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Updated on December 16th, 2023 by Brad Perniciaro

Fantasy football trade tools help you evaluate trades by highlighting the pros and cons of each potential deal, providing projections for each player going forward, and presenting their final verdict on which team gets the better deal. Heck, some trade tools even go out and find the best potential trades for you

Today I evaluate the best trade analyzers, trade calculators, trade finders, and every other trade-related tool imaginable so that you can click accept or reject with confidence.

PublisherTrade ToolTool TypeRatingLearn More
FantasyPros Trade AnalyzerTrade Analyzer
5 Star Rating

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Draft Sharks Trade FinderTrade Finder
5 Star Rating

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Dynasty 101 Trade CalculatorFree Trade Calculator
4.5 Star Rating

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The Best Fantasy Football Trade Analyzers of 2024

Trade analyzers are the fantasy football tools that reveal if you’re getting a fair shake or being robbed like Andy Garcia in Ocean’s 11. The best ff analyzers don’t just say yah or nay, though.

Today’s owners want detailed fantasy football trade analysis with their tool, especially when utilizing a paid analyzer. Here are my favorite comprehensive fantasy football trade analyzers for 2024.

FantasyPros Trade Analyzer

Fantasy Pros Trade Analyzer
5 Star Rating for Trade Analyzer

The FantasyPros Trade Analyzer syncs with your fantasy league, making plugging multiple players on either side of the trade equation dead-simple. It then gives you a weighted score indicating whether participating teams will improve their overall post-trade record.

It works seamlessly with most scoring formats, including PPR. This is my favorite trade tool and is also available as a fantasy app through their My Playbook subscription.

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Draft Sharks Trade Analyzer

Draft Sharks Trade Analyzer
5 Star Rating for Trade Analyzer

The Draft Sharks Trade Analyzer is one-half of their Trade Navigator tool (the other half being their Trade Finder tool). This analyzer evaluates proposed trades and provides a detailed breakdown of week-specific (and seasonal) implications.

The detailed trade analysis provides winners & losers based on both Draft Sharks and consensus player valuations. You can try all of their trade tools for free for one week using my link, and then it’s only $6/month.

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Razzball Trade Analyzer

Razzball Fantasy Name Generator

Razzball’s 2024 trade analyzer is fast, accurate, and insightful. The tool uses their (frequently updated) projections to evaluate trades involving multiple players across several positions.

To justify their trade ruling, they provide projected stats for each player. You can even instruct the tool to compare players using expected seasonal totals or per-game projections.

The final verdict is delivered in distinctive fashion. For that, you’ll have to try this tool out for yourself.

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Dynasty League Football Trade Analyzer

Dynasty League Football Trade Analyzer
4.5 Star Rating for Trade Analyzer

Dynasty League Football is a fantasy advice site specializing in guidance and help for dynasty leagues (naturally). Their analyzer provides an overall value score to the players in the trade, even allowing you to include draft picks in your trade equation.

Another cool feature of the Dynasty Football Trade Analyzer is that it suggests ways to balance out uneven trades. The metrics provide a thoughtful perspective on what it might take to make a deal happen. It also shows recent trades that included the principal players.

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Fantasy SP NFL Fantasy Trade Analyzer

Fantasy SP Trade Analyzer
4 Star Rating for Trade Analyzer

Fantasy SP’s analyzer provides a free, stripped-down version of their paid trade analyzer. It shows you their projected value for each player in your proposed trade, estimations that help you gauge who is benefitting more from the deal.

The premium version of this NFL trade analyzer reveals far more data, including how your depth chart and stat categories would be affected by the trade. It suggests other potential trades and lists recent trades that other owners have made involving the same players.

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The Best Trade Finders of 2024

Sometimes it feels like you’ve hit a wall with your fantasy football roster. There’s no one on the waiver wire who can help, and every trade you propose gets shot down immediately.

Well have no fear, trade finders are here. A fantasy football trade finder helps you get out of your roster rut by suggesting promising trade ideas that may actually be accepted.

PublisherTrade FinderRating
Draft Sharks Trade Finder
5 Star Rating

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FantasyPros Trade Finder
5 Star Rating

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Dynasty League Trade Finder
4.5 Star Rating

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FantasyPros Trade Finder

Playbook Pro Trade Finder
5 Star Rating for Trade Finder

The FantasyPros Trade Finder (available through Playbook Pro) allows you to suggest trade bait from your imported roster. It then lists comparable trade compensation from your opponents’ rosters. This finder rates each potential deal based on the percentage change in the standings for your team, the percentage change for the opposing team, and the likelihood that your partner will accept the trade.

