2015 NASCAR Driver Rankings

2015 Driver Rankings

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Brad Keselowski #12

Dodge, 6 years exp
RANK=5, PNTS=2361, BHND=2682, STRT=36, POLE=5, WINS=6, WNGS=$7,736,072, AFP=12.6, TP5=17, TP10=20, ADP=2

Kevin Harvick #29

Chevrolet, 14 years exp
RANK=1, PNTS=5043, BHND=0, STRT=36, POLE=8, WINS=5, WNGS=$7,078,477, AFP=12.9, TP5=14, TP10=20, ADP=2

Joey Logano #20

Toyota, 7 years exp
RANK=4, PNTS=5028, BHND=15, STRT=36, POLE=1, WINS=5, WNGS=$6,792,885, AFP=11.3, TP5=16, TP10=22, ADP=4.4

Jeff Gordon #24

Chevrolet, 22 years exp
RANK=6, PNTS=2348, BHND=2695, STRT=36, POLE=3, WINS=4, WNGS=$7,229,830, AFP=10.4, TP5=14, TP10=23, ADP=5.4

Ryan Newman #12

Chevrolet, 15 years exp
RANK=2, PNTS=5042, BHND=1, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$4,508,525, AFP=12.7, TP5=5, TP10=16, ADP=7

Jimmie Johnson #48

Chevrolet, 13 years exp
RANK=11, PNTS=2274, BHND=2769, STRT=36, POLE=1, WINS=4, WNGS=$6,982,235, AFP=15.3, TP5=11, TP10=20, ADP=3.2

Denny Hamlin #11

Toyota, 9 years exp
RANK=3, PNTS=5037, BHND=6, STRT=35, POLE=3, WINS=1, WNGS=$5,559,569, AFP=14.3, TP5=7, TP10=18, ADP=7.4

Matt Kenseth #17

Ford, 17 years exp
RANK=7, PNTS=2334, BHND=2709, STRT=36, POLE=2, WINS=0, WNGS=$6,546,244, AFP=13.2, TP5=13, TP10=22, ADP=7.6

Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88

Chevrolet, 15 years exp
RANK=8, PNTS=2301, BHND=2742, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=4, WNGS=$6,069,650, AFP=12.2, TP5=12, TP10=20, ADP=9.6

Carl Edwards #99

Ford, 11 years exp
RANK=9, PNTS=2288, BHND=2755, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=2, WNGS=$4,970,708, AFP=15.1, TP5=7, TP10=14, ADP=10

Kyle Busch #18

Toyota, 10 years exp
RANK=10, PNTS=2285, BHND=2758, STRT=36, POLE=3, WINS=1, WNGS=$6,279,847, AFP=17.6, TP5=9, TP10=15, ADP=8.8

Kurt Busch #2

Dodge, 14 years exp
RANK=12, PNTS=2263, BHND=2780, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=1, WNGS=$4,070,644, AFP=18.9, TP5=6, TP10=11, ADP=11.8

Kasey Kahne #83

Toyota, 11 years exp
RANK=15, PNTS=2234, BHND=2809, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=1, WNGS=$4,624,135, AFP=17.6, TP5=3, TP10=11, ADP=13.2

Kyle Larson #45

Chevrolet, 2 years exp
RANK=17, PNTS=1080, BHND=3963, STRT=36, POLE=1, WINS=0, WNGS=$5,364,180, AFP=14.2, TP5=8, TP10=17, ADP=14

Clint Bowyer #33

Chevrolet, 9 years exp
RANK=19, PNTS=979, BHND=4064, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$5,251,202, AFP=16.2, TP5=5, TP10=15, ADP=15.4

A.J. Allmendinger #43

Ford, 8 years exp
RANK=13, PNTS=2260, BHND=2783, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=1, WNGS=$4,364,763, AFP=20.2, TP5=2, TP10=5, ADP=17.4

Austin Dillon #85

Ford, 5 years exp
RANK=20, PNTS=958, BHND=4085, STRT=36, POLE=1, WINS=0, WNGS=$5,424,866, AFP=17.5, TP5=1, TP10=4, ADP=17.4

Paul Menard #98

Ford, 12 years exp
RANK=21, PNTS=944, BHND=4099, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$5,083,964, AFP=17.9, TP5=5, TP10=12, ADP=18.8

Brian Vickers #83

Toyota, 12 years exp
RANK=22, PNTS=921, BHND=4122, STRT=36, POLE=1, WINS=0, WNGS=$5,116,664, AFP=18.6, TP5=3, TP10=9, ADP=21

Greg Biffle #16

Ford, 13 years exp
RANK=14, PNTS=2247, BHND=2796, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$5,444,769, AFP=16.4, TP5=3, TP10=11, ADP=18.6

Aric Almirola #9

Ford, 8 years exp
RANK=16, PNTS=2195, BHND=2848, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=1, WNGS=$5,109,836, AFP=21.4, TP5=2, TP10=7, ADP=20

Martin Truex Jr. #56

Toyota, 11 years exp
RANK=24, PNTS=857, BHND=4186, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$4,703,522, AFP=20.2, TP5=1, TP10=5, ADP=22.2

