Patriots Gift Ideas for Hardcore New England Fans

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New England Patriots Gift Ideas

Patriots fans are hard to buy for, aren’t they? I mean, they already have everything a football fan could want: six championship rings.

The good news is that with championships comes some awesome gear options. Here’s our helpful list of New England Patriots gifts to help you find the perfect present for your patriotic loved one.

Patriots Gifts for Partying & Tailgaiting

A good tailgate party cannot have too much Pats-themed gear. It helps get your fellow loyalists in the mood, and as a bonus, it rubs your team in the face of a rival that dares to come to your party.

They have to sit in Pats-branded chairs, cool their beers with Pats koozies, and wipe their mouths with Pats-themed napkins. Want nachos? Eat them off plates that look like Bill Belichick’s face.

Patriots Canopy Gift Set

Patriots Party Gift

This Patriots Canopy Set is a necessary accessory for any outdoor NFL game party. It may not seem like a big deal, but canopies can function and class to a backyard tailgate.

They offer shade to keep your guests cool, protect the food, and even help with the visibility of an outside television.

The tent measures 9′ x 9′, a full 81′ square feet of total coverage. It is collapsable, portable, and easy to set up, take down, and store.

Gift a Patriots Picnic Table

Patriots Picnic Table for Present

If you need quick seating for your game day gathering, this Patriots picnic table has you covered. It seats four adults and is perfect for dining or just using as a portable serving table.

It’s also well-sized for a kids’ table if your lil’ Pats want a table of their own. The plastic and aluminum frame is also easy to wipe down and clean afterward (which can be vital if you’re using it as a kid’s table).

This gift idea gets bonus points for the classic Pats logo and overall throwback look. It reminds me of an old school tabletop football game.

Patriots Cornhole Set

Patriots Tailgating Gift

The gang needs something to do while pregaming, and a sweet Patriots cornhole set is just the ticket.

It provides the perfect level of friendly competition to get folks in the gameday spirit without ever risking a trip to the hospital. (Look, touch football is fun, but I don’t recommend it after too many Sam Adams).

The set comes with two 2′ x 4′ collapsable targets and eight duck-cloth bags. They even say that this is a regulation size set, which is shocking to me because I didn’t know that there were any regulations for cornhole.

New England Patriots Gifts for Him

Don’t be the boring dunce that gives the man in your life yet another shaving kit. We can only shave so much, folks.

Instead, be the spouse, sibling, or generous philanthropist that gives them what they really want: New England Patriots gear.

Customizable Patriots Gift – Men’s Jersey

Patriots Gift for Him

As every gentleman knows, special occasions require the proper attire. You wouldn’t go to the prom without a tuxedo, so why would you go to a tailgate party without a jersey?

This men’s custom Patriots jersey is perfect for any gameday occasion. The classic red looks great, but it’s also lightweight, breathable, and durable enough that you could play in it.

The name and number are fully customizable, so you can rep any player, past, present, or fictional (even if that player is you). This personalized jersey is also a wonderful football gift idea for players.

Patriots Game-Used Football Cuff Links

Patriots Gift Idea for Men

These cufflinks made from real game-used footballs are a versatile Patriots gift idea. They can help you dress up your bleacher bum or add a dash of fun to an otherwise stuffy affair.

The leather used in these cufflinks comes directly from footballs used in real Patriots games. Whatever the big occasion, they’ll be taking a little bit of NFL action with them.

The cufflinks themselves are sterling silver and engraved with the Pats logo on the back. There is also a unique hologram on the back that helps you track the history of the ball.

If you’re looking for gifts for a football coach, these cufflinks are a smart choice.

Patriots Donney & Bourke Florentine Wallet

Cool New England Patriots Gift

Pretty much every man I know needs a new wallet. You don’t think about it that much, and next thing you know, you’re carrying around some frayed, tattered embarrassment.

This sleek leather Dooney and Bourke florentine wallet will help your man get his stuff together again. He can ditch all those old business cards and receipts, all while repping New England.

It’s smooth and simple design offers all the storage a man needs, but without creating a giant butt-bulge. The embossed Pats logo is distinctive but classy enough you won’t feel awkward taking it out for big purchases.

Patriots Gift Ideas for Kids

Indoctrination is a powerful thing. You need to teach your kids about the important things (like the Patriots) so they’re prepared for life.

If you don’t, they could grow up to be a Jets fan. Shudder.

