The Best Fantasy Football Tools for Draft, Team, & League Management

Updated on December 16th, 2023 by Brad Perniciaro
Best Fantasy Football Tools

Whether playing against friends or competing as a mercenary in the highest-paying money leagues, fantasy football tools give you the edge to win more contests. From fantasy football trade analyzers to mock draft simulators and lineup assistants, there are tools on the market that are proven to elevate your game.

Today I reveal the best fantasy football tools (across every imaginable category) of 2024 to ensure you’re equipped with an arsenal of tools to help you dominate before, during, and after your fantasy draft. Let’s get started by looking at our top-rated tools.

FantasyPros' Draft WizardDraft Prep Tools
5 Star Rating
Draft Sharks 2023 Regular Season PackagePositional Analysis Tools
5 Star Rating
FantasyPros' My PlaybookTeam Management Tools
5 Star Rating
Best Cheat Sheet Creator
CSWR's Custom Ranking SheetCheat Sheet Creator
4.5 Star Rating

Fantasy Football Draft Tools Help you Build a Solid Core Team

Draft Tools Build Championships

Draft prep is one of the areas where fantasy owners often skimp. But pre-season laziness can come back to burn you in the long run.

It can be tempting to believe you’ve kept up with many NFL transactions during the offseason. But trust me, this is one area where you do not want to rely on memory.

Each fantasy football draft tool I evaluate below plays a specific role in the draft preparation phrase. I’ve also added my pick for the best draft tool in each category.

The best fantasy football draft tools

The most popular fantasy tools are those used for draft preparation and execution. Here are my picks for the best tools in each draft tool category.

Best Draft ToolCategoryRating
FantasyPros' Draft WizardDraft Prep Tools
5 Star Rating
Draft Sharks 2023 Draft PackagePositional Analysis Tools
5 Star Rating
FantasyPros' Draft AnalyzerDraft Analyzers
5 Star Rating
FantasyPros' Mock Draft SimulatorMock Draft Tool
5 Star Rating
CSWR's Custom Ranking SheetCheat Sheet Creator
5 Star Rating
FantasyPros' Draft AssistantLive Draft Advice Tool
5 Star Rating

Most of these fantasy tools are available as a mobile app. We review each fantasy football app in a separate article.

The best fantasy football draft tool suite for 2024

Fantasy Pros provides access to all of their draft tools with a Draft Wizard subscription. It has most of the fantasy draft tools we’ve discussed so far, plus many more.

The best fantasy football draft tool suite

Draft tools with league synchronization

Draft Wizard Fantasy Tool

The Draft Wizard from Fantasy Pros is a complete toolset that includes every primary draft preparation tool you’ll need.

From researching players to creating rankings and getting live advice during your draft, the Draft Wizard has you covered.

Here is a video that highlights the benefits of the Draft Wizard tools.

Rate my Fantasy Football Team tools provide prospective

Lets be honest. As soon as our fantasy draft is over, we can’t wait to see how our team stacks-up against the competition.

A rate my fantasy football team tool (such as a draft analyzer or team-grader) can provide valuable insight into your team’s potential. Smart owners leverage this data to identify areas of need and continuously upgrade their roster.

Most accurate draft grader

For both live drafts and mock drafts

Draft Wizard Logo

FantasyPros Draft Analyzer is an excellent roster grading tool, and you can even access most features for free.

This tool provides valuable and actionable feedback on your fantasy team’s potential. It even integrates directly with your league (so no manual player entry required).

Mock draft simulators prep you for draft day scenarios

Mock drafts are one of the most effective ways to get ready for a fantasy football draft. Every execution of a mock draft simulator helps to prepare you for any draft-day scenario that may unfold.

A successful draft requires you to know not only the top tier players but how to find value in the later rounds. Mock drafts let you learn where owners are targetting certain players so you know when you can wait on a player and when you need to pounce.

My favorite mock draft simulator

Draft preparation for serious owners

Mock Draft Simulator Tool

FantasyPros’ Mock Draft Simulator is free and supports all draft types and scoring configurations.

However, you’ll have to upgrade to add keepers if you’re using it to run mocks for a dynasty league.