Tony Stewart #14

Chevrolet, 16 years exp
RANK=25, PNTS=799, BHND=4211, STRT=33, POLE=1, WINS=0, WNGS=$4,651,053, AFP=20, TP5=3, TP10=7, ADP=21.6

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. #74

Chevrolet, 5 years exp
RANK=27, PNTS=757, BHND=4286, STRT=35, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$4,851,355, AFP=22.4, TP5=1, TP10=5, ADP=24.6

Danica Patrick #10

Chevrolet, 4 years exp
RANK=28, PNTS=735, BHND=4308, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$3,835,755, AFP=23.7, TP5=0, TP10=3, ADP=26

Justin Allgaier #18

Dodge, 2 years exp
RANK=29, PNTS=636, BHND=4407, STRT=35, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$3,987,525, AFP=25.9, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=27

David Gilliland #38

Ford, 9 years exp
RANK=30, PNTS=554, BHND=4489, STRT=36, POLE=1, WINS=0, WNGS=$3,965,275, AFP=28.8, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=28.2

Cole Whitt #63

Ford, 5 years exp
RANK=31, PNTS=532, BHND=4511, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$3,349,930, AFP=29.3, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=29.4

Michael Annett #7

Dodge, 1 years exp
RANK=33, PNTS=531, BHND=4512, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$3,639,260, AFP=29.4, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=30.4

David Ragan #6

Ford, 9 years exp
RANK=32, PNTS=531, BHND=4512, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$3,970,528, AFP=29.4, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=30.8

Reed Sorenson #83

Toyota, 10 years exp
RANK=34, PNTS=516, BHND=4527, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$3,552,233, AFP=29.8, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=31

Casey Mears #13

Toyota, 12 years exp
RANK=26, PNTS=782, BHND=4261, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$4,406,885, AFP=22.3, TP5=1, TP10=3, ADP=30.2

Alex Bowman #23

Dodge, 1 years exp
RANK=35, PNTS=412, BHND=4631, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$3,390,078, AFP=32.6, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=33.6

John Wise #123

Toyota, 5 years exp
RANK=36, PNTS=405, BHND=4638, STRT=35, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$3,243,925, AFP=32.4, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=34

Michael McDowell #46

Chevrolet, 7 years exp
RANK=37, PNTS=255, BHND=4778, STRT=19, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$1,708,139, AFP=30.6, TP5=0, TP10=1, ADP=35

Travis Kvapil #38

Ford, 11 years exp
RANK=38, PNTS=214, BHND=4829, STRT=21, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$1,738,718, AFP=33.9, TP5=0, TP10=1, ADP=36

Ryan Truex #83

Chevrolet, 2 years exp
RANK=39, PNTS=193, BHND=4850, STRT=23, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$1,913,836, AFP=35.6, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=37

Terry Labonte #55

Toyota, 37 years exp
RANK=40, PNTS=88, BHND=4955, STRT=4, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$688,877, AFP=22, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=38

Jeff Burton #31

Chevrolet, 21 years exp
RANK=41, PNTS=87, BHND=4956, STRT=4, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$471,643, AFP=22.3, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=38.6

Michael Waltrip #55

Toyota, 30 years exp
RANK=42, PNTS=76, BHND=4967, STRT=4, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$594,459, AFP=25.3, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=40

David Stremme #26

Ford, 10 years exp
RANK=43, PNTS=75, BHND=4968, STRT=10, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$808,504, AFP=36.5, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=41

Marcos Ambrose #47

Toyota, 7 years exp
RANK=23, PNTS=870, BHND=4173, STRT=36, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$4,741,465, AFP=19.9, TP5=3, TP10=7, ADP=38

Timmy Hill #32

Dodge, 4 years exp
RANK=44, PNTS=62, BHND=4981, STRT=11, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$809,930, AFP=38.4, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=43

Brett Moffitt #66

Dodge, 1 years exp
RANK=45, PNTS=60, BHND=4983, STRT=7, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$620,050, AFP=35.4, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=44

Parker Klingerman #87

Toyota, 2 years exp
RANK=47, PNTS=54, BHND=4989, STRT=8, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$829,833, AFP=37.3, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=45

Bobby Labonte #9

Chevrolet, 24 years exp
RANK=46, PNTS=54, BHND=4989, STRT=3, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$569,036, AFP=26, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=46

Juan Montoya #42

Chevrolet, 8 years exp
RANK=48, PNTS=47, BHND=4996, STRT=2, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$238,595, AFP=20.5, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=47

Alex Kennedy #23

Toyota, 3 years exp
RANK=49, PNTS=47, BHND=4996, STRT=5, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$364,775, AFP=34.6, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=48

Dave Blaney #36

Chevrolet, 23 years exp
RANK=50, PNTS=46, BHND=4997, STRT=7, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$523,972, AFP=37.4, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=49

David Reutimann #34

Toyota, 8 years exp
RANK=51, PNTS=37, BHND=5006, STRT=3, POLE=0, WINS=0, WNGS=$255,665, AFP=32, TP5=0, TP10=0, ADP=50

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