Gift a Patriots Kids’ Youth Jacket

Patriots Gift for Kids

This children’s Patriot’s Coaches’ jacket is a lightweight windbreaker designed to resemble those worn by NewEngland coaching staff. It is snappy enough that can dress it up or dress it down, and it’s versatile enough for a wide range of weather.

It’s 100% polyester and machine washable, critical for any item of kids’ clothing. You could also use it to dress your kid up like a tiny football coach, which is pretty great.

Coach’s headset not included.

Youth Custom Patriots Jersey

Personalized Patriots Gift for Kid

It’s a scientific fact that if you have a player’s jersey as a kid that you’ll love that player forever. You can customize this youth Patriots jersey can with any player’s name and number, past, present, or future.

Wait, future? Yep, you got it – you can even modify it with your lil Pat’s name and favorite number.

The jersey is an officially licensed replica that comes in both home whites and the road navy.

Youth Patriots Hat (Black)

Present for Youth Patriots Fan

How cool is your kid? Because I’m going to be honest, your kid has to be pretty cool to pull off this sleek New Era 39THIRTY Black Rush hat.

The stretch-fit hat features a curved bill, structured crown, and an embroidered black-on-black logo. It’s durable and washable, so you can keep tight – even through the abuse that kids put a hat through.

Patriots Gifts for Babies in 2021

These Patriots’ gift ideas aren’t really gifts for babies. Babies don’t care what they’re wearing, as long as it’s soft and fits right.

On the other hand, Mommy and Daddy care a lot about what the baby wears. Maybe a little too much.

Here are some Patriot gift ideas for newborns, infants, toddlers, and the parents that take pictures of them.

Patriots Baby Bodysuit Set

Patriots Gift for Baby

Speaking as a recent father, it’s a fact that you can never have too many onesies. Babies have a fantastic talent for destroying every piece of clothing you put them in with any number of substances.

Each of these three Patriots infant bodysuits is machine washable, super soft, and, of course, adorable.

If your baby is anything like mine, you should pack all three when you take baby tailgating. There’s a chance that by the end of the game, you’ll be happy you did.

Patriots Baby Bro Plush Toy

N.E. Patriots Gift Idea for Infant

Until they’re old enough to hold a football, this Baby Bro mascot plush will have to do. It’s soft, squeezable, and (while not drool-proof) machine washable.

The other benefit of this durable fellow is that he can double as a worry doll for daddy. Squeeze these guys during stressful plays to relieve tension (and work those forearm muscles).

Patriots Rugby Socks for Baby

Baby Patriots Gift Idea

Few things are as cute and totally unnecessary as baby socks. They can’t walk, so why would they need shoes and socks?

Because they’re adorable, that’s why.

These infant-size Patriots socks keep a baby’s toes warm while also completing any Pats-themed baby ‘fit.

New England Patriots Gifts for Locals

No Pats fan is ever mad at getting clothes, accessories, and the like. If you love your team, there’s no such thing as too much gear.

But if you really want to impress Patriots fans, these gifts go above and beyond. These are the types of gifts that get mentioned every future Christmas as they’re opening inevitably inferior gifts.

N.E. Patriots Gift Certificate – Hall of Fame

Unique New England Patriots Gift

To call the Patriots Hall of Fame a museum does not do justice to the high-tech, interactive, totally unique experience. The Pats HOF isn’t just dioramas and plaques. It’s a fascinating and immersive look at the great players and moments from Patriots history.

You can virtually feel what it was like to make the game-winning interception from Super Bowl XLI. There are highlights reels running on the 16′ x 9′ video wall, replicas of the team trophies, and much more.

This is an outstanding gift Idea for hardcore Patriots fanatics.

Patriots Gift with Versatility – Patriot Place Gift Card

Patriots Gift Idea for Fanatic

Patriot Place answers the question: What if I could live in a Patriots-themed world?

With food, clothing, entertainment, gifts, and more, a Pats fan can get anything they need here. The only problem with a Patriot Place gift card is that there are way too many options for spending it.

Something tells me they’ll figure it out.

Gift a New England Sports Tour

New England Patriots Present Idea

There are limits to how many games even the most dedicated of Ptas fans can attend. After all, even if you have season tickets, you’ll still never be able to see any away games, right?


New England Sports Tours can help you put together the perfect away-game vacation. From hotel to transportation, and even tickets to the game, they think of everything.

All you have to worry about is how loud to cheer when surrounded by people in the opposition’s colors.

Other Gift Ideas for NFL Fans

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