The Best Fantasy Football Championship Rings (2018 Edition)

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Fantasy football rings are great idea for fantasy league prizes because they're like a wearable championship trophy that goes everywhere you go.  Sure, some might be big & gaudy, but that never stopped NFL players from flashing their Superbowl bling!  Why should you be any different?

At one time fantasy football championship rings used to be cost prohibitive, but as their popularity has grown the prices have come down to a very reasonable level.  Now there are multiple companies offering quality rings that even leagues on a budget can easily afford.

But not all fantasy championship rings are created equal.  There are many cheap, inferior rings being sold.  You don't want to invest in a ring that will turn your champion's finger green (even though that would be really funny)!  

I researched the most popular fantasy rings and vendors on the market then compiled the best fantasy football championship rings for 2018.    Let's dive right in!


Fantasy ring comparison table

My top 4 rings are summarized here and are reviewed in detail below.  You can click on any of these product links to quickly check their current price.

Fantasy championship ring buying guide

When searching for the best possible ring for your league, there are a few important things to consider. In the next few sections, I'll break down these factors so that you purchase a ring of the highest possible quality.

Key factors you must consider before buying a ring

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    Metal Composition - The metals used in a ring's construction dictate its weight and strength.  Cheap metals can discolor your skin.
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    Vendor Reputation - Limit your choices to ring vendors with the best user reviews and responsive replies to user concerns. 
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    Affordability - Don't overpay for a ring.  Most rings in this review are comparable in price to your average fantasy trophy.  Some are even cheaper.
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    Ring Size Availability - Picking a ring with just the right fit is critical.  Be sure the ring you choose is available in the size necessary to fit the champ before placing your order.

Why choose a fantasy championship ring at all?

Comparison of fantasy football championship ring a trophy

Championship rings are nothing new.  The NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB all award rings to the players of their respective championship teams.  They are coveted awards and are often used as a measuring stick when judging a player's career.

The same theory applies to awarding a ring to a fantasy football champion.  It's a unique and righteous way to recognize the most dominant team in your league.

For years, the only option for fantasy leagues when awarding prizes was to buy a trophy.  Now, leagues can choose between trophies, fantasy rings, and even fantasy championship belts (check out my list of the best fantasy football championship belts here).   Since rings can be worn anywhere, they're starting to surpass trophies as the most popular type of league award.

But what are some of the important factors you should consider when choosing the best football championship ring for your league?  I'll cover those next.

The best rings are made of quality metals

Green Ring Ringer

When evaluating any ring, it's important to know what metals are used in its construction.  Cheap rings that are coated in metals such as copper can interact with chemicals in your skin to leave an ugly green ring on your finger.  

That's the last thing your league champion needs after a hard-fought fantasy season.   

None of the rings in this review contain copper.  They are all comprised of heavy and durable metals including zinc and metal alloys, usually plated with gold or silver.  

You can be assured that when purchasing one of these fantasy football rings, you'll be receiving a quality piece of jewelry that will last.

Fantasy football rings are best awarded yearly

Multiple fantasy football championship rings

Some leagues have a trophy that gets passed between champions from year to year.  These perpetual trophies typically have large, engravable plates that provide room to etch the names of the championship teams.  

Obviously, fantasy rings don't fit into this prize model because of their small size. There is only limited space to engrave anything beyond the standard lettering.

But another reason why you can't pass a ring along from champion to champion is because your league champs almost certainly have different ring size requirements.  As such, it makes more sense to award a championship ring each and every year.  

Luckily, ring prices are very reasonable- making this type of award affordable for just about any fee-based league.  Even with a nominal $5 entry fee, leagues can comfortably award a championship ring every year.

Determine your ring size before making a purchase

Each fantasy ring vendor supplies their own range of ring sizes.   It's very important to know your target ring size before choosing a ring because size could limit your options.

Ring vendors typically carry the most common ring sizes for men, but it's still an important factor (maybe THE most important factor) to consider.  If you don't know your ring size, it's actually very easy to figure it out using one of the methods described next.

Visit a local jeweler to get sized for your ring

Common ring sizing tools

Any jeweler can size your ring finger very quickly using a variety of different tools.  If you have a ring that already fits you well, they can use a ring mandrel tool to determine its size.

 If they don't have that tool, they'll use metal ring sizers, which are ring-shaped templates that you try on until you find one that fits just right.

Visiting a jeweler is what I suggest if you want to get the most accurate fitting possible.  They eliminate the guesswork and will ensure you order a ring that fits comfortably. 

