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The 11 Best Fantasy Football Draft Boards of 2019

Updated on May 17th, 2019 by Brad Perniciaro
Best Fantasy Football Draft Boards

A fantasy football draft board can make or break your live fantasy draft.  In this review of the best fantasy football draft boards of 2019, I'll provide you the information necessary to buy a board that suits the needs and budget of your league.

Whether you're shopping for standard draft boards for a serpentine draft,  reusable draft boards that can be utilized over and over, auction-based draft boards, or a custom draft board tailor-made for your league, I've got you covered.

So who has the best live draft board for your specific league or leagues?  Keep reading to find out.

The draft boards in this review are physical, paper-based boards that you affix player labels to during your live draft.  If you're looking for the best fantasy football draft kits (services and widgets that help you prepare for your fantasy draft), check out my Ultimate Draft Kit review.

If you're looking for software that helps you make picks at your live fantasy draft, check out my review of the best fantasy football draft software.


Comparing Fantasy Football Draft Boards by Category

In the next few sections, I compare draft boards based on the various classifications of fantasy football draft boards in 2019.  You can read more about draft board categories below, but these comparison tables will give you a quick summary of the best boards based on usage.

Comparison of standard, serpentine draft boards

Here is a quick summary of the best fantasy draft boards for standard, serpentine-style drafts.  You can click on any product links to check a board's current price or click the Read Review link to jump to my in-depth product-specific review.  

Draft Board


Board Size

Label Size

My Rating & Review

10-16 teams

24 rounds

450+ labels

5ft x 3ft

4in x 1in

Best 2017 Fantasy Football Draft Board

16 teams

24 rounds

400+ labels

6ft x 3ft

4in x 1in

Best Value Draft Board

12 teams

18 rounds

5ft x 3.5ft

5in x 2in

Most Versatile Fantasy Football Draft Board

14 teams

20 rounds

446+ labels

6ft x 4ft

5in x 2in

Cheap Fantasy Football Draft Board

16 teams

20 rounds

500+ labels

5.8ft x 3.8ft

3.5in x 1.2in

Comparing reusable fantasy football draft boards

If you run multiple fantasy leagues (or even are a part of a single, long-running fantasy league) and are looking to save a few bucks, a reusable fantasy board will be your salvation.  A reusable draft board can drastically reduce the amount of money you have to pay each year to host your draft parties.

This year I review a few different reusable boards, each with a unique design approach.




My Rating


14 teams

20 rounds

304 player magnets

Dry-erase board with magnetic player labels

12 teams

20 rounds

400+ player stickers

Vinyl board makes stickers easy to remove

8-18 teams

12-27 rounds

Laminated draft board makes stickers easy to remove

12 teams

22 rounds

No labels necessary

Draft grid printed on dry-erase board, no labels

The leading draft board for auction-based fantasy drafts

Auction drafts are unique in that their draft format is based on openly bidding on players, rather than assigning specific draft positions as you would in a serpentine draft.   As such, auction draft boards have some features that make them more suitable for auction drafts.  

Unfortunately, there aren't many draft boards made strictly for auction leagues.   However, this board and label package from My Draft Day is a smart design and supports several league configurations.

Custom fantasy football draft board is a game changer

Why buy the same board as everyone else when you can design a custom draft board just for your league?  And I don't mean just specifying the number of teams and rounds.  I mean customizing every aspect of the board.

This innovative product from Bruno's Draft Boards is something I thought I'd never see.  You actually design your own board in real-time, using the Draft Board Genie, and can preview your final board design before you buy. 

Have you ever had fantasy football draft board ideas that you wanted to incorporate, but had no outlet to let your creative juices flow?  Then you must check out Bruno's fantasy football interactive draft board.   I was able to create a custom draft board for my fantasy league in around 5 minutes.

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How to Find the Ideal Fantasy Draft Board for Your League

Selecting the best 2019 fantasy football draft board for your league isn't as straight-forward as it sounds. There are several factors to consider when searching for the perfect board:

  • How many teams are in your league?
  • How many rounds will the draft last?
  • What is your league budget for the draft?
  • Will your draft include IDP players?
  • How many leagues do you run?
  • Is your draft serpentine or auction?

