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Ideas for Awarding Fantasy Football League Prizes in 2017

Updated 5/24/2017 by Brad Perniciaro
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In Part 8 of this article series on starting a fantasy football league, we discussed the most important part of the fantasy season: the fantasy football draft. In this article, we'll cover the benefits of ideas for awarding yearly fantasy football prizes. The privilege of talking smack is rewarding in itself, but awarding one or more prizes each year adds a great touch to any fantasy league.

The best leagues always award prizes

Every fantasy football league should award some type of prizes to the most successful teams. League awards are great because they give each team something tangible to play for.  This, in turn, encourages participation throughout the fantasy season.  Fantasy football league awards could be monetary, one or more trophies, a championship belt, or even a fantasy football championship ring.

Some leagues choose to simply award to the league champion, others give prizes to both the league champion and playoff teams, and some even present weekly awards to the team with the highest fantasy point output. Even if the awards are minimal, the idea is the same: recognize the top teams and promote participation among all league owners.

Prize ideas for the best fantasy owners

Fantasy standouts, whether they be the overall champion or weekly high scorers, should always be rewarded. Sometimes leagues even recognize the worst teams with some type of gag gift (more on that later).  

Let's first focus on legitimate prizes for your best owners.  In the next few sections, I'll cover ideas for awarding the top teams in your league.

Award ideas for the league champion

fantasy football champion prizes

At the very least, all fantasy football leagues should award the league champion for his dominance. Winning a fantasy football championship isn't easy, especially when you consider how luck plays a factor. If you don't recognize the best player in your league with something tangible for his achievement, then what's the point?

But what kind of fantasy award makes the most sense for a champion? Should it just be straight cash? Should it be something the champ will keep and cherish forever? Is it a prize that he can keep for a year, but then has to pass it to the next league champ?

These are valid questions and the answer will depend largely on your league's budget and personality. In the following sections, I'll present specific ideas for awarding your league champion along with some quality, affordable options.

Use a perpetual trophy for league champs

If your league is budget conscious, but also like the idea of awarding the league champion every year, then a perpetual fantasy trophy would likely be your best option. A perpetual trophy front-loads the price of the championship prize, but it's an award that can be passed along each year to the new champion.

If you've never seen a perpetual fantasy football league trophy, they are usually larger than standard trophies because they have one large or many small engravable plates for recording the team name and owner (and sometimes the fantasy team logo) of many league champions. The trophies featured below support the engraving of 10 to 18 champions.

Choosing a perpetual fantasy football league trophy provides the best bang for your buck when it comes to picking a championship prize for your league. It's what we do in my leagues and it never fails to disappoint.


Pay the champ with cold, hard cash!

cash prize for fantasy football

Whether it comes to presenting gifts or awards of any kind, you can never go wrong with cash. Money makes the world go round and no one has ever been disappointed when someone places a stack of bills in their hand.

Yes, it's true.  A beautiful, shiny perpetual trophy can add character and a touch of class to your otherwise embarrassing and dysfunctional fantasy league. But a trophy doesn't make it rain at the local strip club, does it?

Cash is also the simplest option when it comes to awarding a league champion. No debating what to buy, which trophy is nicer, or how many owners should win an award. You simply pool the league money together and pay champ.

How much you choose to pay the champ will depend on your owners' personal preferences, how much scratch you have to work with, and how many teams are in the league. Here are three payout scenarios that you can use for a jumping-off point based on your league configuration.

Champion Prize Scenario 1
12 team / 4 team playoff / $100 entry
  • Champion - $600
  • 2nd Place - $300
  • 3rd Place - $200
  • 4th Place - $100
Champion Prize Scenario 2
12 team / 6 team playoff / $100 entry
  • Champion - $425
  • 2nd Place - $225
  • 3rd Place - $175
  • 4th Place - $150
  • 5th Place - $125
  • 6th Place - $100
Champion Scenario 3
12 team / 4 team playoff / $10 entry
  • Champion - $120

Award the champ a personal trophy each year

Some owners don't like the idea of sharing their championship with others. If most of your league feels this way, you can opt to award a different fantasy trophy each and every year. The prices for trophies have come down substantially in recent years so it isn't out of the ordinary to find a great championship trophy for under $40.

Even if your league is comprised entirely of cheapskates, a nominal entry fee of $5 should be more than enough to purchase a trophy each and every year. Below are some of the best single-year trophies available from Amazon.

Prize ideas for your playoff teams

Playoff Prize Ideas

An alternative to awarding only the league champion is to award all teams that make the playoffs. Prizes for playoff teams are almost always a cash prize of some sort.

While playoff cash prizes are generally quite small compared to the champion's prize, it's nice to award each playoff team with a prize that will at least cover the cost of their entry-fee.

This payout scenario obviously becomes more costly as the size of your playoff bracket grows.  It is much more applicable to a 4-team playoff than a 6-team playoff configuration.

Award draft seeding in free or low-budget leagues

If you run a league that doesn't have much cash flow, consider awarding playoff teams with higher draft positions the following year. Short of cash, coveted draft slots are the next best prize to encourage owners to put their best foot forward all season.

If you want to get really crafty, award choice of draft position instead of a specific draft slot. This adds another layer of strategy as some owners prefer to pick in the middle or toward the end of the first round.

Encourage owner participation with weekly awards

Weekly Fantasy Football Prize

If your league entry fee is substantial ($100 or more), then you should strongly consider presenting fantasy football weekly awards to owners with the highest point total each week. The idea behind weekly prizes is to encourage league participation because owners will always have an incentive to improve their team and start their best players (even if they have already been eliminated from the playoffs).

