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Improvements in Site Performance

Updated 6/8/2013 by Brad Perniciaro

I recently completed a migration to a new web server and it turned out to be a good move as site performance has improved a bit.  As luck would have it, my next software release was also aimed at improving application responsiveness, so within the next week or two you could get a double-dose of site speed improvement.

One of the main reasons I'm aiming to improve site performance is because loading a standard 60-80 player cheat sheet involves moving a LOT of data.  Data has to be retrieved from the database, calculations made, a large amount of content has to be delivered back to the browser, etc.  All of this takes time. As our user base has grown, so has the load on the web and database servers.  Consider the amount of data it takes to load one cheat sheet, then multiply that by however many users are creating sheets at that moment, and you can quickly see how performance can degrade. 

You should have already seen an improvement in the amount of time it takes to load a full cheat sheet.  After the 2.12 release it should be even faster.  Lots of things have changed since moving hosts, so if anyone sees anything strange please let me know. 



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