Knowing the answer to all of these questions will make it much easier to find the optimal fantasy football draft party kit for your league.  It will also enable you to save a few bucks as you can zero-in on the cheapest board that fits your criteria

In this next few sections, I'll reveal how to find the best fantasy draft board available based on the answers to these questions.

The 4 fantasy football draft board classifications of 2019

In 2019, there are four different types of draft boards to consider.  Before you start comparison shopping, first determine the kind of draft board that will meet your goals.

  1.  Standard Draft Boards - For leagues with a standard serpentine draft, these are the most common solution.
  2.  Reusable Draft Boards - If you're a member of more than one league, A reusable fantasy football draft board can save you big money.
  3.  Auction Draft Bards  - Looking for a draft board created specifically for auction leagues?  An auction draft board the answer.
  4.  Customized Draft Boards - Build a truly one-of-a-kind draft board with custom teams, rounds, colors, league logos, and more.

Standard, basic fantasy football draft boards for serpentine drafts

For the vast majority of fantasy football leagues, you'll be looking for a draft board that supports a serpentine draft style.  These ffl draft boards are very basic and are almost always thrown away at the end of the draft.

Want to spice up your fantasy football drafts a bit?  Save your completed football draft board after every live draft.  Then, break it out at the draft the following year and relentlessly ridicule those owners who blew it the previous year!

Standard draft boards are great if you're looking for a quick solution or a draft board on a budget.  I review the best standard fantasy football draft boards below.

How to save big money with a reusable fantasy draft board

Reusable Fantasy Draft Boards Save Money

If you've run any fantasy sports league for multiple years, you know that draft party expenses can quickly add up.  The great thing about some fantasy league prizes is that you can buy them once and pass them from owner to owner each year.  However, when it comes to offline draft boards, you've historically had to buy a new board for every draft party, year after year.  

And if you're in multiple leagues, costs for 2019 draft boards can quickly add up.

Luckily, there is one solution to the money drain that is yearly NFL fantasy draft boards: reusable draft boards.  Although they aren't necessarily the perfect solution in every situation, they do end up being a big-time money saver if you operate multiple fantasy leagues each season.  

Ways manufacturers make 2019 fantasy football draft boards more reusable

Fantasy football draftboard merchants make their boards reusable through several different manufacturing methods.  It's quite impressive to see the different techniques they utilize to create a draft board that can be recycled year after year.

Here are some of the most common techniques used to make reusable draft boards:

  1.  Use a metal draft board and turn the fantasy football player stickers into magnets
  2.  Instead of using paper, use a dry erase fantasy football draft board
  3.  Use a nylon draft board instead of paper, making the stickers easier to remove
  4.  Laminate a standard draft board, making the player labels easy to remove without damaging the board

If you need a quick fantasy football and NFL news refresher before your fantasy draft, look into buying a fantasy football magazine.  They provide a great way to cram before your draft and even gain an advantage over your fellow fantasy owners.

If you're looking to gain a strategical edge against your "low brow" fantasy owners, check out my evaluation of the best fantasy football books on the market.  Get up to speed, then apply those principles to gain a significant advntage against your fellow fantasy owners.

How you save money with a reusable draft board

If you only conduct one draft a year, there are some instances where you'd come out ahead just purchasing a one-year, disposable draft board every year.  For instance, if you purchased a magnetic draft board and plan on re-pushing new player magnets each year, a single-year disposable draft board would be a cheaper long-term solution.

That is because the initial cost of the reusable board is considerably higher (around $65 higher as you'll see below).

However, if you conduct more than one fantasy draft each year, a reusable fantasy football draft board starts to make a lot of financial sense.  Hosting multiple leagues, you can purchase one set of new player magnets each year and reuse them for all of your drafts.  The more leagues drafts you conduct each year, the more money you save.

How long it takes to start saving money with a reusable board

The time it takes you to start saving money with a reusable draft board depends primarily on if you plan on purchasing new player labels or magnets each year for your reusable board. 

If you don't plan on purchasing new player labels or magnets each year, you can start saving money after just a couple drafts using a reusable board.  After all, reusable boards are a one-time investment.  This is typically the case for dry-erase fantasy football boards where you plan on writing the player names manually on the board.

