Game of Thrones Fantasy Football Names for 2023

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Game of Thrones Team Names

When you get right down to it, football and Game of Thrones are basically the same thing. At their core is a violent struggle for territory between warriors clad in body armor.

Opposing factions attempt to gain victory over one another in a bid for ultimate supremacy. And both involve massive head injuries.

The intersection of fantasy football and straight-up fantasy is natural, and I attempt to capture this in our compilation of Game of Thrones fantasy football team names. Use these GOT names in your 2023 leagues, for some Arya-style yuks, or inspiration for your own Game of Thrones puns.

Funny Game of Thrones Team Names

Think George R. R. Martin plays fantasy football? I bet he does. He’s probably one of those managers that cuts players left and right, making you wonder if he even has a plan.

Westeros Coast Offense

Bill Walsh is the George R.R. Martin of the West Coast Offense.

I Drink and I Throw Things

Arya Stark’s Facemask

Winner Is Coming

Offensive Hodoring

Or Defensive Hodoring, whichever team name you prefer.

Gridiron Throne

Dinklage and Dunklage Offense

A 40-Yard Dash of Kings

A Feast For Throws

The Pointy Endzone

First Drowned God

Sansa-tional Catch

We’re Number Wun

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Game of Thrones Fantasy Football Names for Mascots

Some people would rather not look at the same dumb Game of Thrones puns all season long. Sometimes you just want a strong, fearsome name that you proudly carve on your league’s version of the Iron Throne.

These Game of Thrones Team names are sure to instill fear in the heart of your fantasy football opponent.

Winterfell Dire Wolves

Targarian Dragons

Lannister Lions

If you want a super deep cut you could also go Casterly Rock Lions or Casterly Rock Lannisters.

Dothraki Horse Lords

The Unsullied

The Faceless Men

Vorathian Stags

Game of Thrones Fantasy Football Team Name Generator

Game of Thrones Fantasy Football Team Names From Writers & The Community

GOT Names Based on NFL Teams

There’s room in the heart to love two things. You can root for your hometown team while also being passionate about serialized fantasy dramas with high production value.

These Game of Thrones fantasy football names let you show your fandom for the gridiron and the battlefield.

Valerian Steelers

Redskins Wedding

Or, if that’s not dark enough for you, Redskincest.

Check out our article dedicate entirely Redskins fantasy team names.

Night Vikings

Check out our full list of Vikings fantasy football team names.

Denver Bran-cos

Detroit Lionnisters

The God of Titans and Wine

Davos Seahawk

Game of Thrones Nicknames for NFL Players

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the perfect medieval name that merges your favorite GOT character and NFL player. These Game of Thrones fantasy team names pay tribute to some of the more notable players in 2023.

Devonta FreeFolk

George R. R. Kittle

If you like this GOT team name, you’ll love our complete list of George Kittle fantasy football team name ideas.

Keenan the North

Lord Christian McJoffery

Baker of Chains

Tyrion Matheu Lannister

Brady of Tarth

Check out our full list of New England Patriots team names.

‘Fon Snow

You might say that Stefon Diggs is the Jon Snow of the Vikings offense. Or you might not, because that’s a very confusing metaphor.

‘Veon Snow

You might say that Le’Veon Bell is the Jets offense. Or you might not, because that metaphor was just used with the last name.

You Know Nothing Johnson

White Welkers

I know he’s retired, but this was too spot-on to pass up. This will be best of all White Walker names for some time.

Dinkledgerin James

The House of Manningster

The last in the line of Mannings is finally gone. That is, until Arch Manning is ready to reclaim the throne.

GOT Fantasy Football Names Based On ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ Series

Before HBO came along, there was just the Song of Fire and Ice book series.

Saquon of Ice and Fire

Deshaun of Ice and Fire

A Tom of Ice and Fire

A Song of Rice and Fire

For those old-school Niners fans out there. Not for fans of the former Baltimore running back – he doesn’t get any more fantasy teams named after him. 

A Song of Ice and Kyler

A Song of Ice and Fuller

LeSean of Ice and Fire

Is anyone out there still rostering LeSean? Has he transitioned into mascot status yet?

Game of Thrones Names based on Danaeris Targarian

Danaeris TarGoreian

You can never kill either one.

Daknaeris Targetian

DeMaryius Targetian

Deshaunaeris Watsgarian

Mother of DraGoffs

Mother of Falcons

Derricknaeris Targarian, Mother of Titans

Ninaeris TarGaroppolo

Mother of Dalvins

Mother of Gordons

Game of Thrones Names based on Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo: the role that introduced the world to their future Aquaman.

Carr Drogo

Dal Drogo

Because Dalvin Cook is the Khal Drogo of the Vikings offense?

Check out our dedicated article on Dalvin Cook fantasy football names.

Al Drogo

Works for Alvin Kamara or Keenan Allen.

Game of Thrones Fantasy League Names

Why stop at medieval names for your fantasy teams? Go all the way and name entire your fantasy league (or create your division names) using Game of Thrones themes.

That is, unless you want to name your team based on Harry Potter.

The Masters of Coin

The Gridiron Throne

Arya Ready for some Football?

Game of Thrones Fantasy Names From Around the Web

Because there are people out there that have really put some thought into this. 

Three-Eyed Baltimore Ravens

Arya Ready for Some Football

Alshon Joffery

Cleveland Brans

Cleveland Bronns

Cleveland Briennes

Why would he write three characters with such similar names? Weird choice, George. Weird choice.

A Feast for Flaccos

The Monday Night’s Watch

The Dothrookies

Mover of Chains

New York Giantsbane

House of Chargeryen

Jameis Lannister

Theon Sanders

A Team Has No Name

Is this name a lazy cop-out or brilliant meta-commentary?

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