Cheat sheet creator tools allow for customized rankings

Everyone should go into their draft with a plan. To be successful, you need to know the relative value of every player at every position.

Enter the fantasy football cheat sheet.

Sample Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Tool

Having a comprehensive and accurate cheat sheet can help you quickly determine available players, who is off the board, and which players you should consider drafting with your upcoming pick.

But managing your redraft rankings in a spreadsheet is too time-consuming and error-prone. Worse yet, if you generate some printable cheat sheets from the web, it isn’t your own (and these sheets are frequently usually outdated).

Fantasy football cheat sheet tools simplify this process by letting you quickly adjust your custom rankings while referencing the most relevant player info available. Just fine-tune your rankings, then print your cheat sheet right before your draft and you’re good to go.

The best fantasy football cheat sheet creator

Create custom player rankings for free

Custom Fantasy Football Rankings

Here at Cheat Sheet War Room, you can create your own custom fantasy football rankings on our interactive, web-based cheat sheets.

In addition to managing your player rankings using drag & drop, you can generate printable sheets, validate your rankings, and even research players from inside the sheet.

Fantasy draft assistants are your real-time GM

The action during the draft comes hot and heavy. Lose focus, and you may miss out on a pivotal opportunity to land that late-round sleeper that saves your season.

Fantasy draft assistants help you make those tough, under the gun decisions by providing you with relevant stats and draft pick suggestions. More importantly, they do it fast so that you don’t have to sweat that ever-ticking clock.

My favorite fantasy draft assistant

Expert advice during your live draft

Draft Assistant Tool

FantasyPros’ Draft Assistant is versatile, syncs with the best fantasy football league hosts, predicts upcoming picks, and offers expert fantasy advice as the draft progresses.

This tool supports every imaginable draft format including auction, keeper, and even custom draft formats. Bye week, handcuff, and ADP alerts mean you won’t miss an opportunity.

In-Season Team Management Tools Promote Roster Improvement

After the draft is over, the real battle begins. The fantasy season is a week-to-week grind and things like injuries, lineup changes, and trades all have a significant impact on your team’s evolution.

Let’s look at some fantasy tools that can help you manage and improve your team during the season.

Best fantasy management tools of 2024

There are several categories of tools that allow you to evaluate and upgrade your team throughout the year. Here are the best in class for each of those categories.

Management ToolCategoryRating
In-Season Tool Suite My PlaybookTeam Management Tools
5 Star Rating
Draft Sharks Start/Sit ToolPlayer Comparison Tools
5 Star Rating
FantasyPros' Trade AnalyzerTrade Evaluators
5 Star Rating
FantasyPros' Draft AnalyzerDraft Evaluator Tools
4.5 Star Rating

The best fantasy football tool for team management in 2024

Much like their Draft Wizard fantasy tool suite, My Playbook from FantasyPros features some of the best roster management tools on the market. With a FantasyPros membership, you’ll get access to all of their in-season tools:

  • Lineup Assistant
  • Waiver Assistant
  • Trade Analyzer
  • Trade Finder
  • Research Assistant
  • League Analyzer

The best team management suite

Comprehensive roster improvement tools

Fantasy Pros Logo

My Playbook has all of the in-season fantasy team management tools you’ll need to develop a championship-caliber team.

These fantasy tools help you identify valuable waiver prospects, identify promising trades, and start the best lineups each week.

Start/sit and player comparison tools help you make tough roster decisions

When it comes to managing a championship team, drafting a team with potential is only part of the equation. You still have to frequently shuffle players to add value and trim the fat.

The best start/sit tools help to maximize your team’s potential by ensuring your start and/or acquire the best possible players.

In the case of start sit tools, they help you ensure the players with the most weekly potential are in the starting lineup. More generic player comparison tools evaluate how a player on your roster stacks-up against another player (usually a free agent on waivers).

Even the best players get injured or struggle against top defenses. Having a tool that can help you identify potential upgrades to your starting lineup is priceless.

Trade analyzers and calculators ensure you make smart league deals

There’s nothing I love more than coming out on top in a fantasy football trade. That feeling of stealing a stud from your opposition is one of the best highs that a fantasy owner can experience.