Saving money when you purchase yearly player labels or player magnets 

If you plan on purchasing new player labels or magnets each year, then the time it takes to start saving money will depend on the number of drafts you conduct each year.  In this specific scenario, here are some guidelines:

  • If you run only one fantasy league, you will not save money with a reusable draft board
  • If you run two fantasy leagues, you will start saving money around the third year.
  • If you run three fantasy leagues, you will start saving money in the second year.
  • For four or more fantasy leagues, you will save money with a reusable board almost immediately.
Cost of a Reusable Draft Board vs a Disposable Draft Board

Features to consider when comparing 2019 draft boards

To simplify this review, I chose to focus solely on fantasy draft boards that support at least 12 teams and at least 15 rounds.  That is the standard configuration for most fantasy leagues, so it is the bare minimum requirement for inclusion in this draft board review.  

Considering fantasy football boards with a standard set of minimal features makes it easier to compare boards justly

Now that we have defined a minimally-viable board let's look at other draft board features that you should consider when comparing products.  

1.  Size matters for a fantasy football draft board

Draft Board Size

I hate that I have to be the one to break it to you, but size matters.  Think about it.  Your 2019 fantasy football draft board will be the centerpiece of your draft party.  As such, it only makes sense to buy the largest board that will fit into your drafting space (assuming it meets all your other criteria).

In this review, I only considered boards that are at least four feet wide and three feet high. Boards this size should be adequate for viewing in a standard living room where the owners are within 10-12 feet of the board.

2.  Thicker fantasy football draft boards are easier to work with

Draft board thickness varies wildly from merchant to merchant. Some print their fantasy draft boards on thick, glossy stock paper.  Others seem to print their boards on thin tissue paper that is susceptible to wrinkling and tearing.

Thicker boards are also much easier to work with when hanging them on a wall or trying to affix the player labels.  They are also more durable and will last longer if stored away.

3.  Draft labels come in different shapes, sizes, and formats

Most player label packages for standard scoring leagues come with the six fantasy football positions (color-coded by position):   

  • Quarterbacks
  • Running Backs
  • Wide Receivers
  • Tight Ends
  • Kickers
  • Defense/ST
Fantasy Draft Player Labels

Beyond the standard positions and color-coding, player label formats will frequently vary from merchant to merchant.  

For example, labels can come in different dimensions, the size of the text can vary, some labels show pictures of the players while others don't, and labels may or may not contain the bye week of each respective player.

Pay particular attention to whether labels include bye weeks.  Some owners utilize bye weeks to help them choose between players with comparable potential.  If you buy fantasy football draft stickers without bye weeks, you may have an owner mutiny on your hands at your live draft. 

4.  Draft boards typically come with necessary accessories

Draft Kit Contents

Some merchants bundle a few extra items with their boards and market them as offline fantasy draft kits.  The idea is that you the fantasy football draft board and stickers but it also comes with other necessities required to conduct your draft.

Draft boards almost always include double-sided tape to stick your board to the wall, blank labels to record obscure players, and a black marker for writing these players' names.

Some merchants will even throw in free merchandise to earn your business.  For instance, Fantasy Jocks includes one free koozie (for the Commissioner) with their Custodian Draft Board or koozies for your entire league with their Manager Draft Bard (currently on sale).

Reviewing the Best Standard Draft Boards of 2019

There are tons and tons of standard fantasy football draft boards on the market.  But when researching which fantasy boards to consider in this category, I only considered boards that I would buy for my own leagues.  Also, every board reviewed below has favorable user reviews (you can click the various links below to check for yourself).  

Let's jump right in to evaluate what I considered to be the best draft board for fantasy football in 2017.   

Fantasy Jocks Custodian Draft Board

Fantasy Jocks is a well-respected merchant in the fantasy sports space.  They sell championship beltsfantasy football rings, and league trophies in addition to their extensive NFL fantasy draft board line of products.  

They are such a popular fantasy merchant that I decided to review Fantasy Jocks in detail.  If you're considering this draft board, read that review to get an overview of Fantasy Jocks.

