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What is NFL Game Pass?

Game Pass is the NFL's online streaming service that provides instant access to live preseason games and same-day access to all other games throughout the season. Game Pass puts NFL fanatics and fantasy football enthusiasts in the GM seat with DVR-like controls that make finding the best football action quick and simple.

In addition to live and archived football games, subscribers to NFL Game Pass also get access to the NFL Films archives, audio-only game feeds, multiple game viewing angles, and more. Best of all, you can try the service for free to see if it's worth it!




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Fantasy Jocks Coupon

As part of a promotion for the 2017 fantasy football season, we're giving away a $100 promo code (i.e. free shopping spree!) for  Cheat Sheet War Room has been an affiliate for Fantasy Jocks for a couple of years and we love their products.  

You should definitely check them out.

How will the winner be determined?

The winner will be selected by a random drawing based on entries collected from our readers and members.  You can earn an entry into this drawing (which will be held on August 31st, 2017) in a couple different ways.

How current members can enter the contest

If you're already a member or are simply a reader of our site, you can like our Facebook page to earn an entry into the drawing.  This will help to get the word out and hopefully build a broader user base for the next version of Cheat Sheet War Room to roll-out in 2018.  

How new members can enter the contest

If you're not already a member of Cheat Sheet War Room, simply create a new account and try out our custom cheat sheet creation tool.  Based on your league's scoring system, you can create interactive cheat sheet rankings based on any combination of fantasy football positions.  You can also configure your sheet for standard or PPR scoring.

If you're not a member, you can earn two entries by both registering and liking our Facebook page.

What types of products does Fantasy Jocks sell?

If you're not familiar with Fantasy Jocks, they're one of the top fantasy football merchants on the market.  I wrote an entire article reviewing Fantasy Jocks' service and website.  They've essentially got everything a fantasy commissioner could need, from draft boards to prizes like championship rings, trophies, championship belts, and more.

They essentially sell everything a fantasy football commissioner might need before, during, and after the NFL season.  Some of their popular products include draft boards and prizes such as championship rings, trophies, championship belts, and more.

How does the discount code work?

Using the coupon code is as simple as entering it into the checkout process when you make your purchase.  Bam!

If I win the contest, how will I be notified?

If you win the coupon code, I will contact you either via email (if you registered for a new account) or through Facebook (if you liked our site's Facebook page).  If you signed-up using a fake email address, then you'll probably be out of luck and we'll select a different winner.

Thank you to everyone for participating, and to Fantasy Jocks for providing this prize.   




Fantasy Football Magazines

When it comes to prepping for a fantasy football draft, many owners follow the path of least resistance. They wait until draft day, grab the latest printable cheat sheets, then simply work their way down the list as they make their selections.

And there's nothing wrong with that. It certainly beats them looking over your shoulder at the rankings you carefully researched and compiled! By the way, you can cure this problem with this ingenious, fake fantasy football cheat sheet.

Some owners put in a little more effort, maybe spending a few hours to a day reading articles, scanning sleeper lists, and creating their own cheat sheet based on the knowledge they glean during this short research session. Again, this is a perfectly legitimate way to cram for a draft and many fantasy championships have been won in this manner.

Using Theory and Science to Gain a Draft Day Advantage

Fantasy Draft Strategy

But there is a small minority of fantasy owners that take this game a bit more seriously. They not only want to know who the best players are, but they want to apply proven draft strategies to their fantasy drafts in order to gain a substantial advantage over their competition. For these elite fantasy enthusiasts, there are fantasy football draft strategy guides.

Fantasy strategy guides go beyond the purely data-driven analysis of fantasy magazines to analyze overarching football trends, applicable game theory, and proprietary player valuation algorithms that were developed specifically for the purpose of building fantasy championship teams before, during, and after your fantasy football draft.

In this article, I will review four of the best fantasy football strategy guides for the upcoming 2017 NFL season.  Here is a list of the guides I'll be reviewing in detail below.  You can click on any of the links to quickly check their current price.



Fantasy Football Magazines

When it comes to fantasy football preparation, there are some owners who follow the league closely year round. They examine the NFL draft, team news, free agent acquisitions, and player movement with a magnifying glass.

I used to be one of these people.

As I've "grown up", staying up to speed on relevant NFL news has been replaced with real-life responsibilities like a career and children. Now when August rolls around I typically find myself completely out of the football loop. I'm sure many other middle-aged fantasy owners echo this sentiment.

It Takes a Bigger Man to Ask for Help

As my football knowledge slowly slips away with each passing season, I've become increasingly dependent on football publications to quickly bring me back up to speed as my fantasy draft approaches. Fantasy football magazines have been a big help in this regard.

In this article, I'll discuss why fantasy football draft magazines can be so helpful to those of us who need a quick refresher on the changing NFL landscape. I'll break down five of the best fantasy football magazines and how they can help you fill in those knowledge gaps so you can draft with confidence.

In closing, I'll crown the best fantasy football magazine for the 2017 season and explain why it should be your publication of choice heading into this NFL season.

Here is a list of the fantasy magazines I'll be reviewing in detail below. You can click on any of these links to quickly check their current price.



Funny fantasy football trophies

Championship trophies are a must for fantasy football leagues.  But let's be honest, only one owner in your entire fantasy league actually gets to enjoy that trophy each year.  That's not a very good return on investment.

The great thing about loser trophies is that they can be enjoyed by the entire league (ok, maybe except for the owner who actually receives it).  There is nothing funnier than watching the last-placed team accept a loser fantasy football trophy in front of the entire league.  The funnier the trophy, the better.

And in much the same way that a championship trophy promotes healthy competition, a loser trophy helps to motivate the bottom-tier teams in your league to avoid the shame that comes with earning that dishonor.  And let's face it, that shame is usually well-deserved.

Here is a quick summary of the funniest fantasy football trophies that I'll be reviewing in detail below.  If you want to save some time you can click on these links to check the current prices on Amazon.




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