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The Best Fantasy Football Championship Belts for 2017

Updated 6/21/2017 by Brad Perniciaro
Fantasy Football Championship Belts

It's true. If you've been a fantasy football enthusiast for any length of time, you're probably a bit tired of the same old fantasy trophy being passed around from year to year.  Luckily, there are superior prize options available to give your league some swagger.  One of those is the fantasy football championship belt.

Championship belts are the latest rage in the fantasy world and several companies are making belts that are stylish, obscenely gaudy, and high quality.  Sure, it might seem like a ridiculous prize to the prudes of the fantasy football world.  But the game we play is also a bit ridiculous, so they actually make a nice pairing.  

So who sells the flashiest championship belts and what makes those belts superior to the lesser knock-offs you'll find on the Internet?  That's what I'll cover in this review of the best fantasy football championship belts on the market.

I researched the most popular fantasy belts and the top 5 belts that would make a great addition to any fantasy football league.  Here is a summary of the belts I'll be covering in this review.  If you want to quickly check the prices on these belts just click on the links.


Fantasy Championship Belt Buying Guide

Fantasy Championship Belt Guide

When searching for the best possible championship belt for your league, there are a few important factors to keep in mind.  This section will be used to analyze those factors to ensure you make a smart and informed purchase.

Things to consider before purchasing a belt

  • Materials & Construction: Avoid belts featuring plastic plates as they will not last.  Genuine leather is better than synthetic but harder to find and priced at a premium.
  • Merchant Reputation: Limit your choices to belt merchants with the best reputation and satisfied customers.
  • Price: Championship belts can be more expensive than even the best fantasy football trophies or championship ring.  So when evaluating belts you're really looking for the best bang for your buck.
  • Customization Options: If you want to record league champions on your belt, you'll want a belt that supports this option.  I cover a couple of those belts in this review.

Would a fantasy football belt make sense for my league?

Championship belts first started appearing on the market around a decade ago and have been growing in popularity ever since.  They are a bit pricey compared to your typical fantasy football prizes, but the cost per year can be quite low if you consider a customizable belt.

In talking to other fantasy players, and owners in my own leagues, there is usually some disagreement about whether a championship belt is a good idea for a fantasy prize.  For those who think the idea is ridiculous, I point to the New England Patriots who received their own NFL Championship Belt from the WWE following their 2016 Super Bowl victory.

Patriots Championship Belt

The WWE has made it a tradition to award a yearly championship belt to the NFL championship team. Why should your league be any different? You gotta admit, it looks really cool and shiny.

Next, let's take a look at some of the important factors you should consider when choosing the best football championship belt for your league.

Pay attention to materials used in a belt's construction

Cow Suggesting PU Leather

Almost all fantasy belts sold these days are made of real leather or PU (Polyurethane) leather, a popular synthetic leather.  Real leather is always better than fake leather, but genuine leather belts are hard to find at a reasonable price.  PU leather is more than adequate for this time of fantasy prize.  

Because fantasy belts are almost always sold by the same companies that manufacture fantasy trophies, the plates adorning commercial belts are almost always made of metal.  More times than not, this metal is thick aluminum  

However, I have seen cheap, plastic knock-offs that should be avoided at all costs.  

Fantasy football belts can be re-used each year

Blank Name Place for Championship Belt

Championship belts have finally matured to the point where they can be re-used in a similar manner to perpetual fantasy football trophies.  That is, some belts provide blank metal plates that you can use to engrave multiple championship teams or whatever else you like.  

Although championship belts are priced at a premium, the fact that you can re-use them year after year makes them much more attractive to leagues on a budget.  If you usually spend $50 on a championship trophy, then it starts to make sense to purchase a belt and pass it between league champions.

Several belts in this review allow for customizations.  The total space to document past champions will vary by belt and vendor.

The belt plate shown to the left is a customizable center plate offered by Fantasy Jocks.  You can read our full Fantasy Jocks review here.

How fantasy championship belts are sized

Championship belts are sold as a "one size fits all" product.  Most utilize metal snaps which allow the belt to be adjusted based on waist size.

Each belt reviewed in this article is at least 50 inches in length.  That means they should fit anyone with a numerical belt size of 50 or a general waist size of 4XL (or smaller). 

The Best Fantasy Championship Belts Reviewed

The top 4 belts are each from different merchants that specialize in the creation of fantasy league prizes.  I chose these four belts based on their price, materials, customization features, and the happiness of their customers.  

What follows is a summary of the four best fantasy belts, along with the strong and weak points of each product.  

Undisputed Belts Championship Belt Trophy

Undisputed Belts does one thing and does it extraordinarily well- manufacture stunning fantasy football championship belts.  If you like what you see, check out my full review of Undisputed Belts.  

This is their signature belt and as you can tell from the picture it's a formidable piece of fantasy attire.  It measures 55 inches in length and is completely adjustable to fit any champion's waist.  The front metal plate measures 11"x9" inches, which is truly massive.

In addition to the front plate, this belt includes four metal side plates.  Two plates contain imagery while the others are completely blank and can be engraved with league names, champs, or anything else you desire.  These blank plates provide the most customization space of any belt in this review.

If you need any more reassurance that this is a top-quality belt, consider that Undisputed Belts is the official fantasy prize for NFL Network Fantasy Live, NFL AM, and many other high-profile fantasy leagues.

