2021 Kicker ADP

These rankings represent the average draft position (ADP) of kickers for the 2021 fantasy football season. Kicker ADP is calculated continuously by referencing the most recently updated kicker cheat sheets.

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Tyler Bass of the Buffalo Bills is ranked 7.0 in our 2021 Kicker rankings.
Tyler Bass #2
BUF Bills, 1 years exp
GAM=16, MAFG=28, MIFG=6, MAXP=57, MIXP=2, FPPG=7.6, TFP=121
Mike Badgley of the Los Angeles Chargers is ranked 20.0 in our 2021 Kicker rankings.
Mike Badgley #1
LAC Chargers, 3 years exp
GAM=16, MAFG=24, MIFG=9, MAXP=36, MIXP=3, FPPG=4.9, TFP=78
Dan Bailey of the Minnesota Vikings is ranked 28.0 in our 2021 Kicker rankings.
Dan Bailey #5
MIN Vikings, 10 years exp
GAM=16, MAFG=15, MIFG=7, MAXP=37, MIXP=7, FPPG=3.4, TFP=54