2024 Fantasy Sleepers

Our fantasy football sleepers are determined dynamically by comparing our 2024 NFL player rankings against other reputable sources. Sleepers are assigned a score based on the ranking differential, with the highest scores being those sleepers who are most likely out-play their projected value.

Quarterback Sleepers

Baltimore Ravens helmet
Lamar Jackson
#13 BAL Ravens - 6 years exp
~20 CSWR: Ranked 4th among QBs
CBS: not ranked
GAM=16, PAYD=3678, PATD=24, RUCA=148, RUYD=821, RUTD=5, INT=7, FUM=6, FPPG=23.6, TFP=377
San Francisco 49ers helmet
Brock Purdy
#15 SF 49ers - 2 years exp
~19 CSWR: Ranked 5th among QBs
CBS: not ranked
GAM=16, PAYD=4280, PATD=31, RUCA=39, RUYD=144, RUTD=2, INT=11, FUM=2, FPPG=22.3, TFP=358
Kansas City Chiefs helmet
Patrick Mahomes
#13 KC Chiefs - 6 years exp
~17 CSWR: Ranked 7th among QBs
CBS: not ranked
GAM=16, PAYD=4184, PATD=27, RUCA=75, RUYD=389, RUTD=0, INT=14, FUM=3, FPPG=20.9, TFP=334
Pittsburgh Steelers helmet
Russell Wilson
#3 PIT Steelers - 11 years exp
~13 CSWR: Ranked 11th among QBs
CBS: not ranked
GAM=15, PAYD=3070, PATD=26, RUCA=80, RUYD=341, RUTD=3, INT=8, FUM=5, FPPG=20.3, TFP=305
Los Angeles Rams helmet
Matthew Stafford
#9 LAR Rams - 14 years exp
~11 CSWR: Ranked 13th among QBs
CBS: not ranked
GAM=15, PAYD=3965, PATD=24, RUCA=21, RUYD=65, RUTD=0, INT=11, FUM=0, FPPG=19.1, TFP=287

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