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Undisputed Belts – Reviewing the Premiere Championship Belt Merchant

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The name pretty much says it all.  Undisputed Belts is indeed the unquestioned industry leader in the championship belt market.  Whether you're looking for a championship belt for your fantasy football league, your fantasy baseball league, or even a special belt for your dad on Father's day, they've got you covered.

Although they make some of the most incredible and affordable championship belts on the market, their product line doesn't end there.  They also sell trophies, rings, and other accessories to round out an impressive collection of fantasy sports and award merchandise.

In this article, I'll review Undisputed Belts based on several factors to help you determine if they're the right fantasy merchant for you and your league.  For quick reference, I have summarized their grades based on these factors and included their overall rating below.  


Undisputed Belts Logo

Overall Rating

Product Scope & Quality

Their belts cover not only fantasy football, but other fantasy sports and genres as well

Customization Options

A wide range of customization options, from simple to completely one-of-a-kind

Discounts & Giveaways

Free shipping, bulk discounts, and frequent contests to win free merchandise


Premium products sold for a fair price, with belts being an outstanding value

Product scope & quality

Fantasy Football Championship Belt by Undisputed Belts

As their name suggests, Undisputed Belts' flagship product is their line of championship belts.  They claim their company and championship belt ideas was inspired by Aaron Rodgers (and to a lesser extent, Steve Novak).  

But what started as a site selling strictly fantasy football belts has expanded into other sports and genres.  Undisputed Belts is now producing custom-designed belts that are used as prizes for many groups and organizations, including video game fanatics and comic book clubs.     

At the time this article was published, a browse through the Undisputed Belts website revealed a wide range of championship belt for sale.  

Championship belts offered by Undisputed Belts

  • check
    Fantasy Football (multiple styles)
  • check
    Baseball Championship
  • check
    Bowling Champion
  • check
    Madden Champion
  • check
    Boxing Champion
  • check
    FIFA Championship
  • check
    World's Best Wife
  • check
    Beer Pong Champion
  • check
    Mario Kart Championship
  • check
    NBA 2K Championship
  • check
    Sales Champ
  • check
    World's Greatest Dad

Based on their rapid expansion of championship belts, I can only imagine that the selection of belts will continue to grow.

Undisputed belts sells trophies and rings

Trophy from Undisputed Belts

As I mentioned before, Undisputed Belts sells more than just trouser bling.  They actually have an impressive collection of fantasy trophies.   

Normally, award merchants that do not specialize in trophies will throw a few cheap trophies into their product line to fill things out.  But that is not the case here.  The trophies offered by Undisputed Belts are unique and high quality. You won't find any cheap trophies on their site and I think you'll be impressed with the designs.

When it comes to their championship rings, I'm not as impressed.  Unlike their trophies, the rings just seem a bit inferior.  If I'm going to make the commitment to wear a fantasy championship ring, I would aim for something much gaudier than what they offer.  But that's admittedly a personal preference.

However, the rings are priced very reasonably.  So if you're looking for a low-cost ring to award to your league champion each and every year, you might find one that fits the bill.  If it's a ring you're looking for, you can also check out my article on the top championship rings for 2018.

You can opt for either faux or real, genuine leather

Leather Belts are Best

One of the knocks on fantasy championship belts is that they are typically made from PU leather, which is a cheaper, synthetic version of real leather.  You can read about the differences in detail in my article: The Best Fantasy Football Championship Belts.

To quickly summarize, some people dislike PU leather because it isn't as durable as real leather.  In reality, your championship belt is unlikely to get as much wear and tear as a belt you would wear with your jeans, so I doubt that is a valid concern in the real world.  

If the use of synthetic leather is a concern, you'll be happy to know that Undisputed Belts now allows you to upgrade from PU to genuine leather when purchasing a fantasy football championship belt.  It'll cost you a little extra, but you can rest easy knowing you'll get many, many more miles out of your belt.