This particular draft board from Fantasy Jocks includes their Custodian draft board.  Custodian fantasy football boards can support leagues of various sizes.  This board has several configurations that support up to 16 teams, so be sure to specify your league size before adding the Custodian board to your cart.

Fantasy Jocks gets the details right

But what makes the Custodian such a great NFL fantasy draft board board is the attention to detail.  

Fantasy Jocks prints this board on thick, 80-lb high gloss paper.  Their 2019 fantasy football draft board stickers list bye weeks and are regularly updated.  So you'll be sure to get labels with the most accurate player information possible.

The player stickers that come with this draft board are actually quite large (4in x 1in).  They're the second-largest stickers of any draft board in this review.  The biggest player labels are slightly bigger and are sold by the Draft Duke or Brunos Draft Boards.

This Custodian board includes every rookie drafted in the 2019 NFL draft and also comes with the following accessories and extras:

  • check
    Blank labels to add miscellaneous players
  • check
    A marker to write player names on blank labels
  • check
    Tape to stick your board to a wall
  • check
    A free Fantasy Jocks koozie

This NFL fantasy board is priced slightly higher than the average offline draft board on the market.  But considering the quality of the product, impressive merchant reputation, and peace of mind in knowing that your draft will go off without a hitch, it's well worth it.

What I like..
  • Board printed on 80lb, high gloss paper
  • Over-sized player labels
  • Labels included all rookies & bye weeks
  • A free koozie to sweeten the pot
Not so much..
  • Board ships folded

This fantasy football sticker draft board entry from MyDraftDay is similar to the board offered by Fantasy Jocks in many ways.  For instance, the stickers are the same size, it supports twelve teams and up to twenty-four rounds, and they also advertise that their board is printed on heavy stock paper.

Although it isn't the largest in this review, this fantasy football draft board is still quite large at 6ft x 3ft. That's good enough for 2nd place in this review and makes it a jumbo ff draft board compared to most other products on the market.

Fewer player labels than Fantasy Jocks

However, one drawback of this board is that the player labels provided by MyDraftDay aren't the greatest.  This NFL draft board only offers 400 fantasy football player stickers compared to Fantasy Jocks' 450 player labels.  

This means that if you're in a league that drafts deep or part of a dynasty league that picks lots of rookies, you may end up writing a bunch of rookie labels if you opt to buy this board.  I spoke with Ben from MyDraftDay and he mentioned they're adding four new blank player labels to their boards in 2019 to make-up for this deficiency.

If the standard 400 player labels would be sufficient for your league, then this might be the perfect NFL fantasy football draft board for your league party.  

This draft board is slightly more affordable than Fantasy Jocks' Custodian board.  So if the price is an essential factor, then this board might be a wise choice.  Considering board size, sticker size, and price, I think this board provides the best value of all draft boards in this review.

You won't get that free koozie with this 16 team draft board, but the few extra bucks you save can be put toward an actual six-pack.

What I like..
  • Printed on heavy stock paper
  • The 2nd largest draft board in this review
  • The 2nd largest player stickers in this review.
  • check-square-o
    Kickers printed on pink labels (lol)
Not so much..
  • Player labels don't include bye weeks
  • Fewer draft labels than other boards in this review
Bruno's Boards Jumbo Draft board

Bruno's Draft Boards has been in the business of manufacturing fantasy football draft boards since way back in 2004!  Since then, they've continued to innovate in the space and produce fantasy draft accessories that you simply can't find through other merchants.

The Jumbo Draft board from Bruno's has the distinction of being the most versatile draft board that I've reviewed.  The number of add-ons and accessories that are available for this product is insane.

Examining the 2019 jumbo board in particular, it is the 3rd-biggest board in this review: 5ft x 3ft.  However, they are tied for 1st largest labels at 5in x 2in.  

So if you're looking to host a draft party in a large room, this set Jumbo board and labels would be an ideal solution.

Bruno's draft boards can be extended with many extras

Bruno's standard board configurations easily match-up against the other great boards in this review.   But where Bruno's really separates from the pack is in their add-ons and accessories.  

Although this isn't an exhaustive list, here are some of the extra's you can add to their standard Jumbo Draft Board.

