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Updated on September 6th, 2023 by David Sharp
eSports Team Names

It’s only a matter of time. The eSports industry is growing so fast that it could eventually surpass our current sports industry.

The Madden championships could draw more viewers. We could start calling eSports sports and real sports rSports.

New squads are forming all the time, and we’re going to need some good team names for gaming.

Let’s get the party started.

eSports Team Name Ideas for 2023

When it comes to gamer names, you have to pay attention to name availability, character limits, and punctuation rules. But the most important rule for gamers’ team names is that they must look cool on screen.


GLHF isn’t just spamming the chat. It’s a way of life.

Big Boss


This esports team name gives you the cutest mascot in all of electronic gaming.

Pixelotls an eSports Team Name
Like this, but pixelated.



The Stack

Stack Attack

This could work for a team name for lacrosse, as a stack is a vertical offensive formation.




Button Mashers

Speed Runts

Speed runts is also a fantastic team name idea for kids’ flag football.

Buttoned Up

Creep Farmers

Glitchy Trigger Finger

Glitch Hunt

Son of a Glitch

There are many more glitch puns out there:

  • Glitch About It
  • Glitchcakes
  • Dirty Glitches
  • Head Glitches In Charge

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Unique eSports Team Name Ideas

Look, we’d all love to be Ninja (and maybe for more reasons than one). But that gamer tag is taken.

You need good team names for gaming that aren’t going to bounce back when you submit them.


Manna Live

This unique gamer name might be too old-timey for you whippersnappers. But if my nanna gamed, she’d think this was hilarious.

Speaking of which…

Manna Nannas

QQ Me a River

Kings and Pwneds

Cheese Mongers

People hate cheesy players just as much as they hate the word monger – so I say just lean into it.

Team FF

Flame Warriors

Those seeking wrestling names might want to consider this gem.

GG Gang



Control Crowd

I also like Crowd Controllers.



eSports Team Name Generator

eSports Team Names From Writers & The Community

Competitive Team Names for Gaming

Don’t make the mistake of thinking every gamer is soft.


Final Blow

Tuff Buffs

Winner is Coming


For this e-sports name idea, you could also go with Triggering if that’s more your style.

Kappa Ass

KEKing Ass

This sports team name idea for gaming might also work for an NSFW soccer team name idea.




You can see the top Twitch emotes here. Maybe that sparks an eSports team name idea. Maybe it just helps the last handful of names make sense.

Dirty Team Names for eSports

Backdoor Bombers

Backdooring is well known in gaming circles. It’s a team strategy to seize an enemy’s structures without having pushed the last first (i.e. without the support of a friendly minion wave.

This could make a clever hockey team name as well. But the back door in hockey is the area of the ice on the far side of the offensive zone.

Catchy Gamer Team Names for 2023

Video games are supposed to be fun, and so are eSports team names.

Nuclear Nerfs

Deep Divers

Name Gaming

Double Players

Anyone seeking cool baseball team name ideas could steal this idea.

Start Screens

ReSpawn of the Devil

Smoke Show

You could apply this team name idea to a drag racing team name.



No Interest

Team Tilted

I like this idea for a tournament golf team name (if you plan on getting a little hammered).

Gang Gank

eSports Team Names from Around the Web

Most other video game team names lists are just copies of existing, generic team names. So I looked through those and copied only the good ones.

OK Boomers

Part of the wisdom of age is knowing exactly where you stand.

Brute Force

I also like this idea for an all-male bowling team name.

Digital Chaos

Final Boss

Polite Butchers

This isn’t a gaming pun, it’s just evocative writing to let your opponents know what’s coming.

Silent Shooters

This gamer name could also be used as a basketball name idea.

Ninjas in Pajamas

Or simply Pajama Ninjas.

Evil Geniuses

Unquenchable Overkill

Some might say this esports team name itself is a bit of overkill. Others might argue that one can never have enough kill.

Tell us Your Racing Team Name Ideas

If you have a funny team name for racing, tell us about it in the comments. We’ll add the funniest names to this article.

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