Fantasy Racing Cheat Sheets

Cheatsheetwarroom is a completely free online tool for creating customized fantasy racing cheat sheets. Our dynamic cheat sheet creation interface incorporates an assortment of useful information directly into the cheat sheet itself. This allows you to easily create educated rankings without having the scour the web for driver information or hassle with clumsy shreadsheets. Each of our free, interactive fantasy NASCAR cheat sheets includes the following features:

Racing Cheat Sheet Features

  • Simple Drag & Drop Interface

    Just point, click, and drag players to create custom rankings

  • ADP Integration

    Average draft position for each driver is listed

  • Comprehensive Driver Profiles

    Driver name, years of experience, car number, and car make

  • Configurable Notes

    Easily add custom notes on each driver to assist in your rankings

  • Export Capability

    Export your rankings to a spreadsheet

  • Sheet Customization Tools

    Easily add/remove drivers from your sheets or sort your drivers.

  • Supplemental Driver Rankings

    Compare your rankings against our NASCAR driver rankings

  • Critical Statistics

    Driver rank, wins, poles, winnings & other useful stats

  • Twitter Integration

    View the latest tweets about each driver

  • Driver News Search

    Search recent driver news with a custom search engine

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