Fantasy Hockey Team Names – Funny Ideas for 2024 Leagues

Updated on September 8th, 2023 by David Sharp
Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Winter is a cold, bleak, and hopeless time of year. So thank the Great One that there’s fantasy hockey to give you some hope and excitement.

As long as your team’s good, that is. When your team is bad, the cold feels even colder.

That’s why you must prep for the season, research, and get your team sorted. And of course, you’re going to need some kick-ass fantasy hockey team names.


Fantasy Hockey Team Names for 2024

I like fantasy hockey leagues in part because of how customizable the categories are. Instead of flattening all players out into a single score like football, fantasy hockey embraces the individuality of its players.

As such, you’re going to need some fantasy hockey team name ideas as unique as your players.

Conn Artist

Keep Auston Weird

Shippin’ Up to Auston

If Auston Mathews played for the Bruins, this fantasy hockey team name would be almost too perfect.

Kirill Communication

Meet Your Makar

Kith and MacKinnon

Tip o’ the Kaprizof

The Sid and the Superego

The Sid is Sidney Crosby, obviously. The Superego is whatever player on your team thinks just a little too highly of himself.

Mikko, Myself, and I

You and Mikko

Biff Rantanan

Get Ovech It

Roman à Clef

His Barkov is Worse Than Bite

Would it be going too far to do His Barkov is Worse than His Bitekov?

Roman Candles


Artemi Video Games

Artemi School Confidential

Life Imitates Artemi

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Best Fantasy Hockey Team Name Ideas

What makes a good fantasy hockey team name? Does it have to make everyone in your league laugh, or just you?

Does it have to show your knowledge of the game, or reference your best player? Nah, it just needs to be something you’d be proud to see on a trophy.

Knight Kreider

Kreider Die

KC Masterpiece

That’s a Kyle Connor hockey team name and a pretty decent barbecue sauce.


Quick Draw McGraw

Quick Math

DeBrincats and Dogs

  • DeBrincat’s Pajamas
  • What DeBrincat’s Dragged In
  • DeBrincat and Mouse
  • DeBrincat’s Meow
  • DeBrincat’s Got Your Tongue
  • Top DeBrincat

Marked in Stone

Down the Thatch

Thatcher in the Rye

Top Seiders

Moritz Power to Ya

  • Moritz Than Meets the Eye
  • Once Moritz With Feeling
  • No Moritz Mr. Nice Guy
  • Moritz the Merrier

If You Have to Rask

Rust Bucket


Jesper the Dog

That’s a Family Guy reference, ya clams.

Barzal Down

Tage Advice

This Tage of the Game

California Golden Seals

This fantasy hockey team name isn’t a pun, it’s the name of a defunct NHL team. If you like that idea, here are a handful more options in that vein.

  • Montreal Wanderers
  • Quebec Bulldogs
  • Montreal Maroons
  • Kansas City Scouts
  • Cleveland Barons
  • Hartford Whalers

Fantasy Hockey Team Name Generator

Fantasy Hockey Team Names From Writers & The Community

Funny Fantasy Hockey Names

What does a bad hockey team have in common with the Titanic? They both look good until they hit the ice.

Here are our best funny fantasy hockey team names.

Owen Power is OP

To Boldy Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

Svechis Get Stitches

Bratt Dolls

Cale Salad

If Cale Makar ever grows a mullet, this fantasy hockey name goes from solid to legendary.

Return of the MacKinnon

Zegras is Greener

Nurse’s Office

Trouba on My Mind


Dirty Fantasy Hockey Name Ideas

Hockey is the cleanest sport. There’s no mud, no turf, just smooth, clean ice. But then you have the players.

Hockey players have some of the dirtiest mouths in all of sports. You’re probably going to want some dirty hockey team names to match.

Dickens Seider

Suck My Kahkonen

Kubalik My Balls

Snorting Laines

Bustin’ Hyman

If he gets injured again, you can always change it to Busted Hyman.

Rask over Teakettle

Vasilevskiy Deferens

Raging ‘Bonies

Netflix and Chell

Cool Fantasy Hockey Team Names

Gen Z loves hockey too. Let’s give the youngsters some cool fantasy hockey team names that slap.

Clapper Back

This Team Slaps

No Kap

Panarin Bread

Kiringe Kids

Chad ThunderTkuchuck

Would it be going too far to do Chad Tkunderchuck? Nah, I say go for it.

Mikko’s Finna Win It


Thirsty for Seider

Red Wings Fantasy Hockey Names

Bringing back Detroit’s glory days, one Red Wings fantasy hockey team name at a time.

Jakub Scouts


Chirot to Know

Husso What?

Husso Ever

Killer Perronhas

Bertuzzi and Ernie

Chirot Does Not Imply Can

Just in case you weren’t forced to take a philosophy class in undergrad, here’s an explanation.

Mikita Stans

Gordieez Nuts

Gordie’s Fisherman

Sawchuck E. Cheese

Lidström’s Umlauts

Yzerman of the Hour

Yzerman of the Year



Datsyuk My Dick

Blackhawks Fantasy Team Name Ideas

The Indians are now the Guardians. The Redskins are the Commanders.

But the Blackhawks are still the Blackhawks – for now. Better use these Blackhawks fantasy team names while you can.

United We Stand

Catch as Catch Kane

You Kane Bank On It

Open a Kane of Whoop Ass

Kane of Worms

My Big Towes

I’ll Towe You One

Mrazek in the Bathroom

Mrazek Image

Mrazek Fingers

Mrazek Mike

Azek Holes

Mikita Peach

The Hull Truth

Hull of Fame



Fantasy Hockey Team Names from Around the Web

Like Igor Shesterkin snagging a clapper, I snatched these fantasy hockey names from mid-air. Now I’m passing them on to you – so where are my chants?

Oh Say Can Josi


It’s Raining Schenn

Happy Kuempers

Stairway to Headman

To Kirill a Mockingbird

Auston Translation

Zibanejad News Bears

Times New Roman Josi

What’s Kraken

The Kessel Run

More Ideas for Fantasy Hockey Names?

We’re always looking for a solid assist. If you have a good fantasy hockey team name, tell us about it in the comments below.

We’ll add the funniest ones to this article.

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