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Custom Football Cheat Sheets Get "Depth Chart View"

Updated 3/21/2017 by Brad Perniciaro
Positional NFL Depth Charts

I'm always looking for ways to make creating fantasy football cheat sheets less painful and more enjoyable.  I believe the key to this is providing as much relevant information as possible in the cheat sheet itself, and making that data quickly and easily accessible.

For awhile now I've noticed that when creating positional rankings it can be difficult to remember all players on a particular team and where they rank in relation to one another.  In a cheat sheet with 80+ players you may have 3 players from each team on that sheet, and those players are likely not ranked close to their teammates.  Our new 'depth chart view' feature will make it extraordinarily easy to view your rankings for all players of a particular team.  You can use this depth chart to help guide your own rankings.

Team Analysis - The Old Way

If we take the Indianapolis Colts as an example using our current wide receiver rankings, we see that Reggie Wayne is ranked 16th, T.Y. Hilton 34th, and Darrius Heyward-Bey is ranked 75th .  Their differences in ranking are enough that if I were looking at any of these specific players in my cheat sheet, I wouldn't be able to see the other two without scrolling up or down.

Before the latest software release, I compensated for this shortcoming by using the find feature of my browser to search for their respective team name.  So again using the Colts as an example, I would search the entire page for 'IND', then hit 'next' until I iterated through all Colts wide receivers in my sheet.  I'd try to make a mental note of each player's position, then scroll back to the original position in my cheat sheet and continue ranking.  There must be a better way!

Cheat Sheet Depth Chart Integration

With the release of CSWR 2.11, viewing your team-specific player rankings (i.e. depth chart) requires hardly any effort at all.  If you visit our custom fantasy football cheat sheet interface, you'll notice there is a new feature icon which looks like a simplified NFL depth chart.  It is right next to the existing feature icons which implement Google and Twitter news search in your cheat sheets.



If you hover over this new icon with your mouse, a dialog will appear detailing:

  1. Every player you have ranked for that team
  2. Where you have each of those players currently ranked
  3. For comparison purposes, we also display the player rankings from our site and CBSSports



With minimal effort, you can now get a complete picture your team-specific player rankings, as well as their relative value to one another.  No more scrolling up and down the cheat sheet for data that is now just a few pixels away.

Even though this feature isn't necessarily a game-changer, I think it makes the application much more usable and will save you some time.  Instead of trying to remember all players and their respective rankings, your can now let the cheat sheet interface work for you and focus on making informed rankings adjustments.

If you like this new feature, share this article using the social buttons below.  If you have some ideas for how to make our cheat sheet interface even better, tell us about it in the comments section below. 


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