In leagues without weekly prizes, one of the biggest problems stems from owners who stop actively participating once they are eliminated from the playoffs. This can lead to a situation where other teams get an easy win toward the end of the season when everyone is vying for playoff position.

Obviously, no owners (especially those fighting for a playoff spot) want to see other teams get an easy win because of the lack of participation from another owner. By incorporating a weekly prize, you're encouraging everyone to stay active and give their best effort throughout the entire fantasy season. It's a win-win.

Payout scenario ideas for weekly prizes

In this section, I expand on the previous payout scenarios to include a weekly prize. You can use these as a basis for your own league's payout scenarios.

Weekly Prize Scenario 1
12 team / 14 weeks
4 team playoff / $100 entry
  • Champion - $400
  • 2nd Place - $225
  • 3rd Place - $150
  • 4th Place - $75
  • Weekly Prize - $25
Weekly Prize Scenario 2
12 team / 14 weeks
6 team playoff / $100 entry
  • Champion - $325
  • 2nd Place - $200
  • 3rd Place - $175
  • 4th Place - $140
  • 5th Place - $120
  • 6th Place - $100
  • Weekly Prize - $10
Weekly Prize Scenario 3
12 team / 14 weeks
4 team playoff / $10 entry

A weekly prize is not practical in this scenario. A better option would be to use final standings as a basis for the following year's draft order.

  • Champion - $120

One final note regarding giving cash prizes to weekly high scorers: some owners will protest taking any money away from the playoff teams' or champion's prize pool. Just remind them that the best teams will naturally win the most weekly prizes.  So in the end it will likely even itself out, but also promote competition late in the season.

Prize ideas for the worst fantasy teams

If your league champion receives a league trophy to remind him of his greatness, shouldn't the worst team conversely be shamed for his ineptness? Here are some ideas to ensure your league losers never forget how bad they suck.

Annoint a yearly league "chumpion"

If you want to add a comedic touch to your league, consider crowning a yearly league chumpion (i.e the 'chump' equivalent to a 'champ'). The chumpion is a concept that I use in my fantasy league to encourage league participation from the worse teams through the entire fantasy season- even the playoffs.

While the top teams are competing in one bracket for the league championship, I also configure a loser bracket (the chumpionship bracket) for the remaining teams. The winner of this bracket is anointed the League Chumpion and is awarded the first choice of draft position in the following year's draft.

It's a great system because it makes every game count and extends the fantasy season for even the worst teams.

Award the worst team with a loser trophy

It's an inescapable fact that every year some team will finish dead last. As if finishing last isn't demoralizing enough, you should pour it on a bit more by awarding an embarrassing trophy to this team. I wouldn't go as far as purchasing an expensive trophy with engraving plates for this honor.  A simple ballerina or toilet paper trophy will do just fine.

And of course, your league rules should state that this trophy must be displayed out in the open for all to see until they exit the league cellar.

Humiliate the worst team with some funny apparel

If you don't want to spend the league's hard-earned cash on purchasing a loser trophy each and every year, there is an alternative.  Instead, just embarrass the hell out of him by making him wear some funny gear at the league draft.

Amazon has quite a few products that would fit the bill.  Here are some hilarious ones that I found which would work great and can be used year after year.

Bonus tip to humiliate the last-placed team

One of the traditions that we recently adopted was allowing the league champion to name the last-placed team.  He even gets to choose the fantasy logo which the losing team must keep the following year.  The name is revealed at the draft which always adds an element of suspense and hilarity to the event.

Unique ideas for fantasy football prizes

For years, the most cost-effective fantasy prize was the trophy. But due to the popularity of fantasy football, and the introduction of new prize vendors to the market, trophies are by no means the most sensible option. Unique but unconventional fantasy football prizes have made huge strides in recent years.

Some of the most popular awards in 2017 were not even on the market a decade ago.  If you want to make your league stand-out, consider one of these unique prizes and your league will love you for it.

Fantasy football rings become affordable

Championship rings for fantasy sports have been around for several years. But until recently most of the offerings were very expensive and only offered by companies that specialized in the ring market, like Jostens. Most people should be familiar with Jostens as they are the brand made popular through senior class rings.

In some leagues, a championship ring will be a hard sell to your owners.  Because ring sizes vary, it would only make sense to go this route if you are awarding a new ring to the champion every year.  Depending on your league entry fees and prize pot, a yearly championship ring may or may not be a sensible choice.  

If you're considering going the championship ring route, check out my article on the best fantasy football championship rings for the 2017 season.  All of the rings in that review are very reasonably priced, most comparable to a nice, single-year fantasy trophy.

Some people love fantasy rings, some hate them.  But they're a great option if you're looking to add some bling to your yearly awards ceremony.

Fantasy football championship belts enter the ring

For the last five years or so fantasy rings were the most unique idea for a fantasy prize. But over the last few years, fantasy championship belts have risen in popularity.

For those leagues where your owners really want to put their championship bravado on display, nothing will get attention like a fantasy football championship belt.  If anyone in your league tries to talk smack about your fantasy gold, a DDT be may be in order?

Belts are a different, but very cool alternative to the same boring trophies that are standard in most leagues.  You can even have your belt customized later by getting your league logo or champions' names engraved on the blank end-plates.  Pretty cool!

One of the best fantasy belt vendors is Fantasy Jocks.  If you like their merchandise, check out my comprehensive Fantasy Jocks review for even more prize options for your league.

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