But architecting a one-sided trade isn’t easy, especially without the help of some top-flight fantasy tools. Superior data is what you need to pull off a landmark deal.

Tools like trade analyzers and trade calculators compare players to determine their relative value to each other.

My favorite fantasy trade analyzer

Propose the best trades possible

Fantasy Pros Logo

FantasyPros’ Trade Analyzer quickly evaluates trades to help you determine if it makes sense for your team.

This tool also gives both participating teams a rating before and after the trade. These ratings helps determine how much each team will benefit from the potential trade.

Lineup analyzers help maximize weekly performance

Player comparison tools are excellent for comparing a few players against one another. But when trying to determine your best starting lineup in seasonal leagues, you need to be able to quickly run this analysis on your entire roster.

Seasonal fantasy lineup analyzers help you quickly determine the best lineup configuration by comparing all of the players on your roster. They’re essentially start or sit tools on steroids.

It’s impossible the start the best possible lineup each and every week. But lineup generators are great tools for identifying the most promising players on your roster.

Team and draft analyzer tools identify areas of improvement

Was that a draft for the records books, or will you be busy on waivers before Week 1 of the regular season? Do you have a complete, well-rounded team, or does your roster have more holes than swiss cheese?

Draft analyzers (sometimes called team analyzers) evaluate your roster to determine the strength of your roster as a whole. They typically then assign a score or grade to your entire team.

Depending on the strength of the tool, it may also suggest potential player upgrades on the waiver wire.

My favorite fantasy draft analyzer

Gauge your draft day performance

draft analyzer tool

The Draft Analyzer from FantasyPros evaluates both mock draft and live draft results to help you gauge the strength (and weaknesses) of your team.

It reveals the league’s top reaches (and steals) and grades both your starting lineup and bench players.

Fantasy Football Commissioner Tools Simplify League Management

It’s the commissioner’s job to ensure that all owners, win or lose, enjoy their season. They’re the go-to problem-solver for any and all league issues.

But who helps the helper?

Fortunately, there are fantasy football commissioner tools that make league management more efficient and fair. Even better, most are completely free!

Let’s look at some free fantasy football tools that help ease common league management headaches.

The best league commissioner tools of 2024

Here is a list of the top fantasy commissioner tools for the upcoming season.

Commissioner ToolsCategoryRating
Football Guys' Schedule MakerLeague Schedule Tool
4.5 Star Rating
Razzball's Team Name GeneratorTeam Name Tools
4.0 Star Rating

Draft order generators ensure transparency

One of the most significant responsibilities of the league commissioner is to determine the draft order for the upcoming season. If you’ve ever run a fantasy league, you know that some owners will cry foul if you don’t establish draft order openly and transparently.

Using a third party draft order generator takes all the subjectivity out of this process. Draft order generators keep even the most paranoid players from wondering if the commissioner is favoring any one team (especially if the commish that draws a favorable spot).

The best random draft order tool

Broadcast your draft lottery live

random draft order tool

The free Random Draft Order Tool from Fantasy Football Nerd randomizes your league draft order at a scheduled time, allowing owners to tune-in live!

This tool an excellent solution for commissioners as it makes this process completely transparent and exciting for the rest of the league.

Most entertaining draft order tool

Draft order generation in 8 bit

Draft Orders is a cute site that allows you to simulate a race to determine your fantasy football draft order. Just enter your team names (you can add as many teams as you want), then click the ‘Start Race’ button.

In a hilarious 8-bit race, little men representing each team will run from one side of the screen to the other. Final placing will determine the draft positions.

Draft date picker tools select the best day using league owner input

Another potential headache for commissioners is choosing a draft date that works for best for their league. Picking a draft is especially tricky for leagues where owners live in different time zones (or have radically different schedules).

Using a draft date picker helps you determine a date that works for the most owners in your league. Just start with a list of possible draft dates, enter your owner email addresses, and the picker will email those owners and allow them to vote on a date.

The draft date picker tool then determines the day when most owners can attend, eliminating any potential commissioner biases.

The best draft day picker tool

Let owners dictate the draft date

Fantasy Football Nerd

The Draft Date Picker tool from Fantasy Football Nerd lets your league vote on the best draft date possible.

