analysis.  This analysis includes a detailed view of how other players have fared against upcoming opponents.

Fantasy Alarm’s lineup advice goes the extra mile

Fantasy Alarm Logo

For fantasy football lineup help, Fantasy Alarm offers a simple Start/Sit player comparison feature, importable lineups, and weekly projections/rankings.  Their most advanced features are included in their flagship product: Playbook Pro.

Additionally, Fantasy Alarm publishes a wide variety of reports on less common stats like snaps, volume, consistency, and coaching.  Frequently, these fringe metrics could be just what you need to get that slight edge that makes all the difference.

The Best Sites for Fantasy Football Waivers Help

The top fantasy owners regularly scour the waiver-wire for promising upgrades. You never know when injuries or off-field issues are going to force a shakeup to your team’s roster.

Owners should be ready to capitalize (or do damage control) whenever the unexpected happens.  But when it comes to waivers, the best fantasy football help sites automatically identify potential upgrades on an ongoing basis.

FantasyPros’ make finding free agents a snap

Once again, FantasyPros takes the cake when it comes to evaluating waiver-wire talent.  Their seamless integration with your league host makes it dead-simple to find players that can instantly improve your roster.

Looking to upgrade a position?  Their League Analyzer is a fantasy football team analyzer on steroids that identifies areas of need so you can plug the holes before your ship starts to sink.

Fantasy Pros Logo

Guess what? FantasyPros has an assistant for waivers too!  After it syncs with your league, it projects the best possible improvements to your roster from the pool of remaining players.  Here I review their waiver assistant in detail.

They also feature helpful waiver cheat sheets that detail how your current players compare to the free agent pool. These sheets highlight opportunities for improvement in an easily digestible, visual format.

Fantasy Football Nerd makes waivers research efficient

Fantasy Football Nerd

Fantasy Football Nerd offers weekly projections to help you make sensible roster decisions.  They publish a Waiver-Wire Report (accessible through their Lineup Analyzer) that provides useful comparisons.  They're the best fantasy football research site for owners looking for expert help on a budget.

You can also utilize their Most Added/Dropped reports to determine hot and cold players each week.  Reports are generated every 48 hours using waiver activity at Yahoo, CBS Sports, and ESPN.

Fantasy Alarm offers several features to manage lineups

Fantasy Alarm Logo

Fantasy Alarm has several features to help you evaluate free agents. For instance, their Trust em or Dust em video series breaks down intriguing players on most leagues' waivers.

Their player comparison feature allows you to compare individual players on your team to those available on waivers.  If you're trying to decide whether to put in a claim and swap-out a player, this feature can help you make the right decision.

Leveraging the Top Fantasy Football Advice Sites

Just like in the NFL, fantasy football is a game of inches. The success of your season frequently comes down a few critical draft picks or roster moves.  Leveraging fantasy football expert advice can provide the momentum needed to separate your team from the competition.

The best fantasy football advice websites provide content, features, and insight that help you make smart roster decisions.  Whether you need draft help, start and sit recommendations, or assistance with evaluating waiver talent, the advice sites featured in this article have proven they can deliver.  

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