Fantasy Football Championship Belts – The Best Standard and Custom Options

Updated on November 27th, 2023 by Brad Perniciaro
Best Fantasy Football Championship Belts

From standard to customizable belts, these symbolic treasures embody the triumphs and tribulations of fake gridiron champions. But who has the best fantasy football belts in 2024?

Let’s dive into the details and evaluate the top championship belts for this fantasy football season. We’ll break down the best standard, customizable, mini, and loser belt options.

Blinged-Out Fantasy Football Ring
Blinged-Out Belt
Free Championship Ring /w Purchase
Best Custom Fantasy Football Ring


Standard Fantasy Football Belt
Standard Belt
Best Custom Fantasy Football Ring


Custom Fantasy Football Belt
100% Custom Belt Blinged-Out Belt
Free Championship Ring /w Purchase
Best Custom Fantasy Football Ring


Semi-Custom Fantasy Football Belt
Semi-Custom Belt
Best Custom Fantasy Football Ring


Budget Fantasy Football Belt
Budget Belt Blinged-Out Belt
Free Championship Ring /w Purchase
Best Budget Fantasy Football Ring


Mini Fantasy Football Belt
Mini Belt
Best Budget Fantasy Football Ring


Loser Fantasy Football Belt
Loser Belt
Best Loser Fantasy Football Ring


Reviewing the Best Fantasy Football Belts of 2024

In 2024, there are fantasy football belts for every category of league prize. There are standard belts, fully-customizable belts, semi-customizable belts, miniature belts, and more.

Let’s evaluate the top manufacturers so you can pick the championship belt that is perfect for your specific league.

Fantasy Football Belt /w Biggest Bling

The best fantasy football belt for the 2024 season is this blinged-out championship belt from Trophy Smack (as seen on Shark Tank). As they warn on their website, this gaudy championship belt could very well cause complete blindness due to its 3169 not-really real diamonds.

Trophy Smack Blinged Out Fantasy Football Belt

This monster belt is the biggest, baddest fantasy football championship belt on the planet. For leagues looking to stand out and make a statement, look no further.

This gem ships free, so get yours today!

Best Standard Fantasy Football Belt

Fantasy Jocks Standard Fantasy Football Belt

This standard championship belt is a quality option and a popular choice for many fantasy leagues. It comes in four different color combinations, so you divas have a variety of styles from which to choose.

Customize the endplates to add past champions, or sport this waist candy as-is. You can’t go wrong.

Ultimate Custom Fantasy League Belt

Trophy Smack Custom Fantasy Football Belt

If you’re looking for a completely blank canvas on which to brand your league’s persona, we’ve got a custom championship belt for you. The configuration options are endless, from the front plate graphics to the belt finish and strap color.

This belt weighs a monstrous six pounds, is completely customizable, and ships free.

Semi-Custom Fantasy Football Belt

Fantasy Jocks Semi-Custom Fantasy Football Belt

This semi-customizable belt should fit the bill for those who want to brand their belt but not go overboard. The graphics on this belt are standard, but you get to customize the top and bottom banners with your chosen text.

Choose from four color combinations, and orders over $199 ship free.

Best Budget Fantasy Football Belt

Trophy Smack Standard Fantasy Football Belt

This enormous belt is a wise economical choice for leagues looking to go big but also save a few bucks. It’s a thick, sturdy, impressive belt and is the best bang for your buck in this review.

The base model doesn’t come with customization options, but for $20 you can add name plates to detail your league and winner names.

Best Mini Fantasy Belt for 2024

Trophy Smack Mini Fantasy Football Belt

This miniature fantasy football belt is a smart solution for leagues that let the league champ keep the belt forever. It costs a fraction of full-sized belts, yet still advertises your unquestioned fantasy prowess.

And this mini belt is fully-customizable! It’s the best of both worlds.

Best Fantasy Football Loser Belt

Trophy Smack Loser Fantasy Football Belt

I love this unique loser fantasy belt as a way to punish the worst fantasy footballer in your league. For those leagues that love to humiliate the worst teams, buy this belt and let the bottom-dwellers pass it along each season.

Or better yet, for them to wear it at the yearly fantasy draft!