  • Table-top tension stand
  • Floor-style tension stand
  • Deep player pool stickers
  • IDP Player stickers
  • IDP Player stickers (deep pool)
  • Head coach stickers
  • Deep offensive rookie stickers
  • All rookie IDP labels
  • Punter labels
  • Extra team defense labels
  • League team name labels
  • Salary cap & auction-style stickers

If you're in a league with special scoring rules, and you just can't find a board with the right features, check out Bruno's Draft Boards

What I like..
  • Draft board configurations to suit any league
  • The largest player labels in this review
  • Unique products like draft board stands
  • You can request tube shipping for a small fee
Not so much..
  • In-tube shipping is extra

This fantasy football draft board from UPI Marketing is the official 2019 fantasy football draft board of the NFL.  While that sounds great on paper, it necessarily doesn't mean this board comes with any unique or special features.

However, judging by the customer comments this is a very popular board among fantasy owners.  Many customers rave about this draft board and reading through the comments there are quite a few repeat customers.    

The most player labels of all boards reviewed

One distinguishing feature of this fantasy football draft board board is that it has more stickers than any other draft board in this review.  With their 2019 board, you'll get over 500 player labels plus additional write-ins.

Another distinguishing feature of this draft board is that it is shipped in a tube for no extra cost.  So you won't have to deal with a creased or damaged board when you opt for this board.

What I like..
  • More player stickers (500+) than any other board
  • The only standard draft board shipped in a tube
  • Enough room to accommodate large and dynasty leagues
Not so much..
  • An officially licensed draft board is priced at a premium
  • Board and player label sizes are below average

Reusable Fantasy Football Draft Board Reviews

If you run multiple leagues and are looking to save a few bucks on your fantasy draft expenses, a reusable fantasy football draft board is a wise investment.  Instead of buying several fantasy football boards and immediately throwing them away after the draft, you can reuse the board and players for every draft you conduct across numerous leagues and even multiple fantasy seasons

Let's look at the best reusable fantasy football draft boards for 2019.

This reusable fantasy football draft board from Draft Party is a monster, measuring 60in x 38in. So in addition to being completely reusable, this is a suitable draft board for large draft rooms

The magnetic fantasy football player stickers are comparable in size to stickers in most disposable boards, roughly 3.8in x 1.4in.  Much like disposable draft kits, the player magnets in this product are color-coded by position.

Draft Party also provides four position wall strips which allow you to organize your player magnets by position for easier identification during the draft.

Draft Party's reusable board can be used for any fantasy sport

Another great feature of this board is that the board can be used for multiple fantasy sports.  If you want to conduct a fantasy baseball draft using this reusable board, buy the baseball player magnetic board and you're ready to go.

If you decide to forego the sticker upgrade packages each year, you can opt to write your player names directly onto the board each year with a dry-erase marker.  That's because this reusable board also doubles as a whiteboard.

Although this might be annoying for some owners, it is one way to continue reusing the board without any yearly expenses

This portable drafting board is shipped in a telescopic tube

Draft Party ships this reusable fantasy football magnetic draft board in a hard, telescopic tube.  That makes it a portable drafting board that can be moved between offline draft parties safely and without damaging the board.  

What I like..
  • Huge savings for people in multiple fantasy leagues
  • Can be used for other fantasy sport drafts
  • check-square-o
    Magnetic draft board makes it easy to correct mistakes
  • A giant draft board measuring over 6ft x 3ft
  • Board itself is dry-erasable
Not so much..
  • The cost of the board is a high initial investment, but is very cost effective if you run multiple leagues
  • The player magnets are a yearly expense, although this is optional

The Fantasy Bros are a relatively new player in the fantasy draft board arena.  They came strong out of the gate with a draft board that can be reused each year.

Instead of going with a magnetic fantasy football board like Draft Party, these guys created a ff draft board out of high-quality nylon.  Nylon is an incredibly slippery plastic which means you can quickly remove your stickers and re-use the board in another draft!  

Just need the fantasy football draft stickers this year?  No sweat, order the stickers only and you'll save a few bucks.