Even if you purchase a ring and it doesn't quite fit right, most of the vendors reviewed in this article will be happy to exchange your ring for one with a better fit.  Just check out the reviews for each ring and you'll see instances where customers have done just that with no hassle.

Estimate your own ring size using common materials

String used to measure finger circumference.

If you're pressed for time or don't live near a jeweler, you can still estimate your ring size MacGyver style.  Believe it or not, you can determine your ring size using common items found around the house.  

Wrap a strip of paper or piece of string around your ring finger and make a mark where they start to overlap.  Then, measure the paper or string with a ruler to get a length representing the circumference of your finger.  Finally, use this sizing chart to determine your ring size based on the measured length.

If you want to go this route, check out the video below which shows how to determine your ring size in detail.

The best fantasy championship rings reviewed

Our top 5 rings include the most stylish (yet affordable) rings on the market.  But different people have different tastes and no one ring is perfect for everyone.  

Each ring reviewed below has its strengths and weaknesses. Only you can decide which ring is best for you or your fantasy league champion.

Fantasy Jocks v3 Championship Ring

This third-generation ring from Fantasy Jocks is the Rolls Royce of fantasy football championship rings. It's one of the pricier rings in this review, but if you're really looking to turn some heads then look no further than this beauty.

This large and heavy ring is emblazoned with a plethora of sparkling rhinestones. The stones surround a beautiful, sculpted likeness of the Lombardi Trophy- itself constructed of even more, brilliant stones.

The top and bottom face of the ring spell-out simply: "Fantasy Champion". Enough said.

As I said before, this ring is on the higher end of the pricing range. But for those of you that must have the latest, greatest ring on the market, the newest ring from Fantasy Jocks is the answer.

The silver version of the ring pictured is super-nice, but you can also order a  gold version of the same ring if that's your style. 

What I like
  • Absolutely stunning and intricate design
  • Screams "I am the Champion!"
  • Latest and greatest ring version from Fantasy Jocks
Not so much..
  • Luxury ring priced higher than other styles

The Fantasy FFL Champion Ring from Decade Awards doesn't flash the same bling as the other fantasy football rings in this review.   But that could be a plus for owners who prefer a classic look.  

This design is slick and clean but isn't completely devoid of glitz.  Eight small stones adorn the ring face, four on either side.  For the reserved fantasy champion, this adds some flashiness without going overboard.  

The second-ranked ring in our review is made of die cast zinc for high impact strength.   As a nice bonus, each ring comes in a free display box.

What I like...
  • Clean and classy design
  • High impact die-cast strength
  • Available in both gold and silver
Not so much..
  • Low bling-factor
Fantasy Jocks v2 Championship Rings

Fantasy Jocks has established itself as one of the premiere fantasy sports vendors on the market.  It's no wonder they have three rings in our top four choices for 2017.

This monster weighs in at a solid 3 ounces. It is silver plated and packed with sparkling glass stones.  No one will ever know these aren't flawless gemstones!

This ring has had its day in the sun, and still could be the best ring for leagues on a budget. But I predict the v3 Championship Ring by the Jocks will eventually become the most popular design.

Never one to skimp, the Jocks will deliver your fantasy ring in a stylish ring box with red velvet interior.   You'll feel like you're presenting this ring to royalty!

What I like
  • Heavy ring with great feel
  • Available in common ring sizes
  • Super-fast shipping
  • Available in both gold and silver
Not so much..
  • Not the latest and greatest
Fantasy Jocks v1 Championship Ring

This gem was Fantasy Jocks' first introduction to their fantasy ring product line. While not as flashy as their newer ring offerings, this is a hugely popular product that set the stage for the awesome ring iterations to follow.

I personally like this ring because it has a great balance between the text, imagery, and stones. It will catch people's eye, but not necessarily blind them.

This ring is made of brass but plated in Rhodium. Rhodium is commonly used to plate white gold rings and gives them their ultra-white color. Any fantasy champion would wear this ring with pride.

What I like
  • Plated in Rhodium for an ultra-white finish
  • Many happy customers
  • Good quality for a great price
Not so much..
  • Hollow backing
  • Light than newer versions from Fantasy Jocks

My pick for the best fantasy football championship belt

Fantasy Jocks v3 Championship Ring

Fantasy rings are no longer a fad among fantasy sports enthusiasts. With their affordable pricing and attention-grabbing ability, they're becoming the most popular championship prize in many fantasy football leagues. 

My pick for the best fantasy football ring of 2018 is the v3 ring from Fantasy Jocks.  It's the largest, flashiest ring on the market.  And if you've committed to advertising your fantasy dominance, you should go big or go home.

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