Free Championship Ring /w Belt Purchase

Trophy Smack is offering my readers a special deal for 2024. If you purchase any of their championship belts (or trophies, for that matter) valued at over $100, they’ll throw in a championship ring for free.

Trophy Smack - Fantasy Football Stunna Ring

To claim this deal, just add the Stunna Championship Ring to your cart during checkout and use the coupon code: CHEATSHEETWARROOM.

If you’re interested in this deal for a free ring, you should also check out my review of the best fantasy football trophies. There you’ll find other options that also qualify for a free ring.

Buying a Fantasy Football Championship Belt That Doesn’t Suck

If you’ve been a fantasy football enthusiast for any length of time, you’re probably a bit tired of the same old trophy being passed around from year to year.   Even the best fantasy football trophy can seem a bit dated in 2024.

Luckily, there are now superior, modern prize options available to give your league some newfound swagger.  One of those is the fantasy football championship belt.

Sure, it might seem like a ridiculous fantasy football trophy concept to the prudes of the world.  But this game we play is also a bit ridiculous, so they actually make an excellent pairing.  

The 5 things you must consider when buying a fantasy football belt

When searching for the best fantasy football championship belt for your league, there are a few essential factors to keep in mind. FFL Championship belts can be a bit more expensive than other fantasy prizes, so you want to understand your options before buying a belt.

Cheap, knock-off fantasy football belts are a dime a dozen.  But if you’re investing your league’s hard-earned money into a championship belt, you want one that will last.

Fantasy football belt factors to consider

  • Belt plate construction: Avoid belts featuring cheap or plastic plates. Metal plates are the standard; the thicker the plates, the better.
  • Merchant reputation: Belt manufacturers come and go, but I limited this review to merchants who have been in the industry for a while.
  • Belt strap material: Genuine leather is better than synthetic (PU leather) but also harder to find and priced at a premium.  Still, PU leather is the standard and is usually adequate.
  • Price point: Affordable championship belts can be found if you do your homework.  Identify your must-haves, then buy the belt that provides the most value given your budget.
  • Customization options: I devote an entire section to strictly reviewing personalizable football belts, some partially and some completely customizable.

Does a fantasy football title belt make sense for your league?

Championship belts have always been a bit pricey compared to fantasy football prize ideas, but the cost per year can actually be quite low if you consider a customizable belt that can be passed from champion to champion.

The WWE has made a tradition of awarding a yearly FFL championship belt to the Super Bowl champs. Why should your league be any different? You gotta admit, it looks really cool and shiny.

Pay close attention to belt construction materials

Cow Suggesting PU Leather

Almost all fantasy belts sold these days are made of either real, genuine leather or PU (Polyurethane) leather, a popular synthetic leather.  Real leather is always better than fake leather, but be prepared to pay a bit more for this option.

Unless you have expensive taste, PU leather is probably more than adequate for this type of fantasy prize. In all likelihood, you’ll be pulling this belt out once a year to rub it into your league owners’ faces. You won’t be wearing it to your day job riding bulls.

Because fantasy belts are almost always sold by the same companies that manufacture fantasy trophies, the plates adorning commercial belts are almost always made of metal.  More times than not, this metal is thick aluminum and adequately durable.

Fantasy football belts can be re-used year after year

Championship Belt Plates

Football championship belts have finally matured to the point where they can be re-used like perpetual fantasy football trophies.  Many belts support blank metal plates that can be used to engrave fantasy team names or league graphics.

Although fantasy championship belts are pricey, the fact that you can re-use them year after year makes them much more attractive to leagues on a budget.   For instance, if you usually spend $50 on a yearly trophy, it can actually be much more cost effective to purchase a title belt and pass it between league champions.

In that way, it becomes a bit of a fantasy football perpetual belt.

Fantasy football title belts are sized to fit just about anyone

Fantasy football belt trophies are sold as a one size fits all product.  Most belts Incorporate metal snaps which allow the belt to be adjusted based on waist size.  Each belt I review below is at least 50 inches in length.  That means they should fit anyone with a numerical belt size up to 50 or a general waist size of 4XL (or smaller). 

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