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Fantasy Jocks Discount Code Contest - Win a $100 Shopping Spree

Updated 8/16/2017 by Brad Perniciaro
Fantasy Jocks Coupon

As part of a promotion for the 2017 fantasy football season, we're giving away a $100 promo code (i.e. free shopping spree!) for  Cheat Sheet War Room has been an affiliate for Fantasy Jocks for a couple of years and we love their products.  

You should definitely check them out.

How will the winner be determined?

The winner will be selected by a random drawing based on entries collected from our readers and members.  You can earn an entry into this drawing (which will be held on August 31st, 2017) in a couple different ways.

How current members can enter the contest

If you're already a member or are simply a reader of our site, you can like our Facebook page to earn an entry into the drawing.  This will help to get the word out and hopefully build a broader user base for the next version of Cheat Sheet War Room to roll-out in 2018.  

How new members can enter the contest

If you're not already a member of Cheat Sheet War Room, simply create a new account and try out our custom cheat sheet creation tool.  Based on your league's scoring system, you can create interactive cheat sheet rankings based on any combination of fantasy football positions.  You can also configure your sheet for standard or PPR scoring.

If you're not a member, you can earn two entries by both registering and liking our Facebook page.

What types of products does Fantasy Jocks sell?

If you're not familiar with Fantasy Jocks, they're one of the top fantasy football merchants on the market.  I wrote an entire article reviewing Fantasy Jocks' service and website.  They've essentially got everything a fantasy commissioner could need, from draft boards to prizes like championship rings, trophies, championship belts, and more.

They essentially sell everything a fantasy football commissioner might need before, during, and after the NFL season.  Some of their popular products include draft boards and prizes such as championship rings, trophies, championship belts, and more.

How does the discount code work?

Using the coupon code is as simple as entering it into the checkout process when you make your purchase.  Bam!

If I win the contest, how will I be notified?

If you win the coupon code, I will contact you either via email (if you registered for a new account) or through Facebook (if you liked our site's Facebook page).  If you signed-up using a fake email address, then you'll probably be out of luck and we'll select a different winner.

Thank you to everyone for participating, and to Fantasy Jocks for providing this prize.   

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