Harry Potter Team Name Ideas for 2024

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Harry Potter Fantasy Football Team Names
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Loving fantasy football and fantasy literature are not mutually exclusive. In both cases, we enter a fantastical world of super-powered beings battling for an ultimate prize.

If you’re a fake pigskin owner who is a fan of the fantastical, you will enjoy these super-nerdy Harry Potter fantasy football team names.

They’re like magic!

The Best Harry Potter Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. Hufflepuff Badgers
  2. Ballycastle Bats
  3. The Team That Must Not Be Named
  4. Malfoyst and 10
  5. 1st and 9 ¾
  6. Fumbledore
  7. Choosing to Dumbledefer
  8. Hagridiron
  9. Accio Wins
  10. McGoing, McGoing, McGonigal
  11. Dirty Harry
  12. HB Potter
  13. The Tyler Boyd Who Lived
  14. Quarterback Hurry Porter
  15. Harry PATer
  16. Hail Mary Potter
  17. Granger Danger
  18. Granger Zone
  19. Granger Things
  20. Hermione Edwards

Harry Potter Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

Hufflepuff Badgers

Submitted by Greg
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Ballycastle Bats

Submitted by George
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The Team That Must Not Be Named

Submitted by Elise
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Funny Harry Potter Team Names

Fun fact: there have been over 80 different NFL players named Harry and five different players named Potter. None have been named Harry Potter, but there is a Harry Englund, which is pretty damn close.

These funny fantasy football names were inspired by those Potters that were almost Harry’s.

Malfoyst and 10

It helps if you say it with a New York accent.

1st and 9 ¾


Choosing to Dumbledefer


Is it just me, or would Hagrid fit right in on the Steelers defensive line?

Rubeus Hagrid Harry Potter Team Name

We’ve got some other hilarious team name ideas for the Steel Curtain in our Pittsburgh Steelers fantasy names article.

Accio Wins

McGoing, McGoing, McGonigal

Is this more appropriate for a fantasy baseball team name

Dirty Harry

If dirty names are your thing, you’ll love these filthy fantasy football team names.

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MISC Harry Potter Team Names

So here’s a crazy fact: Harry Potter himself plays fantasy football. No BS – check it out.

HB Potter

The Tyler Boyd Who Lived

Quarterback Hurry Porter

Harry PATer

Hail Mary Potter

If you ask me, that pun is a Hail Mary.

Harry Potter Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

Harry Potter Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

Hermione Granger Fantasy Football Team Names

Let’s face facts: Harry Potter is great and all, but Hermione is the real MVP of that team.

Granger Danger

Granger Zone

Granger Things

Hermione Edwards

Harry Potter Themed Team Names Based on NFL Teams

Are Bill Bellichick and Tom Brady Slytherins or Gryffendors? Well, ask yourself this: would HP have deflated those footballs? Filmed those practices? Worn those Ugg boots?

Expecto Patriots

Check out our comprehensive list of N.E. Patriots team names.

Severus Saints


ThunderColt VII


Dudley Raidursley

Baltimore Ravenclaws

This one’s almost too easy.

Clever Harry Potter Team Names Based on NFL Players

It’s a good feeling when you find that perfect nexus of your favorite player with your favorite YA fantasy dramady character.


Or you could go Jaxeltongue, but I think Lamarseltongue works better.



DK Rowling



The Wentzengamot

The Philosopher’s Jones

I was thinking about Julio, but maybe you like it for Aaron or maybe even Marvin, Daniel, or Ronald.

Best Non-Pun Harry Potter Fantasy Football Team Names

Puns are only one of the ways that you can name your fantasy football team. For those that don’t care for that kind of tomfoolery, here are some good team names without puns.

Gryffindor Lions

Slytherin Snakes

Ravenclaw Ravens

Durmstrang Double Eagles

Check out these 60+ Philadelphia Eagles team names.

Beauxbaton Wood Nymphs

Quiddich Fantasy Football Team Names

Mark my words: there will be fantasy quidditch leagues before the decade is out.

Sweetwater All-Stars

Chudley Cannons

Holyhead Harpies

Wigtown Wanderers

Wizard People Fantasy Football Team Names

You could make the case that Wizard People holds up better than the first Harry Potter movie does.

Ronny the Bear


Dear Raider


Ragtime Roast Beefies

Ta-da forever!

Turkish Massage Owls

Halloween! Yes!

The Pork Family Project

Crash and woosh!

The Beautiful Animals

Yes to life!

The Best Harry Potter Fantasy Football Team Names From Around the Internet

Fantasy football and Harry Potter: two essentially meaningless activities for which we as a species have devoted way too much time.

Death Eaters

Dumbledore’s Army

New York Half-Giants

100 Yards to Gryffindor

Alternatively, 6 Points to Gryffindor also works.

The Fizzing Whizbees

Snapes on a Plane

Snitch in Time

The Elder Wands

Your Mom’s a Horcrux

First rule of writing: always end on a your mom joke.

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