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Cheat Sheet Custom Note Interface Given a Facelift

Updated 1/25/2013 by Brad Perniciaro

Our football cheat sheet and racing cheat sheet interfaces have supported custom note entry from Day 1.  The purpose of this feature is self-evident: it allows you to create notes on players as you rank, information you may want to reference at a later time.  It’s simply impossible to remember every important factoid about every player across all your sheets. so our cheat sheet interface remembers this for you.  This allows you to focus your attention on player research and creating educated rankings.

Over the years we’ve made incremental improvements to the custom note interface. However, one consistent problem was the ability to view long notes for which the provided content area wasn’t large enough.  You can see an example of this below.

This implementation posed a few problems:

  1. You couldn’t see the entire note as you ranked
  2. It sometimes wasn’t obvious that part of the note was missing
  3. Accessing the entire note was time-consuming, taking time away from your ranking.  This involved.
  • Reading the entire note to determine part was missing.
  • Clicking the ‘Edit’ button for the note in question
  • Clicking on the textbox which appears
  • Scrolling-down the textbox to read the entire note.
  • Clicking the ‘Close’ button to return to the standard interface.

That’s a lot of work.  If you like to be verbose in your note-taking then this could really slow you down. 

Our updated interface aims to ease this problem through the utilization of a note summary icon.  Very simply, the note summary icon is a visual indication that the note in question is too long to fit into the content area.  It is circled in the image below.

Custom cheat sheet note with a note summary.

If you see a note summary icon, simply hover your mouse above the icon to reveal the entire note via a tooltip.


Custom sheet note with entire note visible in a tooltip.

We hope this feature will make your cheat sheet creation experience more enjoyable and efficient  In the future, we’d like to provide the ability to incorporate things like hyperlinks in the note interface so that you can save references to useful articles or player profiles.  If you have any ideas to further improve our interface, make a suggestion via our forum.  I’d be happy to add it to the queue.


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