The one drawback I see with this board is that the fantasy football draft labels are color-coded by team.  Although it's a unique design decision, it creates a problem in that you can't quickly scan the board to see what positions are being targeted most.

Maybe that's not a big deal to many people, but I think color-coded positions would have been a better choice.  Still, it's a very cool reusable draft board.

What I like

  • Smart, reusable nylon board design 
  • Large 4-inch labels can be seen from a distance
  • check-square-o
    Excellent customer reviews for such a new board
Not so much..
  • Player labels are not color-coded by position

Zieglerworld took a bare-bones approach to make a reusable fantasy football draft board.  They decided to eliminate the nuisance of fantasy football draft labels completely!

Yep, this reusable fantasy board is merely a fantasy football draft board template printed on a flexible, dry-erasable surface.  Zieglerworld provides the dry-erase marker with this product, but you'll be the one writing player names.

The one significant benefit of this board is that you'll never have to spend money on a draft board again!  Of course, if you want to color-code your players by position, you'll need some multi-colored dry-erase markers

Because this is the only pure fantasy football dry erase draft board in this review, it may not be the most popular draft day feature if your league owners are lazy.  You'll be doing a lot of writing.  

But because this is also a cheap approach to reusable board design, it will start saving you real money after just the first use.

Sure, your league owners may be a bit miffed that they have to write the name of every player on the draft board themselves.  So why not make it a league rule that the last-placed team from the previous year writes all draft picks on the board?  Problem solved, and you've created more motivation for owners to play optimal line-ups through entire season!  Win-win!

What I like

  • Truly a one-time purchase
  • Can be re-used for multiple sports
  • check-square-o
    Great for leagues with no budget or entry fee
Not so much..
  • You must write all of the player names
  • Small compared to other reusable boards in this review

The Perfect Draft Board for Your Auction-Based Draft

Auction leagues are becoming more and more popular. As such, some ff draft board merchants have already started to adapt and create boards that are explicitly tailored to auction-style drafts. My Draft Day is one of those merchants.

When it comes to draft format, an auction-style draft is different from a serpentine draft in that there is no specific order in which pics are made. The highest bidder can acquire any player at any time in the draft.

The best auction boards implement small changes to their boards and/or stickers to make them more useful during auction drafts.  Let's see how My Draft Day does this.  

Auction Draft Kit

If you look closely at My Draft Day's fantasy football auction draft board, the first thing you'll notice is that the draft board itself is identical to their standard fantasy football draft board that I reviewed earlier. Where this board differs from their standard draft offering is in the format of the player stickers.

For an auction draft board, the challenge comes in creating player labels that make it easier to track how much a team spent on a player and how much money they have left after the selection.

How My Draft Day adjusts fantasy draft stickers for an auction

My Draft Day accomplished this by designing player labels that provide room to write both player price and remaining owner budget. This is ultra-convenient as everyone can see each player's value and their owner's remaining cash as soon as they are added to the board.

It's still a bummer that their stickers don't contain each player's bye week, but space is at a premium on these labels. If you have an auction league and are struggling to find a fantasy football auction draft board to buy, this product will fit the bill.

What I like..
  • Labels accommodate player price and owner budget
  • Large fantasy football draft board /w high league capacity
  • check-square-o
    A reputable merchant with years of experience
Not so much..
  • No bye weeks on player labels

Build Your Own Custom Fantasy Draft Board

Have you ever purchased an offline fantasy football draft board knowing full-well that it wasn't quite what you needed?  But you went ahead and bought the board because no one seems to sell exactly what you need? 

Enter the custom fantasy football draft board

Custom draft boards let you pick and choose the features you want in a board.  Every aspect of a board that you can imagine can be customized.  League name, logo, colors, team names, and more can be used to create a truly one-of-a-kind board.

And the best part?  I know a place where you can design and preview your draft board in real time!  Sounds too good to be true?  Read on.

Use the Draft Board Genie to customize a draft board

Customizable Draft Board

This section of my draft board review won't be much of a comparison.  Why?  Because I only know one company that sells truly customizable draft boards: Bruno's Draft Boards.

Bruno's went beyond letting you pick custom features to develop software that lets you build a custom board in real-time.  They make this possible through an application called the Draft Board Genie.

