Fake Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Fake Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Aren't you sick and tired of that owner who consistently shows up at your fantasy football draft unprepared and wanting to look at your printable cheat sheets when making their draft selections? Well my friends, this is the year you get your revenge!

Using this tool you can easily generate a fake fantasy football cheat sheet to ensure this loser gets what he or she deserves. We start with our current NFL player rankings and randomize players in groups according to how believable you want the rankings to appear.

Your goal should be to configure a sheet that is believable enough to pass as a valid sheet, but bad enough that the lazy owner will make some major blunders. The amount of randomization you want to apply will differ from league to league, which is why we allow you to configure this setting.

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Step 1 - Set Believability Level

Slider to set believability level

Use this believability slider to adjust how randomized you'd like the rankings to appear. We randomize players in groups, based on the group size specified. The default group size is 5, which means the first 5 players of our rankings are randomized, then players ranked 6 to 10 are randomized, then 11 to 15, and so on.

If you're in a league with complete novices, you may be able to get away with randomizing players in groups of 15 and 20. If the owners in your league are somewhat informed, but just lazy, you probably want to stick with a group size of 5 to 10. Feel free to experiment with these settings and re-generate sheets until you find a configuration that is just right for your league.

Randomize players in groups of:

more believable
less believable

Step 2 - Lock Top Players

Lock the top players in the cheat sheet

Unless you're dealing with some real screwballs, you may want the exclude a few of top-ranked players from the randomization process. This makes the fake cheat sheet more believable to most fantasy owners. By default, we don't randomize the top 5 players at each fantasy position, but you can change this setting below.

Lock the top players

Step 3 - Bye Week Randomization

Randomize bye weeks to create confusion

To add insult to injury, you can also randomize 2023 NFL bye weeks if desired.

Step 4 - Generate your Sheet

Generate your fake sheet

Click the button below to generate your fake cheat sheet. This cheat sheet will look and feel almost identical to our real cheat sheets. The only discernable differences are the name of the file: fcheat.sheet.aspx, and a small asterisk in the logo on the printed page.

We hope you won't be stupid enough to start drafting from your own fake cheat sheet, but we added these clues just to be on the safe side.

Step 5 - Lay the Bait

Lay the cheat sheet as bait

After you have generated a fake cheat sheet simply print a few copies, lay them around your draft room, and wait for the fantasy posers to take the bait. Try not to bust-out laughing when they proudly put the Riley Cooper sticker on the fantasy football draft board, ecstatic that he actually fell to them in the first round.