Fantasy Baseball League Name Ideas for 2022

Fantasy Baseball League Names

Maybe you don’t mind playing in Yahoo Public League #135678901 or ESPN League #2456432871908267920, but I do. It’s boring, confusing, and I hate looking at any of my meticulously chosen fantasy baseball team name ideas next to some generic random numbers.

Just name your dang leagues, people! 🙂

Well here’s a fresh batch of fantasy baseball league names, so now you have no excuse.

Fantasy Baseball League Names for 2022

A good name for a fantasy baseball league tends to be either a pre-existing group name or a baseball pun. But the best fantasy baseball league names tend to be both.

Diamond Minds

Field of Fantasies

The Starting Ten

Silver Sluggers

The Brain Trust

Silver Age Sluggers

Silverhaired Sluggers

Fantasy Baseball League Name - Silver Haired Sluggers

The Criterion Collection

Silver Fox Sluggers

Golden Lovers

Gang Gang

H2H Battle Royal

This name could work for fantasy baseball H2H leagues

The Chat Room

Big 12 Conference

NCAA conference names can make a pretty simple transition to fantasy baseball league names. Here are some other options to fit all your league sizes and locales:

  • Big 10 Conference
  • Pac-12 Conference
  • Great West Conference
  • Atlantic Coast Conference
  • Patriot League

The Thinktank

The Convocation

Knights of the Roundball Table

Technically, I think roundball is supposed to refer to basketball. But baseball also has a round ball, as do five million other sports.

The Lion Pride

Pride is one of the more distinguished animal group names, but it probably isn’t the funniest. Here are some other animal-themed league names you could consider:

  • The Wolfpack
  • An Unkindness of Ravens
  • The Cobra Quiver
  • A Convocation of Eagles
  • A Business of Ferrets

Superhero-Themed Fantasy Baseball League Names

If your group is game, it’s pretty easy to adopt a superhero-themed league name. Then, your group has a lovely, cohesive aesthetic (which is some elite-tier fantasy nonsense).


You could also go with The DCEU, if that’s your publisher of choice.

Avengers, Inc.


You could change your seasonal league name to a different sequel title. X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men: Apocalypse, etc.

Legion of Super-Heroes

Justice League

The Super-Friends

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This baseball league name is weirdly overused for being a relatively fringe comic (and a mediocre movie),

League of Evil Mutants

This fantasy baseball league name is underused, mainly because people don’t know what’s cool.

Baseball League Name Ideas from Around the Web

I’m not precious about fantasy baseball league names. You’re not writing the great American novel here, so steal away.

The Pete Rose Integrity Society

Bleacher Bums Baseball League

Royal Union of Baseball Braggarts

Don Zimmer Fight Club

Fantasy Field of Dreams

Inglorious Bashers

The Dirty Dozen

The Gas House Gang

This baseball league name idea is only for the educated.

More Ideas for Fantasy Baseball League Names?

If you have a funny, original idea for a fantasy baseball league name, put it in the comments below. I’ll add the best ones to this article.

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