Through the Genie, you can customize the following features of your draft board:

  • Board Dimensions - Medium (36"x36"), Jumbo (42"x42"), or Elephant (48"x42") size boards
  • Paper Stock - You can upgrade to a thicker banner stock that is highly durable
  • check
    Number of Teams & Rounds - Create a board that fits your league just right 
  • Custom Color Schemes - Pick a color scheme that matches your league or logo
  • check
    League Name or Logo - Print your league name or league logo right at the top
  • check
    Team Names - Forget stickers, have your team names printed on the board

Here is a custom board I designed for my league in about 5 minutes.  It is the perfect sized board for my league, no bigger or smaller with no wasted space.  It also has my league name printed, all team names printed, my league logo, and colors of choice.  

Pretty cool for a ff draft board that's priced comparable a standard board with no customization features!

Custom Fantasy Football Draft Board

Here is a video explaining the basics of how to use the Genie.

In addition to designing a custom draft board, you can also save your draft board design so that you don't have to re-design your board when the next fantasy season rolls around.  The Design Genie is a truly unique approach to creating fantasy football draft boards.  

Fantasy Football Draft Board FAQs 

I've compiled answers to the most common questions about fantasy football draft boards.  If you have a question that isn't answered here, put it in the comments below and I'll try to add it here.

1.  What is a fantasy football draft board?

A fantasy football draft board is a large grid printed on a paper, or some other surface, that allows fantasy football players to place draft picks during a live fantasy football draft.  Draft boards are usually combined with NFL player stickers, a sharpie, and tape so you have everything you need to conduct the draft.

2.  Where do I buy a fantasy football draft board?

The best place to buy fantasy football draft boards is online.  Specifically, it's smartest to purchase draft boards from Amazon or merchants who specialize in manufacturing fantasy football draft boards.

3.  Can I buy a fantasy football draft board in a store?

Some brick & mortar stores sell fantasy football draft boards.  If you have to pick up a board in person, you may be able to find a fantasy football draft board in one of the following stores:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Walmart

But draft boards sold in stores likely have player labels that are extremely outdated.  It would be smarter to buy a fantasy draft board from an online merchant that ships overnight.

4.  Can I get a fantasy football draft board shipped overnight?

The only fantasy football draft board manufacturer that offers overnight shipping is Bruno's Draft Boards.

5.  How do I make a fantasy football draft board?

You can find several instructional videos on how to make a live fantasy football draft board on YouTube.  The problem?  To buy the materials to make your own board would you cost as much as $30.

Why would you spend the time making your own draft board when you can buy a cheaper fantasy football draft board from one of the merchants in this review?  Draft board merchants are able to make a profit because they buy draft board materials in bulk. 

You don't save that much money (if any) building your own fantasy football draft board.  A DIY fantasy football draft board only makes sense if you're really bored or want to impress your friends.

6.  What is the best fantasy football draft board?

The best fantasy football draft board will vary from league to league as different leagues have different formats, rules, and budgets.  The best draft board for your league is typically the cheapest board that has the features necessary for your league to complete a successful fantasy draft.

7.  How do you set up a fantasy football draft board?

The vast majority of fantasy football draft boards are set up by taping them to the wall or some other surface.  Some fantasy football vendors sell tension stands that allow you to set up a fantasy board outside where there are no walls.

8.  Can I get a printable fantasy football draft board?

You can download your own printable fantasy football draft board by clicking below on your league's format and desired draft board format.  But be warned that printing this board will cost about half as much as a buying a complete draft board.  Also, you'll have to purchase your own player labels and print them as well.

Number of Teams

Draft Board Format

10 Teams


Right-click, save as..

10 Teams


Right-click, save as..

12 Teams


Right-click, save as..

12 Teams


Right-click, save as..

14 Teams


Right-click, save as..

14 Teams


Right-click, save as..

9.  Where can I get a free fantasy football draft board?

One way to get a free fantasy football draft board is to simply print a free one (see above).  You can also get free fantasy draft boards through your league host.  For instance, CBS Sports give you a free fantasy football draft board with the purchase of one of their paid leagues.

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