Monkey Knife Fight Review – Prop Fantasy Games /w Deposit Match

Updated on October 24th, 2022 by Brad Perniciaro
Monkey Knife Fight Review

If you dabble in DFS but hate pouring through stats and building lineups, prop fantasy games might be the answer.  Monkey Knife Fight is a prop bet site that satisfies your weekend wagering fix without the considerable time investment of daily fantasy sports.

In this Monkey Knife Fight Review, I detail how their unique prop games differ from the analytics-heavy contests in your typical daily fantasy site.  I’ll also reveal how you can leverage their platform to win as much as 14 times your contest entry fee.

Monkey Knife Fight offers a variety of contests that allow you to make predictions about specific players. The more correct predictions you bundle together (think parlays), the more money you win.

Monkey Knife Fight is a dead-simple alternative to DFS sites that require a significant amount of research to be competitive.  Instead of competing against other players, you’re playing against the house. Just make two or more correct projections, and you’re a winner.

Monkey Knife Fight 2023 Sign-Up Deal

If you sign-up today, MKF will match 100% of your initial deposit up to $100.

Sign-Up Deals

Their initial 100% deposit match is generous compared to other DFS sites.


Because all of their games involve prop games, it’s quick and easy to get in on the action.

Member Rewards

Earn $25 by getting your friends to sign up and compete in free games.

Platform Services

A dedicated app lets you make prop bets on the go.

Consider Monkey Knife Fight if..

  • You want to try the service with no cost or obligation.
  • You’re seeking a 100% match sign-up.
  • You enjoy making simple wages on fantasy sports.
  • You have friends who are willing to join (earn $25 for each!)

Avoid Monkey Knife Fight if..

  • You prefer DFS-style contests where you draft a team
  • You enjoy competing against tons of other players
  • You can’t legally play in your state

Comparing Monkey Knife Fight to DFS Sites

Sometimes I don’t have the time to play daily fantasy sports effectively.  And as anyone who has dabbled in DFS lately knows, competing can be costly if you are just playing for fun.

It takes a significant amount of research time to consistently create winning lineups on sites like DraftKings or FanDuel.  And you have to stay on top of your lineups (all the way to roster locks) if you want to win against competent players.

It’s a significant time investment.

The great thing about Monkey Knife Fight is that the game formats are very straightforward. Because you’re competing in basic prop games like over/under, there isn’t much research required.

Monkey Knife Fight Over/Under
Monkey Knife Fight Over Under Game

Just pick a sport you frequently follow, evaluate the game options, and you’ll be playing prop games in seconds.

Picking a game and a contest is intuitive

I’m a huge basketball fan. So to get in on the action, I select an upcoming game.

Match-up on Monkey Knife Fight

From there, I select from a variety of contests for that specific game.  Different contests require that you make a different number of projections to win.

Playing More or Less, I can triple my bet by choosing the over and under for two different players.

NBA Over Under - MKF

How MKF games are different from traditional DFS contests

In most Monkey Knife Fight games, you are predicting the performance of specific players. You don’t need to be concerned with how his team will do.

Rather, you only need to focus on how he will perform in one specific statistical category.  Everything is simplified.

Sports supported at Monkey Knife Fight

Monkey Knife Fight supports most major sports leagues.  Currently, you can play games associated with the following pro sports:

  • NFL
  • NHL
  • UFC
  • Soccer
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • LOL
  • Euro Golf
  • Soccer
  • PGA
  • CS:GO

Monkey Knife Fight promo code for deposit match

At the time I’m writing this Monkey Knife Fight review, they’re running a promotion ​to match your initial deposit up to $100 when you use the promo​ codeCSWR.

Who can and can’t enter contests on Monkey Knife Fight

You must be at least 18 years old to play at Monkey Knife Fight. You must also live in one of the approved states and be able to provide proof of residency.

Getting started at Monkey Knife Fight

Let’s look at what it takes to get into the action at Monkey Knife Fight.  In the next few sections, I’ll walk you through the process of entering your first game.

Make a deposit using a debit or credit card

When you are ready to start entering paid games, you need to add funds to your account. Monkey Knife Fight lets you make deposits using either a credit or debit card.

Don’t forget to claim your signup bonus by using the coupon code: CSWR

Press the “New Game” link to start making predictions

Click on the “New Game” button in the left sidebar, and you’ll see a list of all the games available for that day.  Once you choose a sport and game, select your contest and make your predictions.

The amount you can win depends on the sport and contest type.  For example, in a typical NBA game, you can earn anywhere from 2 to 14 times your entry fee.

Winning 14 times my contest fee sounds good, so what is the catch?

As you might expect, the more massive payouts require that you correctly predict a more significant number of outcomes.  For instance, if you want to win fourteen times your money you’ll need to be correct on your over/under choices for five players.   

Below you can see the sample payouts for a typical five-team parlay in sports wagering.  Whereas the odds for a standard parlay are 25-1, MKF pays 16-1.  

Keep track of all your games in the dashboard

The Monkey Knife Fight Dashboard keeps track of all your games. It shows upcoming, live, and completed contests.

Show me the money

Since we all assume we’re going to win a ton of money, we’ll want our money in a timely fashion.  As such, it usually takes 1-3 days to process a withdrawal request. 

Monkey Knife Fight issues payments either via paper checks or e-checks delivered via email. The smallest withdrawal amount allowed is $20.

Invite your friends and earn extra rewards

Monkey Knife Fight offers a way to get your friends involved.  Simply enter a game and specify your friend’s email address to invite them to a free $10 game.

When your friend registers, they will get the same promotional deposit match that you did. And when they do sign up, you get a $25 referral fee!

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