The ability to sync with your league host means FantasyPros can identify potential trades with next to zero input from you. It is essentially a fantasy football trade simulator on steroids. FantasyPros’ affordable subscriptions also make this finder accessible to just about anyone.

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Dynasty League Football’s Trade Finder

Dynasty League Football Trade Finder
4.5 Star Rating for Trade Finder

Dynasty League Football’s Trade Finder is similar in function to other trade finder tools. But they tune their player value metrics for dynasty leagues. Dynasty-centric algorithms make this a valuable trade tool, as the fantasy football projections from most trade finders are calibrated strictly for redraft leagues.

Focusing on dynasty leagues means this finder will assign a higher value to younger players than grizzled vets. If you enjoy retaining players from year to year, this tool will give you a more accurate picture of your team’s tradeable assets.

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Fantasy Football Player Trade Value Charts

Sometimes you don’t need fantasy sports software to do all the dirty work for you. You just want an idea of how others might view the value of your roster

This is where trade value charts shine. They assign a single value score to each player on your team, making it easy to scan your opponents’ rosters for comparable comps.

Player value charts can differ wildly depending on your league configuration and scoring rules. For instance, a player’s trade value in a dynasty league could be drastically different than in re-draft leagues.

PublisherTrade Value ChartRating
Draft Sharks Trade Value Charts
5 Star Rating

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FantasyPros Trade Value Charts
5 Star Rating

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Draft Sharks Player Trade Value Charts

Draft Sharks Trade Value Charts
5 Star Rating for Player Trade Value Chart

Draft Sharks publishes free trade value charts for many draft and scoring formats. You can swap between dynasty and redraft leagues, then dig deeper into popular scoring configurations.

If you want to automate the entire process of managing your trades, their trade finder and analyzer tools remove all the guesswork. You can try them for free using this link.

View These Charts

FantasyPros Player Trade Value Charts

Fantasy Pros Player Trade Value Charts
4.5 Star Rating for Player Trade Value Chart

The FantasyPros trade value charts are a strong starting point for any trade conversation. They rank fantasy players by what their projected trade value is in re-draft leagues.

FantasyPros publishes trade values for each of the most common scoring systems across multiple positions. And these aren’t just charts. Each weekly chart publication includes in-depth analysis backing up their value scores.

As long as you’re league configuration isn’t too unorthodox, you’ll find value in these charts.

Find Latest Charts

Fantasy Draft Pick Trade Value Charts

For pre-draft trades, it can be challenging to ensure all teams are getting a fair shake. The last thing you want is one of your league owners building a powerhouse because they swindled another unsuspecting owner.

Adopt these draft pick value charts in your league to set a baseline for draft trades going forward.

Trade Value ChartRatingPublisher
Reddit Draft Pick Track Charts
5 Star Rating
Ringer Draft Pick Track Values
4.5 Star Rating

Reddit Draft Pick Value Chart

Reddit Draft Pick Trade Value Charts
5 Star Rating for Draft Pick Value Chart

This fantasy football trade value chart was created by a Reddit user using the handle Crippleton. It takes the draft pick values published by The Ringer and puts them in a handy, dandy color-coded chart.

A third-rounder in a six-team league has a much different value a third-rounder in a twelve-team league. Because this chart is broken down by league size, it makes it easy to quickly determine real draft pick value.

This is the closest you’ll get to a software-based, fantasy football trade value calculator.

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The Ringer Draft Pick Values

Ringer Draft Pick Trade Values
4.5 Star Rating for Draft Pick Value Chart

This article from The Ringer calculates the relative value of a fantasy draft pick. Although there are no fancy charts, we just saw that the Reddit community utilized these values to create a visual trade value chart.

Ringer’s pick value estimations are better for comparing pick-to-pick than it is pick-to-player. Still, it’s a valuable, quick reference for determining draft pick value.

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Free Fantasy Football Trade Calculators

When solely determining the winner and loser of a proposed trade isn’t enough, a fantasy football trade calculator can provide additional context. Trade calculators trade do typically provide more functionality than trade analyzers.

Luckily for you, each fantasy football trade value calculator I review below is completely free. Here are my favorite, free trade calculators you can use to analyze your 2024 trade offers.

Dynasty 101 Trade Calculator

Dynasty 101 Free Trade Calculator
This free trade calculator gets 4 stars.

The Dynasty 101 Trade Calculator offers a bit more flexibility and metrics most free trade calculators. It is based entirely on PPR scoring and has support for both 1QB and 2QB leagues.

In addition to declaring the winner of the trade, it assigns a value score to each team based on the player or players it acquired. Player tier projections are included in the tool’s output and listed as a significant factor in their trade value algorithm.