Customer satisfaction with Undisputed Belts is off the charts

When it comes to pleasing their customers, these guys have it figured out.  But don't take my word for it.  Just check out their insane customer and decide for yourself.

Product Scope
& Quality

Product customization options

If you've spent any time researching fantasy championship belts on the Internet, you know that many belts are sold as-is with generic artwork.  They provide no way to customize the belt.  

There are a couple of fantasy sports merchants that add blank side plates to their championship belts that you can have engraved by a third party.  Undisputed Belts does this for some of their belts as does one of their primary competitors, Fantasy Jocks.  

Undisputed Belts offers belts that are completely customizable

Blank Customizable Belt

Undisputed Belts takes things much further by offering a championship belt that is 100% customizable.  They customize these belts for you by etching graphics that you provide onto a blank belt!  

This is truly a unique customization option that I haven't seen offered by any other merchant.  How cool would it look to have your league's own logo emblazoned onto a championship belt?  

There are multiple customization options, and they are unlimited

It's not just the center plate of the belt that you get to customize with your own graphics.  You can also customize the two side plates and the two end plates.  That provides a lot of room for creative freedom and has resulted in some truly awesome original designs.

Undisputed Belts will also work with you on your belt concept until you're satisfied with their proofs of your design.  There is no limit to the number of revisions you can request.

Trophies do not have customization options

Although some of the trophies sold by Undisputed Belts do have space for an engraving plate, they do not offer any engraving services.  

Normally I would penalize a merchant for lacking these services.  However, the customization options for their belts are so impressive that I'm still going to award them five stars in the customizations category.


Freebies, Discounts, & Giveaways

NCAA Prize Belt from Undisputed Belts

So you know that Undisputed Belts produces unique, high-quality championship belts and other types of awards. These products are indeed priced at a premium, and for good reason.

But do they ever offer discounts?  What about contests where you can win one of these masterpieces for your sports leagues?

Let's look at how Undisputed Belts stacks up when it comes to discounts, contests, and extras.

Everything at Undisputed Belts ships for free

As you browse around the Undisputed Belts website, you'll notice that they offer free shipping with every purchase.  Even a blank endplate, the cheapest product on their site, ships free.  

Follow them on social media to win free merchandise

These guys have also been known to give away belts in contests promoted through their Facebook page and Instagram account.  Back in March, they awarded a customized NCAA March Madness Championship belt to the lucky winner of a March Madness Facebook group.  

Bulk-order championship belts for insane savings

If you're looking to buy several championship belts, either for yourself or to re-sell, Undisputed Belts offers considerable discounts.  As an example, their standard, blank customizable championship belt retails for $199.  But if you purchase a set of 5, you'll get them for only $69 each.

You can get similar deals by purchasing other belts in bulk, each with a savings of over 65%!  If you need multiple belts for any reason (or want to start selling belts for your own business) you can't go wrong with those prices. 

Freebies, Discounts, & Giveaways

Price & Value

Most of the products sold by Undisputed Belts are priced at a premium. A few exceptions might be their championship rings and some of their belt accessories.  But this is not at all surprising considering they're producing high-quality (and in many cases, hand-crafted) products.  

Still, I don't think there is any question that the value they're delivering with their belts is off the charts.  Everywhere you look on the Internet, people (and most importantly, their actual customers) are blown away by the craftsmanship of their belts. 

The products sold through Undisputed Belts are truly incredible and are well worth the price.  To be completely honest, I'm someone surprised that they're not much more expensive (especially their custom belts).

Price &


After a thorough review of Undisputed Belts, I have to say I'm very impressed with what they've been able to accomplish.  Fantasy football trophies are quickly becoming an afterthought in leagues that are looking for something new and exciting to improve their drafts and raise their prize standards.

If you're looking to make a statement in your league for the upcoming fantasy football season, a championship belt from Undisputed Belts would be an obvious choice.  Your league owners will love you for it.  

Customize one of their belts with your own league logo and you're sure to the draft day hero.

Undisputed Belts Logo

Overall Rating

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