Pro tip:  If you would like a completely customizable fantasy belt (one on which you can add your own imagery anywhere on the belt), check out this unique offering on their official website page.


  • Huge belt to fit any waist size
  • Tons of space for customizations
  • Stellar customer satisfaction
  • Great value for mid-range price
  • Free shipping


  • PU as opposed to genuine leather

Fantasy Jocks Championship Belt

As I stated in my latest Fantasy Jocks Review, they are one of the premiere (if not the premiere) fantasy football merchants on the market.  From their draft boards kits to their championship rings and belts, they consistently produce high quality and unique products for fantasy football leagues.

This championship belt also contains a total of five plates and their centerpiece plate is the largest of all the belts reviewed, coming in at 12"x9.5".  It measures in at 53 inches, which is a couple inches shorter than the belt from Undisputed Belts, but still large enough to fit just about any waist size.     

Although this belt sports five plates, only one of those plates is customizable out of the box.  Unless you need to go back and record several league champions, this shouldn't be a problem. You can always purchase additional blank plates from the Fantasy Jocks website and affix them to your belt.     

If you like the overall style of this belt, you'll be happy to know that the Jocks offer three belt/plate color combinations to fit any taste.  This is a stellar belt from a proven merchant.   


  • 3 color combinations available
  • Ample space for customizations
  • Stellar customer satisfaction
  • Super-solid construction


  • PU as opposed to genuine leather
  • Shipping cost is extra

TABC Fantasy Championship Belt

TABC Fantasy Championship Belt

This unique and customizable fantasy belt from TABC Belts is exclusive in that it is truly built to order.  When purchasing this belt, you can choose from three different styles: gold, silver, or 2-toned gold and silver. 

In addition to choosing the metal finishes for this belt, you also get to choose from 13 different main and side plates.  That many customization options means there are essentially an endless number of belt configurations. Unlike the other belts covered in this review, this level of customization almost guarantees that you will be receiving a championship belt that is truly unique for your league. 

If you're still not convinced that this is a quality and versatile fantasy belt, consider that these belts are constructed from real rawhide leather (no PU leather from these guys).  So you can bet this belt will last a long, long time.

Oh, and did I mention you can also customize this belt with any wording you want, as long as it fits?  This means you can add your league name, and even past champions, as part of your initial order.  There is no need to remove the plates, find someone who can do engraving in your town, and pay even more money them to do the engraving for you.

If time is not of the essence (belts take several weeks to build), but quality construction and configuration options are, the TABC fantasy football championship belt is undoubtedly the belt for you.


  • Endless belt configuration styles
  • Hand-built for the best construction possible
  • Made from real rawhide leather
  • Highly customizable


  • Price makes this a high-end belt 
  • Custom build means long turn-around time

SDL Awards FFL Championship Belt

This is the latest edition of SDL Award's top selling championship belt.  Their most recent design incorporates new and improved graphics which make this a stunning belt.

The belt sports five incredibly detailed metal plates that are polished and designed in such a way that they look almost 3D.  All of the plates are metal.  The text backing of the main plate is black which really makes the lettering stand out!

Like Undisputed Belt's offering, this belt is one of the biggest belts in this review.  It's truly a monster.  You'll appreciate the craftsmanship of this belt when you feel its thickness and weight.   

Out of all the belts reviewed in this article, this belt most closely resembles a belt you might be awarded if you were a true pro wrestling champion.   The Ultimate Warrior would be happy to call this his belt.  


  • Great price for size
  • Sleek but futuristic design 
  • Large belt with solid construction


  • No customization options
  • Shipping cost is extra


Crown Awards White Fantasy Champ Belt

Crown Awards is no stranger to the fantasy football prize market.  They opened their first awards business back in 1978, probably before most of us were born.  So needless to they have experience in producing quality prizes for fantasy football leagues.

Their white championship belt differs from the previous two offerings is that it scraps the all-metal plate design for a more elaborate design incorporating colors, rhinestones, and intricate, futuristic imagery.

Although the plates adorning this belt are more complex than the previous two products, there are also fewer of them (3 plates as opposed to the 5 plates from Undisputed Belts and Fantasy Jocks).  This, unfortunately, means there is no room to record league champions on the belt as-is.

Still, the design of this belt from Crown Awards is unique enough to set it apart from the metal-only belts reviewed so far.  If that isn't enough, this belt is constructed of genuine leather (as opposed to PU leather belts from the previous two merchants).  If uniqueness or exclusivity are your style, then this just might be the belt for you and your fantasy league.   


  • Long-lasting genuine leather
  • Ornate, futuristic design
  • Unique construction with only three plates


  • No customization options
  • Shipping cost is extra


Fantasy belts are the newest and most fashionable awards being sold to fantasy footballers.  You no longer have to wear a cape and elf slippers to claim your own championship belt.  You only need to convince your fellow owners that a championship belt is the best option for your league.  If you need some firepower, simply point them to this article and let them decide for themselves  

The belts reviewed in this article are manufactured by some of the most respected merchants in fantasy sports.  Any belt reviewed in this article would make a fantastic prize for your fantasy football league.  

If you decided to buy one of the belts in this review, or maybe bought another one that you feel should have made the list, tell me about it in the comments below.

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