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Free Fantasy Football Trade Analyzers

Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to shell out your hard-earned cash for a paid trade analyzer. In a low-stakes fantasy league, a free trade analyzer may be better than nothing. For example, it could highlight a player injury that you missed.

Here are some free fantasy football trade analyzers that you can utilize if you’re trying to pinch pennies. Bear in mind, these free trade tools are little more than crowdsourced, ‘rate my trade’ widgets.

Wondering if your potential trade will pay-off in the short term? Use a player comparison tool to determine who to start. Most start or sit tools provide metrics that can provide a quick sanity check before you press the accept button on a trade.

Fantasy Football Nerd Free Trade Analyzer

Fantasy Football Nerd Free Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer
4 Star Rating for Free Trade Analyzer

Fantasy Football Nerd’s Trade Analyzer is very similar to what you get from RotoTrade’s free trade tool. But the Nerd offers slightly more data to justify their decision.

In addition to declaring the winner of the trade, they estimate how many more points you team would score over the remainder of the season if you were to accept the proposal.

You may not want to count on this free analyzer as the final word. But together with other tools, it could provide some valuable context.

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RotoTrade’s Free Trade Analyzer

RotoTrade Free Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer
3.5 Star Rating for Free Trade Analyzer

RotoTrade’s Trade Analyzer is a very rudimentary tool. You manually enter the players you’re getting and giving up. From there, it merely tells you whether or not you should do pull the trigger.

It doesn’t show you any stats or explain how the trade would affect your team. No, this fantasy football trade rater only provides an “It’s close, but yeah, do this trade,” or a “Nope, don’t do this trade.”

But it does have fun gifs!

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Finding the Right Trade Tool for Your Specific Needs

When fantasy football trade advice is hard to come by, owners reach to fantasy tools. But as any honest handyman will tell you, different jobs require different tools.

Let’s break down the differences between a trade analyzer, trade calculator, trade finder, player trade chart, and a draft pick trade chart so that you can make sure you’re never the Andre in any deal.

A fantasy football trade analyzer evaluates a trade from all angles

Trade analyzers (sometimes referred to as a fantasy football trade evaluator) are what you need when you’re proposing or considering a specific, pending offer. They compare the two or more players’ past stats, projected output, and how they might fit into your team.

Most declare a winner and loser for the trade.

But the best trade analyzers show you, often on a week by week basis, how your team’s production may vary by accepting or rejecting the deal. While the projections are rarely going to be 100% accurate, they do provide an objective viewpoint that hard to find elsewhere.

If nothing else, ff trade analyzers are a sanity check to validate your gut feeling.

A fantasy trade calculator helps you formulate the optimal offer

Fantasy Football Trade Calculator

Executing a successful trade is one of the hardest things to do in fantasy football. Not only do you need to perform research and find an interested trade partner, but the other owner has to actually accept (or provide a legitimate counter to) your offer.

A well-designed fantasy football trade calculator can be especially useful because it allows you to examine the impact of different player combinations when considering a deal. It will enable you to add and remove players from the proposed transaction until you determine fair value.

After all, the best fantasy trades are those that help both sides

A fantasy trade finder identifies opportunities you may have missed

There are two flavors of fantasy football trade finder

  1. Finders that scan your league’s roster for potential trade opportunities. 
  2. Finders that search a league host’s trade database for accepted trades that involve the same players. 

In both cases, a trade finder identifies potential deals that may have never occurred to you. In some instances, they provide a spark of inspiration to mastermind a season-altering deal.

Trade value charts are an impartial player value guide

Fantasy Player Trade Value Chart

Player value in fantasy football is very subjective. That’s what makes it so hard to get on the same page as a potential trading partner.

Sometimes, what is needed is an objective trade reference for comparing different players.

Trade value charts assign each player one overall value score that is separate from their actual or projected stats. These scores make it effortless to determine reasonable comps.

These charts are a sensible starting point for any trade negotiation.

You can also get perspective on current player values by using a fantasy football team analysis tool. We wrote an entire article about those tools and even revealed our pick for the best fantasy football draft analyzer.

Fantasy draft pick value charts ensure fairness of pre-draft trades

Draft Pick Trade Value Chart

In some fantasy football leagues, it’s not enough to trade players during the season. Some owners want action before the draft even starts.

But how can you assign value to a draft pick, especially in something like a serpentine draft? Draft pick trade value charts make this possible by a compensatory value to each draft selection.

This compensatory value can be used to determine how an owner might use their remaining draft picks to equalize the trade. Adopting these charts in your league will ensure that owners are compensated fairly for the draft picks they trade away.

If you haven’t picked a team name yet, check out a fantasy football team names generator from our list of the best. They are sure to help inspire some creative and funny name ideas.

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