Fantasy Football Division Names & Conference Names for 2024

Updated on January 15th, 2024 by David Sharp
Fantasy Football Division and Conference Names

The best fantasy football division names highlight the natural divisions among your owners. Do half sport Apple phones and the others Samsung? Do half work in one department and half in another?

That said, it’s usually pretty hard to find a split that works out perfectly. So pick something fun and go with it.

Here are some funny fantasy football division names to liven up your 2024 leagues.

Two-Division or Conference Names

For a standard 8-12 team league, all you really need is two divisions (some leagues call them conferences). Anything more than that, and you just like naming things.

Here are some fantasy football conference names that integrate comic book and political themes. We also have some good fantasy football league names that use similar themes.

Conference OneConference TwoConnection
Armchair Football Conference (AFC) Nerd Football Conference (AFC) Plays on real conference names
Avengers Avengers West Coast The two Avengers teams
Basket of Deplorables The Squad Rival political faction names
Sinister SixSecret SixMarvel vs. DC supervillain teams
The EmpireThe RebellionStar Wars Names
RappersRockersClassic music debate
Fight ClubProject MayhemThe two evolutions of Tyler Durden’s Fight Club
Death EatersDumbledore’s ArmyHarry Potter
Scranton BranchCorporate OfficesThe Office
The SimonsThe GarfunkelsClassic singer/songwriters
The HallsThe OatsOnly slightly less classic singer/songwriters
The KCsThe Jo-JosMuch less classic singer/songwriters

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Rivalry-Based Fantasy Division Names

If your league buddies are all fans of a specific team, you can honor your franchise’s icons through your fantasy division names. Or, go the other way and honor your biggest draft busts. Maybe call them GOATS and Goats?

Check out these conference name ideas featuring various NFL greats.

Division OneDivision TwoConnection
Youngs Montanas 49ers quarterbacks
Favres Rodgers Packers quarterbacks
Aikmans Romos Cowboys quarterbacks
Troys Emmitts Cowboys glory years teammates
Bradshaws Rothlesbergers Steelers quarterbacks
Harrisons Waynes Colts receivers
WarnersFaulksGreatest Show On Turf teammates
Jimmy MacsJimmy HarbsBears quarterbacks
Ryan LeafsJaMarcus RussellsNFL draft busts
Owens Ochocinco Insane receivers
OJ SimpsonAaron HernadezMurderers

Names For Three-Division Fantasy Football Leagues

One prize you can award your league champion is the right to name the divisions. Be careful though – that kind of power can go to some people’s heads.

These funny division names incorporate several pop-culture icons.

Division OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeConnection
Larry Moe Curley The Three Stooges
Rhodes Day Niederlander The Three Amigos
Snap Krackle Pop Cereal sounds
The GoodThe BadThe UglyLike that Western
MCAAd-RockMike DBeastie Boys
SaltPeppaSpinderellaRap legends
SamoasThin MintsTagalongsGirl Scout Cookies
The FathersThe SonsThe GOATSSacrilege?
NeoTrinityMorpheusThe Matrix
The TruthThe Whole TruthNothing but the TruthThe Law

Names For Four-Division Fantasy Football Leagues

If you play in a four-division league, then you’ve got some deep rosters, baby. Enjoy pouring over depth charts trying to find the 2024 Raheem Mostert.

Division OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision FourConnection
Gryffindor Slytherin Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Harry Potter
Sirloin New York Filet Porterhouse Cuts of steak
PestilenceWarFamineDeathFour Horsemen of the Apocalypse
WayneDerryKatieSquirrely DanLetterkenny
Red BullsRockstarsMonstersBangersEnergy drinks
JohnPaulGeorgeRingoThe Beatles
GarnetAmethystPearlStevenSteven Universe
EgonRayPeterWinstonThe iconic Ghostbusters
ErinAbbyHoltzmannTolanThe new, less iconic Ghostbusters

And hey, never underestimate plain ol’ cardinal directions. No matter how close or how dispersed your owners are, you can split them into quadrants based on location.

Funny Fantasy Football Division Names From Around the Web

I love a clever fantasy name, whether I wrote it or not. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve curated for your use or reading pleasure.

Conference name ideas for leagues with two fantasy football divisions

Conference OneConference TwoConnection
Apple PC Computer companies
Marvel DC Comic book companies
CokePepsiCola War participants
Cat People Dog PeoplePet partisans
WozniakJobsApple founders
TupacBiggieEast Coast/West Coast rap rivalry casualties
BillTedTime travelers

Funny division names for three division leagues

Division OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeConnection
YabbaDabbaDooThe Flintstones
MeMyselfIBecause fantasy, like life, is all about you
AgeSexLocationGetting laid online
Electrons Neutrons Protons The fabric of our material existence
Sex Drugs Rock ‘n’ Roll The fabric of our material existence

Cool division names for huge leagues

One scenario where divisions in fantasy football are a must is in huge leagues. The following football division names can fit the bill for most oversized leagues.

Division OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision FourConnection
Michelangelo Leonardo Donatello Raphael Ninja Turtles
Homer Marge Lisa Bart The Simpsons
Shore LineReadingB&OPennsylvaniaMonopoly Railroads
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