This means you’ll end up with a draft date that works for the most owners possible, ensuring you’ll have a successful, live fantasy draft.

Schedule maker fantasy tools ease planning pains

When the NFL determines the league schedule, they use their entire brain trust and consult with representatives of every team. When you’re the commissioner, this job is yours alone.

Luckily, there are tools out there that can fairly and accurately generate a league schedule for you. Based on your number of teams and season format, schedule maker tools will quickly create weekly match-ups for your entire season.

The best league schedule tool

Free, configurable schedule maker

Fantasy Football Scheduler Tool

Football Guys’ Schedule Maker generates a game schedule using flexible configuration options such as the number of conferences and divisions in your league.

There are home/away designations and customizable playoff schedule settings that should fit just about any league format.

Fantasy football team name generators spark creativity

For many owners, their most difficult decision is what to name their team. Do you go with a dumb pun, a historical reference, or maybe an inside joke?

The possibilities are endless.

But if you’re not feeling particularly funny, or want some ideas from which to start a brainstorming session, a fantasy football team name generator can do the creative work for you. In no time, you and the “Golden Taint Warriors” will be racking up both wins and lol’s.

My favorite team name generator

Funny fantasy team name ideas

team name generator tool

Razzball’s team name generator lets you choose from a list of sports-related adjectives and nouns to create a funny and creative team name.

Name generator tools act as a good starting point for brainstorming your own name ideas.

Why Fantasy Tools are Key to Your Success in 2024

Fantasy Football Tool

There is a wealth of actionable fantasy football data out there just waiting to be mined and leveraged. The best fantasy football tools identify these statistical nuggets so that you can effectively apply them to your leagues.

Discounting fantasy football tools is like trying to pound nails into wood with your bare hand when there’s a hammer sitting right next to you.

It’s simply nonsensical.

Let’s look specifically at how fantasy tools provide the edge that can make the difference between bringing home the championship prize and being the team that no one remembers.

Fantasy football draft tools streamline research and preparation

The draft is where you set the tone for the season. It’s here you acquire that core groups of players that you’ll start for most of the year.

Preparing for a fantasy draft can a stressful time considering the volume of information you need to possess to be effective. New players have entered the league, other players have switched teams, and entire offensive schemes have been shaken up. It’s on you to research, remember, process, and apply this critical information.

Or is it?

Fantasy football draft tools are designed to do most of the heavy lifting for you. This way, you can focus on the most critical task for an owner: building the best team possible.

Specialized fantasy draft tools help you prep before the draft, make smart picks when you’re on the clock, and take actionable steps to improve your roster post-draft.

Team management tools ensure you make smart roster decisions

Fantasy Football Team Management Tools

Do you start the unproven rookie with the hot hand or the reliable veteran that’s off to a slow start this year? When a big name appears on the waiver wire, which one of your players do you drop to make room on your roster?

These are the questions that keep a fantasy owner awake at night.

Fortunately, there are fantasy tools that help you make these tough choices. This classification of team management fantasy tools includes start/sit analyzers, trade calculators, and lineup generators that take the guesswork out of your weekly roster decisions.

Commissioner fantasy tools simplify league management

Fantasy League Commissioner Tools

It can be tough to run league affairs while also managing your team. But fantasy tools like schedule generators and draft order randomizers can ease your load while you focus on making your league run smoothly.

It’s not just league owners that need help with tools. Fantasy football commissioners frequently need an assist too.

Being the guy in charge of everything is a challenge. But remember you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Commissioner tools to help maximize your time, run your league with fairness and transparency, and ensure you have ample opportunity to manage your team.

The Best Fantasy Football Tools are Worth the Investment

In 2024, you need every edge you can get to win in the best fantasy leagues. From money leagues with considerable payouts to private leagues where bragging rights are everything, owners are looking to fantasy tools to give them that much-needed advantage.

The best fantasy football tools help you in the most critical aspects of the game: draft preparation, team management, and league planning. The tools mentioned in this article are maintained by some of the top fantasy sites on the web.

I’m always looking for new and useful tools to improve my game and manage my leagues. Do you know of other NFL fantasy tools that I haven’t mentioned here?

If so, tell me about them in the comments below.

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