Younghoe Koo Fantasy Football Team Names for 2023

Updated on September 6th, 2023 by David Sharp
Younghoe Koo Fantasy Football Names

It’s not often you see a fantasy team named after the kicker. It’s also not often that you find a kicker as good as Younghoe Koo (or with such a perfect name, for fantasy purposes).

Strong leg. Strong name. You deserve some strong Younghoe Koo fantasy team names.

Let’s kick it.

Younghoe Koo Fantasy Names for 2023

Fair warning: some of these will contain the words young and hoe. But that is likely exactly what you’re here to see.

Younghoe Never Broke Again

This Younghoe Koo fantasy team name checks out after he signed a new $24.25M contract. That’s backup quarterback money, baby!

While We’re Younghoe

Boats and Younghoes

KooKoo’s Nest

Boomer Falcon fans should appreciate this name idea that incorporates Koo’s name, a bird pun, and the second film ever to win all five major Academy Awards.

We’ve also got more Falcons fantasy team names where that came from.

The Younghoes and the Restless

Younghoe Jeezy

If Young Jeezy and Young Boy Never Broke Again aren’t your speed, I’ve got good news. There are quite a few rappers that choose to go by Young Something, regardless of how old they are.

  • Younghoe MC
  • Younghoe Dolph
  • Younghoe Thug
  • Younghoe Chris
  • Younghoe Dro

Younghoe at Heart

Alternately, Young at Hoert also works for a Koo team name.

Bright Young Hoe

Hoe Lotta Love

This Younghoe team name idea comes with a logo.

Younghoe Koo Fantasy Names - Hoe Lotta Love

The Younghoe Turks

Youth is Wasted on the Younghoes

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Cool Younghoe Koo Fantasy Team Names

Younghoe Koo is cool under pressure. Also, his name sounds a lot like the word cool.

So here are some Koo fantasy team names in that vein.

Koo Koo Koo

It helps if you say the Koo fantasy team name like Andy Samberg in Brooklyn 99.

It’s Koo Baby

It’s All Koo

Koo As Ice

Be Koo

Before it Was Koo

Koo Your Heels

Koo Your Jets

Don’t Lose Your Koo

Keep Your Koo

Keep Your Koo is the perfect Younghoe Koo fantasy team name for a keeper or dynasty league.

Koo as a Cucumber

Koo Heads Prevail

Koo Kats

You could spell this Koo fantasy name Koo Cats, but why? If children’s marketing has taught us anything, replacing C’s with K’s is hilarious.

Koo Story, Bro

Ice Koo

Does icing the kicker even work anymore? Or is icing just a dumb thing coaches do to look like they’re coaching extra hard?

Spoiler alert: icing largely doesn’t work.

Younghoe Koo Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

Younghoe Koo Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

Younghoe Koo Fantasy Football Team Names From Readers

Somethin’ Koo Proof

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Olbishtrippin butmyyounghoekoo

Submitted by Kevin harrington
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koo klux klan

Submitted by thomas
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KOO kicking clan

Submitted by Jake
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Younghoe Koo Fantasy Names from Around the Web

If you think our Younghoe Koo fantasy names are inappropriate, you should see some of the other stuff on the web! The internet has one super-filthy collective imagination.

Koo and the Gang

Koo D’etat

A part of me that is jealous of whoever wrote this Younghoe fantasy name. And that part probably needs therapy.

Bros Before Younghoes

Pros Before Younghoes

Younghoe and Company

Koo Aid Man

Gs Up, Younghoes Down

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